The U. S. Attorney’s office forum in October was not away to build bridges and trust.  The scanderlous report by Fox News TV 5 in DC related to DC Police Department Chief Peter Newsham is just the tip of the iceberg.  Law-Enforcement has the highest percentage of any professional group in America when it comes to domestic violence/abuse.  The U. S. Attorney’s forum didn’t make many friends, in fact they alienated many.

The protest by the young ladies during the forum should have been a wake up call for DOJ. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution!

The forum was similar to the one hosted by The Links held in Alexandria, Virginia hosted by radio personality Joe Madison—again it was the blind leading the blind. DOJ’s problem is much like the Links and mass media, they don’t know and too insecure to ask those that do!

DOJ’s thinking is a slavery mentality, their welcome letter they said, “When a use of force is a necessary measure.” A use of force should never be a part of the equation. But we are so far down the road with this type of thinking more children and unarmed black men will die by a bullet at the hands of law-enforcement.

I suggest to the DOJ staff, GOOGLE Terrence Cunningham the Chief of Police in Wellsingly, Mass. and the President of the Chief of Police Association. Or checkout the son of former Army General Wesley Clark, Sr. and his apology to the native American Indian. His apology was similar to Chief Cunningham’s apology to people of color.

Those of you living in Prince Georges County you are “The Neighbor Next Door” Politico Magazine was talking about in a published story in 2014. Wake up!
The late and former NY City Police Chief Patrick Murphy was “The Godfather” of Police Community Relations.

He was hired by DC Mayor Walter Washington in 1967 to head the Police and Fire Departments. He tried his best to lead law-enforcement down the right road when came to police and the community, but he was blocked by the KKK/FOP at every turn. He met with the Roving Leaders (Youth Gang Task Force) of the DC Rec Department once a month–I was there!

The story of NYPD detective Frank Serpico was not based on fiction!

In closing, please explain to me how can this country fight the real enemy, ISIS, China, Russia, and unknown terrorist living among us when we make war with people of color who are U.S. citizens?

The recent exposure of Peter Newsham aired by Fox News TV 5 in DC was a result of information shared by former DC cops who where in attendance at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

I shared the information with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and City Councilwoman Mary Cheh in early November, who to my knowledge never acted on the information. More than likely, the leak to Fox News came out of one of those offices. The real information came from cops who want to see change in police behavior and the corrupt cops like Newsham kicked to the curb and politicians who go along to get along voted out of office (see KIT forum below).

This is for the men of color and especially for the kids who die. And black kids will certainly die. The old and the rich will live on awhile, as always. Eating blood and gold, while letting little kids die.

Kids will die in the swamps of Mississippi organizing share croppers. Little black girls and boys will die in the streets of Chicago while jumping rope in front of their homes. Kids will die in Compton for wearing the wrong colors to school. Kids will die in Potomac Gardens and Barry Farms in DC. And little kids will die in Forestville and District Heights, Maryland— just for being black.

Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians (the real Native Americans) and all people of color will die who don’t believe in lies, bribes and contentment and a lousy peace, or the sleazy courts, with sleazy judges and bride taking cops and the blood loving generals who make war and not peace.
There are the money loving pimping preachers in the pulpit and politicians, who all will raise their hands against the kids who will die, beating them with laws, clubs, bayonets and bullets, to frighten the people who won’t go along to get along.

Of course, the wise and the learned who pen editorials in the paper and the ladies and gents with Dr. in front of their names, pretending they live in the richest black county with the highest foreclosure rate in America. They will sell out to the lottery, casinos and become fake minority owners of NFL, NBA, MLB teams all of this while little kids die. They will make surveys and write books and will live on weaving words to smother the kids that die.

For the kids who die are like iron in the blood of the people—and the old and rich don’t want the people to taste the iron of the kids who die.
They don’t want the people to get wise to their own power to believe in the Harold Bells, or even get together and listen to the kids who die maybe there will be no monument to them except in our hearts.

Maybe their bodies will be lost in a swamp or prison grave or the Potter’s Field or a jail cell where they are hung by their necks and their deaths are ruled murder, but later changed to suicide? But kids will continue to die.

The day will come and you can be sure yourselves it is coming—maybe not on our watch, but the marching feet of the masses will rise for the kids who died with a living monument of love, joy and laughter. And black hands and white hands are joined together with a song that reaches the sky.
A song of triumphant will be dedicated to the kids who died.

Happy New Year,


Photos: In 1968 South Carolina State Troopers stand over dead South Carolina State student screaming “Die Nigger die”!  The police brutality on the campus is now known as “Orangeburg Massacre.   The ralling cry is being repeated in American inner-cities 50 years later history repeats itself as unarmed black men are being shot down in our streets at an alarming rate—the bullet has replaced the rope!  

I would like to know how is it a story written in the Washington Post in November 1993 does not shed more light on the on-going problem, for example these stories were all written in the past two decades;  

The enemy within: Police racism in P.G.

November 21, 1993|By Jim Haner | Jim Haner,Staff Writer

It started simply enough, in a police muster room at the beginning of the midnight shift, with an innocent question. A lieutenant was telling his troops to be on the lookout for a gang spotted earlier in the day brandishing a machine gun.

“Excuse me, lieutenant,” Officer Al Gauthier piped up. “What race are the suspects?”

“What race do you think?” the lieutenant snapped.

“Are they black, sir?” Officer Gauthier asked.

“Aren’t they always?” the lieutenant retorted.

Officer J. B. Harrison — the only black officer in the room — shifted uneasily in his seat. It wasn’t the first time he had heard a bigoted remark while serving in the Prince George’s County Police Department. But to hear it from a commanding officer in an open muster room in a county where half the population is black was another matter.

Politico Magazine in 2014 published a story citing the Prince George County Police Department as “The Fugerson Next Door” to the Nation’s Capitol. The history speaks for it self, the PG County police department is known as one the most brutal police departments in America when it comes to Afro-Americans.  A young Afro-American man was hung in his jail cell while waiting to be tried in a hit and run death of a PG County Policeman.  Ten years later the culprits are still at large.  A black Prince Georges County police officer recently accused the  department of overt racism.  He had to go undercover with a mask over his face and muffled voice to expose the practice.  In the meantime, the Chief of the department Mark Mcgaw goes on the defense and says the accusations are false.  He says, the officer should come forward so that “The Thin Blue Line & Code of Silence” can be use against him.  Imagine, if black officers with a gun are scare of their co-workers, think about the odds against an unarmed person of color!

In the meantime, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan plays the game of “See no police brutality, hear no police brutality, speak no police brutality in Prince Georges County.  Without a doubt PG is “The Fugerson next door”!

CHIEF BURTELL JEFFERSONDC Police Chief Burtell Jefferson the first Black Chief of Police in the Nation’s Capitol was a staunch suppporter of “Police Community Relations”.  He and Assistant Chief Timon O’Bryant were hands-on and kept peace in the streets in the Cardozo/Shaw community in the late 60s and 70s.

boys in hood & cop

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Bill Raspberry speaks out against successful Police & Community Relations program being abandon by top DC police brass (FOP).

Politico Magazine recently published a story on a white chief of police in Wellsingley, Mass. by the name of Terrence Cunningham. Chief Cunningham did the unthinkable, he apologize for the mayhem that his colleagues around the nation had reaped on people of color for the past several decades. Cunningham is more than just a chief he is the head of the largest police management organization in America. He is the President of the Police Chiefs of America. This is the first time in the history of the police department that a white chief has ever apologize for the acts of police violence in America.  In LaGrange, Georgia the white police chief apologized to the black community for the hanging of a black 18 year old teenager by a white mod.  The teenager was falsely arrested for assualting two white women.  He was kidnapped from his jail cell and hung.  The decades of police brutality all took place in the black community long before Donald Trump became a hotel mogul and President of the United States of America.

