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Can you believe there was no coverage relating to the sexual abuse by Rock Newman of black female comedian Sylvia Traymore Morrison. Why was there no media coverage of the incident by TV channels 4, 5, 7 and 9?

There was not a word printed in the Washington Post, Washington Afro or Washington Informer???

Has anyone seen our old friends Courtland Milloy, Colby King, Bruce Johnson, Sam Ford, the old head vanguards of black media in the Nation’s Capitol? Their pens have gone dry and their microphones have gone mute! But you could not not shut them up when it came to Bill Cosby.

According to the City Paper, Ms. Morrison was performing during the annual March on Washington Film Festival at the Burke Theater in Washington, DC in July of 2018.  She was the final act of the evening following the screening of “I am Dick Gregory”, a documentary about the late comedian and civil rights activist.

We should not only question whether Black Lives Matter, but does the respect and the dignity of a black woman matter?

Something is wrong with this picture.  This horrible act by Newman was performed on stage in front of hundreds of people who knew Mrs. Morrison who is a respected pioneering black female comedian and native Washingtonian.  She was the first black female to write for Saturday Night Live.  Newman claims he never heard of Ms. Morrison.  I wonder why did he think that gave him the right to violate her space (place a napkin in her bra and unzip her dress).

Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly and other sexual preditors, they all sexually abused women behind close doors.   Newman saved his performance for stage and screen (cell phone video).

He was a student/athlete at Howard University in the 70s when it was discovered he had in his possession two driver’s licenses.  The Prince Georges County license I. D. him as white and the DC license I. D. him as black.  I saw both licenses with my own eyes.  My college roommate and teammate Dr. Arnold McKnight was the baseball coach at Howard University when Mr. Newman lost his wallet in the lockerroom.   Dr. McKnight found the wallet on the floor and started to search throught it hoping to I. D. the person who lost it.  The two licenses I. D. Newman.

A lawsuit was filed against Newman in January I had no clue. Newman is a Charles County, Maryland native. I penned a blog in February 2019 calling him out related driving for black in DC and driving while white in Maryland. I had become suspicious he was passing when a DC cop asked me out of the blue, “Is Rock Newman black or white?”

Presently he uses his platform to perpetrate a fraud as the host and producer of The Rock Newman Show on Howard University’s WHUT-TV. He also sits on the Board of Trustees for the university.  His success as a boxing promoter has been tarnished by his protege, the once undefeated and undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World–Riddick Bowe.  Bowe claims Newman and Cora Masters-Barry stole millions of dollars from him.  While Newman rides around DC in his white convertible Rolls-Royce with his white French poodle riding shotgun, Bowe is homeless and broke in Florida.

In 2005 in Mike Tyson’s last professional fight held in DC at the MCI Center, Newman was a co-promoter with Marty Wynn.  Wynn was forewarded to watch his back when the money was to be counted–he didn’t listen. Wynn and Newman had an ugly disagreement over how the earnings from the fight were to be divided (see emails below).

I tried to reach Both Newman, and Ms. Morrison for comment for this blog, but my calls and emails went without a response.

Rock Newman posted the case on Facebook. Someone once said “Its best to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” Read Mr. Newman’s response on Facebook and you will clearly see that the someone was clearly talking about him. He was never considered the sharpest knife in the draw when he was at Howard. Coach McKnight had to take one of his instructors out to dinner and to bed to get her to change his failing grade to keep him from flunking out of school.

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In the meantime, Sylvia Traymore Morrisson re-groups and heads out to Las Vegas on June 4th to open three shows for the controversial comedian Mo’Nique. You go girl!


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