In 1968 the Kerner Commission was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson to study why there was so much unrest in the black community. The Commission found; America was headed in the direction of two different societies, one black and one white. President Johnson ignored the report and the NAACP, Urban League, John Lewis a warrior in the early days of the Civil Rights movement and the Congressional Black Caucus all followed his lead. Welcome to the two different American Societies, one black and one white predicted by the Kerner Commision. Don’t blame Donald Trump!

The month of December 2016 also was the witness to the white son of retired Army General Wesley Clark, Sr. who headed the NATO’s Supreme Forces, Wesley Jr. got down on his knees and apologized to native American Indians for the mayhem reaped on them by American Armed forces led by his father.  If you pointed a finger at Governor Larry Hogan and PG County Executive Rushern Baker you would be pointing in the right direction. This kind of bulling and coward behavior is contagious, especially when your next door neighbor is infected. Donald Trump is not the problem–we are!

We allow our city officials like DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and City Council Woman Mary Cheh to play games with the lives of our children and the residents of the Nation’s Capitol. I cannot believe that Mayor Bowser wants to control who sees the videos of police misconduct. My question, why have the cops wear the video cameras if you are going to control who sees them?  This kind of encouragement supports turning off their cameras or not turning them on at all.

In November 2016 I personally gave Mayor Bowser and Council Woman Mary Cheh information regarding DC interim Police Chief Peter Newsham as it related to an ongoing scam that was occurring at the DCPD warehouse on his watch. All that was required of Mayor Bowser and Councilwoman Cheh was to run a simple audit to uncover the scam. The information also included the firing of a 25 year DCPD veteran Devonnie Gregory without cause. Officer Gregory’s case has been in arbitration for over 5 years.

On Saturday August 20, 2016 Kids In Trouble and Ben’s Chili Bowl hosted a Police and Community Relations forum. Law-enforcement officers from all over the DMV were in attendance. It was at this forum the sins of DC interim Police Chief Peter Newsham came to light. It was revealed that under his command that included Alfred Durham now the Richmond Police Chief help cover-up for an incompetent Commander Keith Williams. Williams’ mismanaged and used poor judgement in mishandling the Evidence Control Branch and the Forensic Services Division as it pertains to the safeguarding of evidence and the storage of it.

For example; evidence showing how Peter Newsham used his police powers to mass arrest over 400 people during a protest at DC’s Pershing Park under the command of former Chief Charles Ramsey. The unconstitutional arrest cost DC millions of dollars after they were sued by the wrongly arrested men and women. The evidence of how Newsham mishandled the protest mysteriously disappeared from the evidence room on the watch of Keith Williams.

The forum also uncovered domestic abuse and sexual harassment by Chief Newsham relating to his former wife and other women in uniform aka Chief Isacc Fulwood. This came as no surprise, law enforcement officers have the highest percentage of domestic violence of any group of professionals in America.

In the meantime, Mayor Bowser and Councilwoman Cheh are still playing hide and seek with Newsham’s problems with domestic violence and alcohol. He was once found lying drunk in the streets wearing his gun, the department confiscated his weapon. Fox News TV 5 in DC recently investigated the sins of Peter Newsham, hopefully that will get the attention of the city’s politicians.  As we head into Black History Month 2017 black folks continue to be their own worst enemy.

I find it rather ironic former chief Cathy Lanier leaves a dirty domestic violence house for a new job to tackle domestic violence in the NFL. Come on man!

See link below to Insides Sports interview with 1st black Prince Georges’ County State’s Attorney, Alex Williams and 1 black Mississippi Police Chief Jimmy Wilson (1988). And see link to Kids In Trouble Police and Community Relations forum August 20, 2016 at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFD7nqGWQ2o&feature=youtu.be / interview
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvmdLzVSf38&feature=em-share_video_user / Ben’s Chili Bowl forum

KIDS WHO DIE—by Harold Bell

This is for the men of color and especially for the kids who die. And black kids will certainly die. The old and the rich will live on awhile, as always. Eating blood and gold, while letting little kids die.

Kids will die in the swamps of Mississippi organizing share croppers. Little black girls and boys will die in the streets of Chicago while jumping rope in front of their homes. Kids will die in Compton for wearing the wrong colors to school. Kids will die in Potomac Gardens and Barry Farms in DC. And little kids will die in Forestville and District Heights, Maryland— just for being black.

Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians (the real Native Americans) and all people of color will die who don’t believe in lies, bribes and contentment and a lousy peace, or the sleazy courts, with sleazy judges and bride taking cops and the blood loving generals who make war and not peace. There are the money loving pimping preachers in the pulpit and politicians, who all will raise their hands against the kids who will die, beating them with laws, clubs, bayonets and bullets, used to frighten the people who don’t go along to get along.

Of course, the wise and the learned who pen editorials in the paper and the ladies and gents with Dr. in front of their names, pretending they live in the richest black county with the highest foreclosure rate in America, all of this while little kids die. They will make surveys and write books and will live on weaving words to smother the kids that die.

For the kids who die are like iron in the blood of the people—and the old and rich don’t want the people to taste the iron of the kids who die.
They don’t want the people to get wise to their own power to believe in the Harold Bells, or even get together and listen to the kids who die maybe there will be no monument to them except in our hearts.

Maybe their bodies will be lost in a swamp or prison grave or the Potter’s Field or a jail cell where they are hung by their necks and their deaths are ruled murder, but later changed to suicide? But kids will continue to die.

The day will come and you can be sure yourselves it is coming—maybe not on our watch, but the marching feet of the masses will rise for the kids who died with a living monument of love, joy and laughter. And black hands and white hands are joined together with a song that reaches the sky.

A song of triumphant will be dedicated to the kids who died.


Hi Dennis,

It was great seeing all of you at The Carolina Kitchen on Thursday as we reminisced about “The Good Old Days” at the Foxtrappe in the 70s & 80s. I owe Bill Lindsey and the Trappe Big Time. He provided me a platform and vehicle for all of my community endeavors (he never said ‘NO’). Kids In Trouble Celebrity Fashion Shows, Christmas Toy Drives, etc. Community involvement by pro athletes, radio and TV personalities and entertainers was unheard of until Kids In Trouble, Inside Sports and the Foxtrappe challenged them to reach back to their communities. When it comes to community involvement, the NFL, NBA, MLB, radio and television all followed our lead.

Christmas Toy Drives and Inside Sports Celebrity Fashion Shows became the norm at the Foxtrappe. The Marines were faking us out, they were collecting toys from the community and then giving back to us and keeping the cash (How soon we forget). We had Police Chiefs, DC Superior Court Judges led by Luke C. Moore and Harry T. Alexander (Judge Henry Kennedy, Jr. brags about meeting his wife at the Foxtrappe at one of my Christmas Toy Parties), World Champion Boxers, NFL, NBA players all modeling and playing Santa Claus for KIT.

My brother in the struggle, Don Baker was right there with me (DJ, photographer, etc.). We were able to witness some of those photos during the gathering—he brought back some memories of some great times.

Bill and I teamed up together for our greatest endeavor ever at Mingles. We took time out to say “Thank you” to our heroes—our teachers, coaches, Principal William Purvis, Annie Duncan and William Davis (Vice Principals), custodians and our own “Officer Friendly” Officer Dixon of Spingarn High School. He was feared and he never cursed or pulled his gun (he could read minds)! Man, I got some stories.

Those unselfish human beings saved most of our lives when most of us were trying to go to hell in a hurry–Big Time! I was “Captain Knucklehead” my Brown Middle School Principal William Stinson one block away from Spingarn had already predicted to my mother, I would not live to get out of high school. I tried my best to honor his prediction but Coach Dave Brown, Mr. Honemond, Mr. Alfred, Ms. Johnson (Gym teacher), Nurse Holmes and Officer Dixon refused to give up on me. This ‘thank you’ to our teachers was the first endeavor of this kind ever undertaken by a group of former students in this city. I still cannot believe we allowed the politicians to close down our school and our history at the same time.

2015 marked 50 years I have been working in the inner-city with youth gangs and kids in trouble. I am still out there because I was once a kid in trouble and this is my way to continue to say “Thank you” to my mother, grandmother, Hattie T and all those unselfish teachers at Spingarn and Fairmont Heights High School (don’t forget Bighouse Gaines—Winston-Salem State). I am truly blessed.

We all are aware of the chaos of the epidemic of shooting deaths of unarmed black men (all ages) carried out by police departments across America. This is nothing new, but the callous disregard for black human life is not something I thought I would be re-visiting in 2016. This is not something I cannot stand silently by and say nothing. We should never forget our ancestors were Kings and Queens and not hoodlums and thugs as we are portrayed in the media.

On Saturday August 20, 2016 Kids In Trouble, Inc hosted its 4th Police and Community Relations forum at Ben’s Chili Bowl. In attendance were law-enforcement officers from all over the DMV (standing room only). But guess who were no-shows—white law enforcement officers despite invitations send out to their departments (see video).

Since my forum, suddenly other similar forums have popped up—all good but the folks who are hosting these forums don’t have a clue, for example; Sirius XM Radio host Joe Madison aka the Black Eagle was the moderator for a forum titled “The Encounter” in Alexandria, Virginia. The sponsoring group was “The Links.” It was held on the same evening we gathered at the Carolina Kitchen. I decided to also attend the Alexandria Forum. I was not impressed it looked like white folks were no-shows at this forum also. There were no white folks on the panel. The auditorium was so dark I thought I was there to watch a movie!

Kids In Trouble, Inc has been involved and a part of the Alexandria community for decades (Christmas Toy parties, speaking at rec centers, schools and coordinated NBA pioneer Earl Lloyd Day in 2000). George Logan-El (Untouchables) and Lawrence Brown (Alexandria Rec) we all networked trying to keep hope alive.

I called several of my community “Movers & Shakers” contacts to inquire about the forum, but six of the seven didn’t have a clue. This brings me back to “Know it all” Joe Madison aka Black Eagle. His claim to fame, see bio below;

Joe Madison is a radio talk show host and civil rights activist. He can be heard every weekday morning on Sirius XM Urban View. Known to his listeners as “The Black Eagle,” Madison has been named one of Talker Magazine’s 10 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America for eleven consecutive years.
By completing a 52-hour live broadcast, he broke a Guinness World Record and raised over $200,000 for the Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum. In June 2015, Madison made history again by broadcasting live from Cuba, becoming the first national talk show in America to do so in more than 50 years. When disaster strikes, The Black Eagle flies into action. He traveled to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and assisted relief workers in the Gulf States after Hurricane Katrina.

Joe Madison only flies into action when he can piggyback a ride off of the back of celebrities like community activist, Dick Gregory (one of a kind). I have never seen him do anything in the inner-city on his own. He is a Johnny Come-Lately in radio broadcasting and as a community activist in the DC community. When he started working in radio in Detroit in 1980 he was already 10 years behind me in radio and in the community. He joined talk radio here in DC in the 90s putting him 20 years behind me DC, but he is an expert on the black community?

His contributions to black history; he raised over $200,000 for the Smithsonian African-American History & Culture Museum by completing a 52-hour live broadcast, breaking a Guinness World Record (buying his way into the museum). His profile says, “Madison has been named one of Talker Magazine’s 10 most important radio talk show host in America for 11 consecutive years (come on man). My question, where is his track record making DC black history in radio or the community (talk is cheap)? And what makes him think that he can bring about changes in police brutality in Alexandria and the DMV? My question, when was the last similar forum he moderated?

This is what Wikipedia says about the Links the forum’s sponsor, “The Links are the philanthropic arm of professional women of color located throughout the United States, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The Foundation was established in 1979.”

They say, ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’ another group of Johnny Come-Late”, but I definitely think that is better than not coming at all. But the blind cannot lead the blind.

My problem, just don’t come on like you are Allen Iverson, “The Answer!”

There is another law-enforcement forum coming up on Wednesday October 12, 2016 at Shiloh Baptist Church located at 9th & M Streets, NW. This one is being put on by the U. S. Attorney’s Office.

Foxtrappe Big Boy Ball Changers, you need to be in the house really making our children first. Read letter below and see why you need to be there, if you really care!

Don’t be like Joe Madison (talk is cheap). These folks are claiming they want to bridge the gap between cops and the community but law-enforcement is running the forum. It makes you wonder what bridge are they talking about.

Go to link and sign up and I will meet you there. If you cannot stay the whole time be there for the opening of the program (9:30 am—make your presence felt. Police Chiefs from all Departments will be in attendance.

We have to stop falling for the okie-doke—and really make Black Lives Matter!

P. S. See my video below from the forum on August 20th (great video by my friend Irving Haywood) and my open letter to Gov. Larry Hogan relating to “Cowboy Cops” in PG County. The KKK/FOP is alive and well in America! If we are going to bring about change we are going to have to do more than profile on Face Book!

As always,
HK Bell

Dear Community Leaders:

In response to recent events across the country and local community concerns, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is hosting a symposium entitled, “Police and Community-Building a Bond of Trust.” This symposium will be held on October 12, 2016, at the Shiloh Baptist Church, located at 1500 9th Street, NW. The program will begin at approximately 9:30 am and end at 4:30 pm. We are inviting all Faith-based Leaders, ANC Commissioners, and Civic Associations’ and Non-Profit Organizations’ leaders to this symposium.

The goal of this program is to educate community and clergy leaders about why the use of force is sometimes a necessary measure for both the public’s and officers’ safety and how alleged excessive use of force cases are investigated by our Office. A secondary goal is to have a facilitated dialogue between law enforcement and community leaders to discuss the various issues that presently exist in our city between law enforcement and citizens.

In order to meet these goals, we will have a panel discussion which will include representatives from the Metropolitan Police Department, U.S. Park Police, Washington Metro Transit Authority Police, D.C. Housing Police, D.C. Office of Police Complaints and USAO-DC. The police departments’ representatives will discuss their efforts to minimize excessive use of force. USAO-DC will provide an overview of how alleged excessive use of force cases are handled by our Office. The D.C. Office of Police Complaints will explain how people can file a complaint when they feel that they have been unfairly treated by a member of law enforcement. During the second half of the program, the Department of Justice Community Relations Service will conduct a series of break-out sessions to brainstorm about problems and propose solutions to issues that both law enforcement and citizens face when interacting.

As space is limited, please register for this event at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/police-and-community-building-a-bridge-of-trust-tickets-26728092444 by September 30, 2016. Shiloh Baptist Church is within walking distance from the Mount Vernon Square -7th Street Convention Center and Shaw-Howard Metro Stations. Shiloh Baptist also has a parking lot in the rear of the church and there is also public parking at 801 N Street, NW. There is also street parking. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Assistant United States Attorney for External Affairs Wendy Pohlhaus at 202-252-6930. This is a FREE event.

http://blackmeninamerica.com/the-kids-in-trouble-police-and-community-relations-forum-hosted-by-harold-bell/ Color Blind Cops in America: Not in our life time!

http://theoriginalinsidesports.mlblogs.com/2015/11/ / Dear Gov. Hogan “Cowboy Cops”


It is with a heavy heart that I bring the sad news of the home going of two dear friends of my wife Hattie and I.  One was a Clown and the other was an Angel.

hb-santa-clown-sugar                                                                                                                       Fonzie and Santa’s Helpers


The Angel, Corrine Greene went home to be with the Lord on Saturday August 20th. Her home going service celebration was held on September 9, 2016 at the First Rock Baptist Church in S. E. DC.

Corrine was a native Washingtonian and a product of the DC Public School system, graduating from Armstrong High School and Morgan State College in Baltimore, Md. She was the loving wife of the late Joseph Greene, Jr. Corrine is survived by her only child, Kathy who is the benefactor of her mother’s attributes, classy, caring, kind, loyal, and the smile of an Angel.

I met Corrine and Joe in the late 60s through my then fiancée, Hattie Thomas. In the late 50s Hattie would leave Orangeburg, SC and spend the summers with her Aunt Justine who lived on Jackson Street, NE, directly across the street from the Greens.

Joe and I had met before Hattie and Jackson Street. I often saw him having power-lunches at Che Maurice’s, Ed Murphy’s or Face’s. They were the restaurants of the in-crowd in Washington, DC.

In 1967 I met Corrine and Joe together for the first time. I will never forget, Hattie and I were leaving her Aunt’s house and I spotted one of my high school coaches standing on the front porch of the Greens. His name was Ray Hammond. He was one of my football coaches at Spingarn High School back in the day.

Coach Hammond was the brother of Corrine. He and I clashed in the early stages of my high school Odyssey. I thought I was the straw that stirred the drink and felt everything football, basketball and baseball was to come through me. He once told me, “Harold Bell you got to change your attitude or football is going to become a spectator sport for you.”

Coach Hammond eventually got me to see things his way and he became a great mentor.

Kathy and Hattie already had a special bond from Jackson Street, but that bond became even stronger when they connected again two years ago at the SE White House.

Hattie’s mother Elease had come down with dementia and she had become her mom’s caretaker. The two shared notes, Hattie’s mother was 95 years old when she went home to be with the Lord on May 5, 2015. My mother-in-law “Mommy T” as she was known to family and friends, shared the same traits as Corrine Greene; she was a class act, caring, kind, loyal and had the smile of an Angel. Hattie T is the mirror of her mother.

The best way to sum up Corrine and Mommy T is “What you saw was what you got.” They often say ‘An apple does not fall far from the tree’, meet Kathy and Hattie.

Corrine and Mommy T’s first encounter in heaven, I would love to be a butterfly on an Angel’s wing. I bet Mommy T will be hosting “Tea for two” and somewhere during the conversation the two would look up and say, ‘Did you know my daughter?’

Fozie the Clown’s home going services were held in North Carolina on Saturday September 3, 2016. He was buried with his father who had preceded him in death two days before in Washington, DC.

Fozie aka Alphonso Pittman was an educator by trade in the DC Public Schools, he had a Masters Degree in education. Somewhere along the way he decided that the system was a joke when it came to educating our children.

He went from a three piece suit to a clown’s costume and discovered laughter was the best remedy for him to reach out to our children and make a difference.

His sleight of hand and magic tricks opened up avenues for thousands of children across the DC metropolitan region and beyond. The children and some teachers discovered that laughing could be a vehicle to learning.

Fozie was on to something, there was a recent report critical of the Prince Georges County school system from the director of Head Start at the Department of Health and Human Services. The department detailed what it called “deficiencies” by the school system to correct teacher behavior involving Head Start instructors who used humiliation and corporal punishment to discipline children as young as age 3.

The department cancelled a 6.3 million dollar contract. This action by the Department to punish hundreds of children and parents for the antics of a few, there is something wrong with this picture!

Parents and community activist have called for the resignations of the entire school board who are suppose to oversee the program, but came up a day late and 6.3 million dollars short.

The County Executive Rusherd Baker has refused to dismiss the school board. His refusing to take action against the school board begs the question, “When are our children First and who are the real clowns?”

Fozie was one of the most unselfish educators I have ever met—he didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk and really made children First. I was a witness.

My non-profit organization Kids In Trouble benefited from the good deeds, and support of Santa’s Helpers, like Fozie, Robin Sugar Williams, Don Baker, Zack, Philadelphia Jake, Slippery Jackson, Cornell, Nook, Black Danny, Dog Turner, who were every day people or knew how to act like them, none could hit a baseball out of the park, shoot a jump shot, or throw a football 75 yards in the air. But still they are the glue who held my community endeavors together. The common-denominator–what you saw was what you got!

This link is dedicated to Corrine, Fozie and those who are no longer with us and were never Too Tall to Stoop to Help a Child.


Former MLB Manager Lou Piniella was once asked by one of his players, “What are the qualifications to be a sports reporter” Lou’s response was classic, ‘In America you just need a driver’s license.’ Meet Mark Gray!

His qualification to be a sports reporter is as follows according to his profile on Face book; He went to Walbrook High School(no city listed), lives in Baltimore, he is followed by 246 people and his parents integrated the Greensboro, NC public school system. I tried to GOOGLE him and could not find any history on him or anything that qualifies him to be a sports reporter.

I went to Google images and found his photo among dozens of others named “Mark Gray”. There was no information relating to his prowess as a Little League, play ground, elementary, middle, high school or college athlete! His only claim to fame is that his parents integrated the school system in Greensboro and his photo is among dozens of other Mark Grays when you Goggle Mark Gray. This leads me to believe he is an impostor as a sports reporter who uses his driver’s license to get into sports locker rooms. And this also makes me suspicious of him laying claim to his parents’ fame.

How often have we read stories about folks with a fetish to be photographed with celebrities, they show up on where there are Red Carpet celebrity events and can be seen in photos with celebrities—meet Mark Gray?

When he recently challenged Colin Kaepernick’s motives on Face Book for sitting out the National Anthem during an NFL exhibition game, it raised my antenna. When I responded to his motives for questioning Kaepernick’s motives and I called him “A so-called brother”, his response was like most guilty brothers when you catch them with their pants down and their asses showing, they get defensive.

He called me an angry black man who disses and calls out other brothers who forget who they are and where they come from! He was right I am guilty on all accounts, but his higher than me attitude begged the question, “Who and the hell is Mark Gray” to question me as it relates to my family, community and sports media history?

I will never forget while watching a segment of the television news magazine show 60 Minutes, the late Morley Safer the host was interviewing the great Arthur Mitchell the founder of the Dance Theater. The discussion centered around blacks with the financial means never reaching back to help their own. Mr. Mitchell’s response relating to the inquiry was highly emotional. Mr. Safer, asked Mr. Mitchell, “Are you angry that blacks fail to reach back to help their own?”

Mr. Mitchell never missed a beat with his response, he said, “You show me a black man or woman who is not angry as it relates to black folks in America, and I will show you a man and woman who need to see a psychiatrist!”

Unlike Mark Gray you can GOOGLE Harold K. Bell and Inside Sports and find a wealth of information relating to my march as it relates to Civil Rights, community and sports history.

My high school coach Dave Brown once heard me apologizing for tooting my own horn on Inside Sports. My next encounter with him, he reminded me to never apologize for tooting my own horn. He said, “For one to toot his own horn, he must first have a horn to toot.”

This toot goes out to Mark Gray. You are nothing but a wannabe and an impostor pretending to be something you are not. You are in over in your head. My first question is how many athletes have come through your sports talk show before their 15 minutes of fame and went on to the NBA and how many did you help to make an NFL roster before they could spell NFL?

Let me start my count, NBA: Dave Bing, Oden Polynice, Adrian Dantley, Adrian Branch, Grant Hill, John Thompson and Fatty Taylor. NFL: Bobby Gardner, Tim Baylor, Tony Paige, Cecil Turner, and Lamont Jordan.

How many media personalities before their 15 minutes of fame came through your radio show? Let me start my count, James Brown, Omar Tyree, Michael Wilbon, Kevin Tatum, Cathy Hughes, Donnie Simpson, Dave Aldridge, Kevin Blackistone, Larry Fitzgerald, Sr., Bill Rhoden, Butch Mcadams, Glen Harris, Michelle Wright and the first black female Bishop, Vasti McKenzie.

How many pioneering athletes came through your radio show before they became FIRST in their field of play? Let me start my count, John Thompson (GT), Doug Williams (NFL/MVP), Earl Lloyd (NBA), Darryl Hill (ACC and Naval Academy) and Olympic gymnast Jair Lynch.

How many boxing champions? Let me start with Sugar Ray Leonard. I remember when he didn’t have two-pennies to rub together before I became his mentor and made him a co-host on Inside Sports on Saturday afternoons. He went on to become not only a champion, but the first pro boxer to earn 100 million despite his agent Mike Trainor stealing millions. Mark ‘Too Sharp’ Johnson and Aaron Pryor are also on that list of champions who came through Inside Sports.

How many pro athletes are you responsible for being inducted into their sports hall of fame? Let me start my count, Willie Wood (NFL) and Earl Lloyd (NBA).

How many athletes have you been responsible for having their jail sentences reduced? Let me start with the Greatest, Jim Brown (NFL) out of privacy and respect I won’t reveal the others (see Jim Brown link below).

How many poems have been written about you as it relates to the black community? Let me count (3).

How many Christmas Toy Parties have you hosted for needy children? Let me count my parties (45) from 1968-2013 in the DMV befitting thousands of children.

How many children have you rescued off of the tracks with a subway train bearing down on them? In 2007 I saved a 15 year-old autistic girl at Potomac Ave. in NE DC.

How many times have you been honored at the White House for your work with inner-city children (1) and how many times have you been cited in the Congressional Record for work with at-risk children (4).

How many times has your sports talk show been picked the best in the DMV by the Washington Post, Washington Star, Washington Times, and Washingtonian Magazine.

I was the first sports talk show host (W-O-O-K Radio) to call the play by play for the DC Public High School Championship football game at RFK Stadium. My color man for the game was Dunbar High School All-American and the first black Ohio State QB, Cornelius Greene. I also served as the WR Coach for Head Coach Bob Headen, West vs East All-Star game.

I gave coach John Thompson, Jr. his first opportunity to promote Georgetown basketball on Inside Sports aired on W-O-O-K Radio every Monday his first year at the school. He went on to become the First black basketball coach to win a NCAA championship.

How many times has a sports columnist called you “The God Father of sports talk, the good kind” (the late Dick Heller of the Washington Times).

How many times have you been named Washingtonian of the Year by Washingtonian Magazine? In fact, I was the First sports media personality so honored.

I was the first sports and marketing rep for Nike Shoes and Anheuser Busch beer in the Nation’s Capitol.

Your claim on Face Book of your parents integrating the Greensboro, North Carolina public school system also looks like a lie. I was in Greensboro on the weekend of August 31, 2016. I checked and found no evidence of anyone with the last name of Gray accomplishing such a feat!

My Family Tree shows the Tyler/Bells settled in DC in the early 1800s. My great-grandfather Alfred Johnson Tyler laid the first brick to build Mt. Airy Baptist Church in 1893. The church is located in the shadows of the Capitol at North Capitol and L Streets, NW. The Tyler House a senior citizen complex located two-blocks north of the church is named after my great-uncle, the Rev. Earl Tyler.

Mark Gray, I cannot wait to see what is in “Your Wallet” from my advantage point your life story looks like a bunch of lies.

Remember, a lie will change a thousand times but the truth never changes. For example; Your new updated information on Face Book proves you are trying to cover your tracks–too late!

You are just like so many of these so-called envy and jealous Negroes who don’t have a history and don’t want anyone else to have a history. We are always talking about what the white man is doing to us, we need to check out what we are doing to ourselves as a people.

I can honestly say, the white man has not done something to me that was not expected, but these dysfunction wanna-be somebody Negroes who think because they have two-dollars more than the beggar who stands outside of their door everyday begging for a dollar to eat, makes them smarter. I got news for them!

I am still in the trenches in the war-zones of our community fighting for our children against the enemy whom is not always the white man. I will never forget the wake-up call I got from my partner the great Jim Brown. We were sitting around one day just chilling out when the discussion moved to my dedication to our children. He said, “Harold remember children don’t vote.” His statement left me with an empty feeling that I have never forgotten. But it didn’t deter me from my mission of reaching back to help our children because there were those who reached back to help me when others had counted me out!

Mark Gray, one day you will learn, respect is earned and not given. You are a wannabe who will never be. You are the prototype of today’s ‘Player Hater.’

Those sports talk shows you are talking about hosting, I pioneered the formats. Every sports talk show seen and heard around the world is a COPY of The Original Inside Sports hosted by yours truly.

The Original Inside Sports was “Outta Compton” long before NWA. Note Worthy: I am the most popular and read blogger on blackmeninamerica.com
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfKQOH5_iiw / intro to black sports history 101 Jim Brown and others on Harold Bell


I am a 4th generation Washingtonian, youth advocate and a DC radio and television sports talk show pioneer. On Saturday August 20, 2016 I was the host of a one of a kind police and community relations forum held in Washington, DC. The forum was held at the world famous Ben’s Chili Bowl.

The restaurant is known world-wide for its famous chili half smokes, hot dogs and comedian Bill Cosby who help put the restaurant on the world map. The forum menu not only served up good food but good advice relating to the history of police departments and the black community.

I have been called the Godfather of sports talk and now people are calling me the Godfather of Police Community Relations. Life on the streets in the past 50 years I have seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly when it comes to the police and the community.

I worked closely with the original Godfather, the late and former New York City Police Commissioner, Patrick Murphy. I met Mr. Murphy when he was the Director of the DC Police and Fire Departments and I was a Roving leader for the DC Department of Recreation (Youth Gang Task Force). He was hired in the late 60s by DC’s first black Mayor, Walter Washington.

The Police and Community Relations forum attracted law-enforcement officers from around the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) and as far away as Philadelphia and LA (Bernie Chavis and Ken Price respectively).

The lack of understanding of Black America’s history of police and community relations can be found at the doorsteps of Black Media. You cannot report it if you don’t know it.

It was 20 years ago 1996 when Minister Louis Farrakhan exposed the National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) as “The Bad News Bears” of media. In summarizing his speech after the President of the organization asked him to take 10 minutes for his presentation—-he took 40 minutes instead.

In summarizing his blistering take-down of NABJ, he said, “The only thing black about you is your name”.

To be very honest Minister Farrakhan lost me during The First Million Man March here in DC. He lost me because of the appearance of fraud with the donations made by the participants, including me. I have yet to see the fruits of the monies collected. (see link below).

I remember NFL legend Jim Brown a Farrakhan friend and confidant sitting down with me to talk about the rumors swirling around as they related to the nation and Minister Farrakhan. His response, “The nation and the Minister have problems just like anyone else.” I let it go!

I have been an eye witness to the good works of the Nation of Islam in the black community. I have seen their great work of cleaning up my old DC NE neighborhood of Mayfair/Parkside of drugs and violence. They were rewarded by having the federal government cut off the funding for the program. The real reason; Minister Farrakhan being true to himself, speaking truth to power. People always want to hear the truth as long as it is about someone else–never about themselves.

Black media dropped the ball again at the forum. The only media invited to attend the forum was the Washington Afro- American, the DC editor, Ms. Latrina Antoine requested press credentials and was a no-show.

The only reason I granted her request was because my writing career started with the Afro-American newspaper as a free lancer. The late Ms. Frances Murphy the family matriarch was my mentor and encouraged me to write my first community/sports column for the Afro in 1974, but since her death the paper has been a day late and a dollar short (see link below).

http://theoriginalinsidesports.mlblogs.com/2015/02/05/i-remember-the-first-lady-of-the-afro-american-news-paper /

Some of the most brutal police departments when it comes to African-Americans are found in Chicago, LA, NY City, Philly, Baltimore and Princes Georges County.
They are all in the Top Ten. Each has been under intense scrutiny by the FBI in the past several decades, but still many of us are standing or sitting around with our heads in the sand, especially, close to home. The leadership in Baltimore and Prince Georges County is a big part of the problem. Our dilemma, we are at war with the wrong people, AMERICAN people of color. The benefactors, ISIS, China and haters unknown!

In Maryland the lack of leadership starts with Governor Larry Hogan, PG County Executive Rushern Baker, the Police Chief, the State’s Attorney and Pimps in the Pulpit like John Jenkins.

In the final analysis, the black females in Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and the Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby were the heroes as it relates to the recent riots in Baltimore and were responsible for saving black lives, because “Black Lives Mattered” to them.”

The Department of Justice’s report on the decades of corruption and brutality in the police department of Baltimore City proved they did not jump to conclusions in charging the six cops in the killing of Freddy Gray.

The Criminal Justice system and the black judge let the people of Baltimore down and not Ms. Blake or Ms. Rawlings. Did anyone, but me notice the timing of the release of the report? It was released days after all the accused cops were cleared by the court.

Rushern Baker it is said, has his eyes on the Governor’s Mansion despite the seemingly popularity of Governor Hogan. This is what you call a false/positive, meaning; “a test result (pregnancy) which incorrectly indicates that a particular condition or attribute is present”.

Governor Larry Hogan should be a false/positive when it comes to approval in the black community. He has traits of Donald Trump that are well hidden and Baker is not far behind him. They are what you would call, “two of a kind” in black and white.

For example, when the notorious PG County Executive Jack Johnson now serving time in jail for taking brides was thinking about running for re-election in 2006, one of Baker’s cronies approached me about supporting him in his bid to unseat Johnson.

But I had gotten word that Johnson had made Baker back down (gangster) and re-think his position, I knew then that he would be a go along to get along politician and his two terms as County Executive has proven me right.

The proof is always in the pudding; Baker was County Executive in 2013 when a prison guard pleaded guilty in Federal Court for covering up what was called a homicide by the state coroner’s office.

Nineteen year old Ronnie White an accused cop killer was found in his Upper Marlboro jail cell hanging by his neck KKK style. But the ruling was changed as a “Possible Homicide” by the State Police? Did anyone read how the State Police lab in New Jersey has been accused of falsifying thousands of drug test to show positive results when there was no test? There is no need to guess who the victims were and now serving time—people of color!

In Upper Marlboro a black jail guard Anthony McIntosh took the fall for the KKK style lynching. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice charges (lying about what took place on the night of the hanging).

A Federal Judge Alex Williams resided at the trial (former Kids In Trouble, Inc board member). Judge Williams was quoted saying, “Something does not smell right about this case”. He said, “I followed the federal guild lines in sentencing McIntosh to the maximum two-years.”

How could a black man as a County Executive in good conscience promote and reward the same officials who were a part of decades of police brutality, murder, cover-ups and corruption in the county promote them to a higher office? These were the same law-enforcement officials in 2008 conspired to hang the nineteen-year old Ronnie White by his neck without due process. This is also the shades of the KKK and Emmitt Till in Mississippi in 1955.

This jailhouse justice took place on the watch of a black Police Chief, Melvin High (a former DC Assistant Chief). The Prince Georges County Police Chief’s office kitchen was too hot and the Chief got out. The interference by County Executive Jack Johnson was over the top. He was trying to be the County Executive and Chief of Police all in one. Johnson as State’s Attorney was anti-police until he found a deadly rattle snake waiting to say “Good Morning” in his office before running for County Executive.

One of High’s trusted staffers, Barbara Hamm (Public Relations) said “enough is enough.” She resigned and headed back home to the peace and quiet of Tide Water Virginia. She now is the host of her own radio talk show and making sure folks are aware ‘That Black Lives Matter.’

Chief High was not far behind her, but he stayed around long enough to have the Ronnie White hanging attached to his watch. He retired and then un-retired and landed on his feet as the new sheriff in town in Prince Georges County—the cycle continues!

On Baker’s watch he has named a white Chief as head of Homeland Security, the chief’s assistant was named the new Chief and the partner of the assistant chief, is now the new Assistant Chief (who’s on first). I hate to be redundant, but I am going to quote Judge Alex Williams, ‘Something does not smell right about these in-house promotions’.

Instead of kissing ass, it looks like Baker has decided it is best to kiss the ring of political Godfather Mike Miller in the State Capitol of Annapolis. You can bet these were all Miller appointments.

Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr. is the current president of the Maryland Senate. He has been a state senator representing the 27th District since 1975 and has served as president since January 1987.

Miller practically owns his hometown of Clinton, Maryland. According to my mentor the late State Senator Bucky Trotter, if you want to survive in Maryland politics, you have a choice of either, kissing Miller’s ass, ring or both. “The Good Old Boys” are still in charge.

Some white folks are racist and don’t know and sometimes you have to give them a free pass, but there is no excuse for black folks not knowing racism when they see or hear it.

The question was asked at the Ben’s Chili Bowl forum, “Why are there no white people here at the forum”?

I learned a long time ago “That every black face you see is not your brother and every white face you see is not your enemy.”

Invitations went out to white, Hispanic and black officials, for example; recently elected white Congressman Chris Von Hollen out polled the incompetent black Donna Edwards to represent the 8th Congressional District. During his run for the 8TH District seat I was corresponding with a young man by the name of Ely who was working in his media department.

I related to Ely that I was interested in supporting Mr. Van Hollen because there was mass dissatisfaction with Donna Edwards in the Suitland Community. I was in need of a bio on him. He e-mailed the bio the next day.

First, Ms. Edwards was indifferent and not accessible to our needs (she didn’t think Black Lives Mattered). I remember I tried to get her to open up an investigation into the unfair treatment of senior citizens in the nasty and filthy nursing homes in the state, she never returned a call. Her office staff was in over their heads. She was always running late or a no-show at too many community forums during her tenure. And many thought it was time for a change and I agreed.

Ely, the Von Hollen staffer followed the email up with a telephone call and did a great job in selling me on Mr. Van Hollen, but I was easy prey because I was sick of a do-nothing Donna Edwards, but as they often say, “Be careful for what you wish for”!

I wrote lionizing blogs on Black Men In America.com and on The Original Inside Sports supporting Von Hollen in the election.

I contacted his office two weeks before the forum to inquire about his participation. I asked for Ely, but was told that he was no longer on staff and I was referred to a young man by the name of Jonathan. He referred me to a young lady whose name escapes me, but she promised to get back to me. She never did.

Finally, I contacted a staffer by the name of Blain Nolan after several attempts of leaving voice mails with no response. I was beginning to wonder according to comedians Albert and Constello’s famous skit “Who was on first”? (see link below). That is how I felt after receiving the email response from his office below on Monday August 15, 2016

Good afternoon Harold,

Thank you for following up. Unfortunately, at this time the Congressman’s schedule does not allow for him to attend. If something should change this week I would be happy to let you know.


Blaine Nolan
Director of Scheduling
Office of Congressman Chris Van Hollen
1707 Longworth House Office Building
(202) 225-5341

In conclusion, it looks like he is another Donna Edwards in the making—stay tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcRRaXV-fg

I send an Invitation to the white Governor Larry Hogan, No response. This was expected, because I had send a Priority Mail letter to him last year regarding “Cowboy Cops” in Prince Georges County. The letter was mailed in September of 2015 and with September 2016 fast approaching there still has been no response for a man who calls himself a leader of people. His plantation mentality still has him stuck in the 1920s and I guarantee, it will come back to bite him in his ass (see link below).



The white PG County Police Chief Henry P. Stawinski was also invited, the response I received from his office one day before the event, read as follows;

I apologize for the late response. Chief Stawinski is appreciative of the invitation for the Kids in Trouble, Inc. Breakfast Forum but due to prior commitments, he will not be able to attend. Please let us know if you should need anything in the future. Beverly

Beverly A. Coppock
Executive Administrative Aide
for Chief Henry P. Stawinski III
Prince George’s County Police Department
7600 Barlowe Road
Palmer Park, Maryland 20785 / 301 772-4740

No stand-in suggested

Invitation to white Commander Stuart Emerman of the 3rd District (Cardozo/Shaw).

From: “Stuart Emerman (MPD)”
To: hkbell82@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 12:45:15 PM

Thank you for the invitation Mr. Bell, but unfortunately I will be on vacation that week and unable to attend. Thank you and be safe.
Commander Stuart Emerman

Metropolitan Police Department
Patrol Services Bureau
Third District
1620 V Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
202-673-6820 (Desk)
202-486-0995 (Cell)

“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

My response, ‘Is there a second in command or community relations officer who could sit in your place? His follow-up response was;

“I will have to check the schedule to see which of my captains are on vacation, but normally on a Saturday we do not have a captain on the day work shift.”

Commander Stuart Emerman
Metropolitan Police Department
Patrol Services Bureau
Third District
1620 V Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
202-673-6820 (Desk)
202-486-0995 (Cell)

“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Never got a follow-up response’, but several days before the forum a white officer working under his command was caught on video in walking distant of Ben’s Chili Bowl physically abusing a young black woman and never charged her with a crime.

The officer in question was seen picking up the young woman by her shirt collar and body slamming her against his police cruiser with her feet dangling off the ground. He looked to be over 6 feet tall and weighing in the neighborhood of 250 pounds. The young woman in question was barely 5 feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds (see link below).


Is this the type of Police training being taught in the 3rd District by Commander Stuart Ermerman. Remember, this is a man, who quotes poet and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson with; “Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well”

I then invited white DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, I received a timely response from Lt. David Augustine stating;

Mr. Bell,

Thank you for this information. Unfortunately, Chief Lanier is unable to attend but she thinks this is an important dialogue to have. The Chief would like for Commander Taylor to attend on behalf of MPD. He serves as the Commanding Officer of the Sixth District and she thinks he would bring a lot to the table. I have included him on this email so the two of you may connect. The Chief thanks you for the invitation and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Commander Dave Taylor was an excellent choice for the forum and he did bring a lot to the table and hopefully, he took away a lot.

While we are playing “The Race Card” let me back-track and list the black officials who received an invitation who were no-shows with or without a response;

I extended invitation to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (I dropped the ball)

An invitation went out to black Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, we received email saying, there was a conflict in her schedule.

Dear Evelyn:

Thank you for inviting me to your Police Forum on
Saturday, August 20, 2016. I am pleased and honored by
your request, and would very much like to participate.
I regret that my schedule makes it impossible for me to
commit at this time due to a prior commitment. I
appreciate your kind invitation and hope that I will be able
to participate in the future.

Again, may I express my sincere regrets that my
schedule prevents my coming. Please also accept my very
best wishes for success.


Eleanor Holmes Norton

An Invitation went out to Ward 6 Councilman John Allen, but due to schedule conflict he was unable to attend, but his Constituent Service rep Ms. Naomi Mitchell sat in on the forum in his place and made a observation and contribution.

Invitation to black Montgomery County Executive Isacc Legett: Received a call from staffer saying there was a conflict in his schedule, but Human Resources staff member Luis Cardona would be in attendance.

Invitation to former member of Kids In Trouble Board of Directors, Federal Judge Alex Williams, Jr. No response

He was the sitting judge in the mysterious hanging of 19 year old Ronnie White in the Upper Marlboro jail in 2008 (still unsolved)

Invitation to First Baptist Church of Glen Arden, Pastor John Jenkins, No response

John Jenkins is one of the Game Players in the county who is killing black folks softly. He best can be described as a “Pimp in the Pulpit.” On several occasions I have sought his help in regards to me and my struggles and the community. In regards to me, he has reached out and back on occasion, but lives have been lost and are still being lost, because he puts power-based politics before life.

For example; this is the response I received from him after I had brought to his attention the problem of “Cowboy Cops in the county”.

From: hkbell82@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 1:09:44 AM

Hi Pastor Jenkins,

I need your support on this important project that will hopefully save some lives (including mine) in our cities around this country where black men and boys’ blood is flowing in our streets because of “A War on Black Men” by police departments across this country.

Two months ago I wrote a letter to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan relating to Cowboy Cops patrolling the streets here in PG County in cars of three harassing black men. After he failed to respond I wrote him an “Open Letter” that hopefully the world will see (see link below).

I asking you to forward the Open Letter on to family and friends here in PG and across the country asking them to call the Governor’s office at the two numbers found at the conclusion of the letter. They should ask him the question, why has there be no response to my letter of concern?
Pastor Jenkins, we no longer have to take to the streets to march, we can now do our marching with the new technology, internet, text, e-mail, etc. PG County is on the bubble of becoming a Ferguson, NY City, Phila, LA, Chicago, etc. We need to make the Governor aware that folks are watching him from all over America. This is a very dangerous stand I am taking, but our children’s blood is flowing in our streets, enough is enough! I am looking forward to your response. Thanks and God bless.


From: “John Jenkins”
To: hkbell82@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 7:40:24 AM

Bro. Bell,

I am aware and concerned about these incidents happening nationwide as well. I have approached the issue by dialoging closely and personally with the chief of the police department of Prince George’s County. I strongly believe that dialog and accountability is the best strategy to address this troubling challenge. I am also in close relationship with the county’s states attorney.

I agree with your assessment that we have new avenues to speak to injustice in our society. I am prayerful and hopeful that our efforts will address and change the injustices that our communities have been facing.
Pastor Jenkins

Note Worthy: I had previously tried to get him and others ministers who followed his lead to investigate the horrible conditions of nursing homes in the state, no response. My only living brother Earl a 14 year vet of the DC Police Department died in one August 1, 2014.

I e-mailed Pastor Jenkins’ response to 30 friends, family, church leaders, and community activist. Twenty-six responded and almost to a man and woman, agreed he was setting up his own Power-Base. They were not surprised by his response. The church is second behind him. His recent promo with TV 9’s Bruce Johnson was all about “Look at me” and many think that Johnson is on his payroll. Johnson was once known in the black community as “Dr. Death”, because when you saw him with a camera crew you knew someone was dead.

You would think a man of the cloth would take this suggestion and invite community activist and law-enforcement officers to First Baptist Church of Glen Arden for a pow-wow, but nine months later, nothing. Maybe he was having breakfast with the Chief and the State’s Attorney on Saturday out of sight.

Invitation to Prince Georges County Executive Rushern Baker, No response

Invitation to black Prince Georges County State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks: Response,

Dear Mr. Bell,
Due to multiple scheduling conflicts, State’s Attorney Alsobrooks is unavailable to participate in Kids In Trouble, Inc. Police Community Relations and Justice Forum on August 20th. It’s critically important that such dialogue occur in our communities and I applaud your efforts.
Although the State’s Attorney is unable to participate at this forum, please consider us for future engagements.

Ola M. Hill
Community Affairs Liaison
Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Office
14735 Main Street, Suite M3403
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
301-952-5370 (office)
301-952-5061 (fax)

Note Worthy: No stand-in suggested and if she has partnered with John Jenkins of First Baptist Church of Glen Arden and her mentor is former State’s Attorney Glen Ivy, black folks in Prince Georges County are in Big trouble. See my column in the Washington Post’s “Close To Home” section in 2007 relating to how incompetent Ivy was as the State’s Attorney.

The Department of Justice’s recent findings as it related police corruption and brutality in the Baltimore Police Department came as no surprise to those of us who have devoted our lives to working in the “War Zones” of the inner-city.

The Police Community and Relations forum was more than about Chili half smokes, hot dogs or Bill Cosby. It was about saving lives in our community. The Chili Bowl has been on the front-lines on the U Street/aka Black Broadway corridor for the past 58 years.

The forum was definitely a wake-up call for the law-enforcement officers and community activist in attendance. They came from all different directions as close as Maryland, DC, Virginia, and as far away as Philadelphia and California (Bernie Chavis and Ken Price respectively). Many of them hung around to talk “Shop” long after the forum was over. I was impressed.

I cannot believe it when I hear people say how surprised they are with the unrest in the black community.

The Kerner Commission was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968 to look into and discover why was race relations so bad in America?

The report’s findings; “We are headed in two different directions, two separate Americas, one black and one white—separate and unequal!”

We were forewarned. The benefactors from this unrest within will be our enemies, ISIS, China, Russian, etc.

As we watch this great country self-destruct, to understand why, we have to look no further then the CBS 60 Minute segment aired on Sunday August 21, 2016. The show was titled “Slave Ship.” Lonnie Bunch the Curator for the Nation Museum of Black History and Culture was the special guest.

It is estimated that over 12 million slaves were shipped from the port of Mozambique by the first slave owners, who where Portuguese followed by other slave owners the English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. The Portuguese did not have a GPS to lead them to the African Villages, it was other greedy Africans who led the white slave traders to those villages.

Does that sound Familiar?

In 2016 the new slave owners have names like the 1%, NRA, KKK/FOP, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX NEWS, ESPN, NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Republican and Democratic parties.

In 2016 their partners on the new Slave Ships are armed with GPS are as follows; Congressional Black Caucus, the Urban League, NAACP, the Black Church, NABJ and any other person of color who thinks they have made it in America–wake up everybody!

The most interesting part of the forum came when I tabled the questions; How can supporters of police departments who shoot and kill unarmed people of color say that 99% of police officers are good and hard working people and it is just the 1% that taints the department? No response. Or when I followed up with the early history of the department proving it was controlled by the KKK and the FOP is now the affiliate of the KKK.

The KKK established “The Thin Blue Line and Code of Silence” to protect white officers who brutalize people of color. The FOP never encouraged black membership, but we joined anyway to go along to get along.

When I followed-up with the question; How many people in this room can name a Fraternity Order of Police President in the history of the department whom has ever step forwarded in any platform and declared “That was a bad shooting!” The silence was deafening. You could have heard a mouse piss on cotton, the standing room audience went totally mute. Remember, the proof is always in the pudding!

“Never allow a man who has never been in your shoes to tell you how to walk”


When I read and see folks like Sheriff David Clark (Minnesota), the cop in Brooklyn and Peggy Hubbard taking a stand against the Black Lives Matter movement it saddens me. This is another case of black men and women who have no clue about their own history! Clark, Hubbard, the Brooklyn cop and others like them claim “Black Lives Don’t Matter”. I can only pray for them.

These are the kind of black folks that Russ Limbaugh, CNN, Fox News and the GOP prey on to spread the ignorance to our children who have no clue as it relates to Black History. And these idiots become their teachers in this important Game Called Life.

There is no one to tell them that their ancestors were Kings and Queens and not hoodlums and thugs like the ones that they see us portrayed as on the internet, in the nation’s newspapers and on national television.

I have been on both sides of the fence. 2015 marked 50 years I have been working in the war zones of DC, Maryland and Virginia with youth gangs and at-risk children (Kids In Trouble, Inc.). My two brothers were cops (U. S. Marshall and DC). My mentor was DC Superior Court Judge, Luke Moore. He was the first modern day U. S. Marshall in-charge appointed by the President of the United States of America. My dear and close friend Andrew Johnson was a top DC Homicide detective in the 60s and retired as supervisor with the DEA (we were teammates in high school and in the community). Former Detroit FBI Director Wayne Davis and I worked together in the streets of DC during the 1968 riots. This brother knew Black Lives Mattered before today’s organization, he tried to save DC Mayor Marion Barry, if he had listened “The Bitch would have never set him up”!

I have seen the GOOD, BAD and UGLY up close and personal. During the riots I worked side by side with DC cops and military personnel with only a DC police badge and God to protect me.

Deputy Chief Timon O’Byrant was only one of two black administrators in the DCPD in the 60s. He swore me in roll-call in what is now known as the 3rd District HQ. He thought that since I was a high profile personality in the community I might be able to save some child’s life. I was not a happy camper with a police badge, but could not say “No”. I knew he cared about the community and he had proved to me “That Black Lives Matter”.

My two brothers were good cops, but the cowards and bullies they worked with did not want “Good Cops” in their work place. They had to face the “Them against us mentality”. My brothers had to fight for their careers because of ‘The Thin Blue Line and the Code of Silence’. There were also a bunch of cowards from DC in the line of command who lacked balls to take a stand and went along to get along.

The CODE and LINE was established by members of the KKK who infiltrated the departments in the early years to protect and cover up the brutality committed by white policemen against black people across America.

The FOP is the modern day affiliate of the KKK. My question to all black men and women who oppose Black Lives Matter, when was the last time you heard a President of any FOP chapter admit in the murder of a black man and say ‘That was a bad shooting’? Never in the history of the department!
I am a native Washingtonian (4th Generation) now living in adjoining Prince Georges County, Maryland for the past 40 years. When it comes to police brutality PG County is one the most brutal police departments in the country ranking closely with LA and NY City. They were under FBI watch for decades.
I have yet to see a member of the PG County Police Department pull over and give a white person a ticket. The proof is in the pudding, on any given morning you can attend the Upper Marlboro Courthouse and take a seat in traffic court and there you will find 10 black faces to every one white face. I have yet to encounter a cop in DC or PG County make a group of whites sit on the ground in handcuffs and I am not one just sitting around watching the news.

A law-enforcement Alert; you were not DRAFTED into this job—you volunteered–the exact same message I passed on to my late brothers. I lost my younger brother Earl two years ago as a result of The Thin Blue Line and Code of Silence.
I will bet you a dollar to a donut that 90% of today’s active cops have no clue to who Patrick Murphy was or Frank Serpico (I worked with Mr. Murphy in DC). Evidently, Sheriff Clark, Ms. Hubbard and the Brooklyn cop are not aware in 1968 the Kerner Report was established by President Lyndon Johnson to investigate unrest in America among blacks and whites—their findings, “We are headed for two Americas, one black and one white, separate and unequal”! This was almost 50 years ago we were given “A heads-up”.

My brothers and sisters who don’t think Black Lives Matter, you need to do your HOME WORK, because it is best to be thought a fool then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt! Furthermore, members of our police departments are ranked No. 1 when it comes to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN AMERICA! Silence is sometimes golden–Wake Up Everybody.