image (22)
Riddick Bowe former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world is now broke and homeless. Rock Newman lives a lie in black and white on color television. He rides around DC in a white Rolls Royce with a white poodle on the front seat. Negroes and colored people flock to his TV show like he is a spokesman for the black community. We are still looking for love in all the wrong places!

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam recently caused a funk in the DMV (DISTRICT, MARYLAND, and VIRGINIA) and beyond after a 1984 college yearbook photo with him appearing in a KKK robe or in blackface! My question is what do you say and do when a television personality is caught in blackface pretending to be white his entire adult life?

In June 2005 there was a press conference held at the ESPN Zone in Washington, D. C to talk about the upcoming Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride heavyweight boxing match scheduled in Washington, DC. The undercard would feature the undefeated Laila Ali the daughter of The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.

I was seated down front when the event’s co-promoter Rock Newman walked into the room. The next thing he said, “Joining us today is one of DC’s greatest athletes and sports media personalities, Mr. Harold Bell.” To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I had to check the room to see if there was another Harold Bell seated somewhere! I made my way to the podium after the introduction of the fighters and thanked Rock for his kind words. During that conversation with him and the co-promoter in name only, Marty Wynn, I suggested to Rock and Marty the idea of taking the fighters out into the community with a message “Spread the love and stop the violence.” He then told Marty to give me “All Access” to the fighters. Marty then suggested that “We will get some tickets for Harold’s kids.” As I exited the ESPN Zone I encountered my former Winston-Salem State University roommate and football teammate, D. C. Boxing Commissioner, Dr. Arnold McKnight.

I told him to expect a call from Rock Newman describing how he disarmed and handled me at the press conference. Right on cue, Rock called him the very next morning saying, “Have you ever seen Harold Bell so meek, did I handle him or what?” Dr. McKnight called me immediately and said, “Your boy just called as you had predicted.”

People like Rock Newman are so predictable, once they get two dollars more than someone else, suddenly they become smarter. This is the same Rock Newman who flunked out of Howard University. Dr. Arnold McKnight aka DC Boxing Commissioner was Rock’s former baseball coach at Howard University. Dr. McKnight had to approach the teacher responsible for his flunking out to change his F grade to a C. He wined and dined her and took her to his bed. It makes you wonder how much did Rock pay for his degree?

One evening after baseball practice Dr. McKnight was walking through the locker room and discovered a wallet lying on the floor. He picked it up and looked in it to identify the owner and discovered two driving licenses belonging to Rock Newman. The Prince Georges County license ID was for a white man and the DC license ID was for a black man. Dr. McKnight called and asked me to meet him at Face’s Restaurant on Georgia Avenue and it was there he showed me the two licenses.

image (23)
Rock is seen in the photo above in a bright colored dashki trying to look and pretend to be as black as possible.

I was associated with Don King for over thirty years and I know you can’t believe everything you hear that comes out of a boxing promoter’s mouth, especially a Don King “Wannabe,” like Newman. Don King and the State of the Black Athlete.

In one of Mike Tyson’s title defenses in Las Vegas I was walking through the hotel lobby and I see Don King holding court with several reporters and I headed in the other direction when he yelled across the lobby “Harold Bell just the man I want to see.” I walk over and he says, “You know your homeboy is out here passing for white.” My response, “Who are you talking about?” He laughs and says, ‘Rock Newman.’ That was nothing new to me I always knew he was trying to live in two different worlds, one black and one white. In his home state of Prince Georges County (Charles County) he passed for white and wore his black face when he was in DC.

Riddick Bowe could have been one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all-time but he was destine for failure. The cheerleaders he surrounded himself with for example; Rock Newman (manager), Mayor for life Marion Barry (The Bitch Set Me Up), Cora Masters Barry (convicted felon and theft), Dick Gregory (diet guru), Cathy Hughes (scam artist), Pastor Willie Wilson (pimp in the pulpit),and Kelley Swanson was the head of the class. The only decent human beings in his camp were the legendary trainer Eddie Futch and Dr. McKnight.

Shameless Kelly Swanson (the head of the class) and Rock Newman in black and white.

Bowe has told friends and foe Rock Newman is responsible for the millions of dollars missing out of his bank account! When Newman appointed Cora Masters Barry to head up Bowe’s non-profit organization it was like putting the fox in charge of the Hen House. It was here the monies donated by Bowe were split between Rock and Cora. The monies never made it to the non-profit organizations Bowe earmarked it for. Right about now Riddick Bowe is dead broke and there is a good possibility he is somewhere homeless. Have you ever wondered why Riddick Bowe the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world has never appeared on the Rock Newman Show?

In 2005 at the MCI Center in Washington, DC Mike Tyson fought his last professional fight by going out backwards–he lost. Kevin McBride was a loser in ever sense of the world but on that June night Tyson refused to answer the bell for the 7th round ending a stella and remarkable boxing career. On that same night would be my last time I spoke with my dear friend Muhammad Ali. He was in town to watch his daughter Laila Ali fight on the undercard which really turned out to be the main event.

The co-promoter for the fight was a young brother by the name of Marty Wynn who had no clue and had to call in Rock Newman who had just sabortaged the career of Riddick Bowe. I tried to warn Marty to watch his back and his bottom-line, but all he could see was bright lights, big city and and opportunity to make a name for himself in the world of boxing. When the dust had settle he and Rock Newman were calling each other names that came straight out of the gutter. It was all about the money and I have each and every email correspondence between the two of them to prove it. The emails were provided by Marty Wynn–too little too late.

See email below from Rock Newman to Marty Wynn where he admonished Marty for not being a “Real Black Man” and goes on to call him The Queen of Bitches and a faggot. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black!

Rock Newman Document
Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes (this is 1 of 12 emails).

image (25)
Cora Masters Barry was a former DC Boxing Commissioner. She was convicted of stealing thousands of dollars from the commission. She is standing next to boxing promoter Don King with several other “Usual Suspects” including me.

I remember following up on my conversation with Rock at the ESPN Zone. I wrote, “Rock I have watched promoters and fighters come and go in this town and go through the motions of giving something back. Once the fighting and ego- tripping are over the town and our children remained in the same sad state as when you first arrived.”

The Saturday June 11th fight at MCI Center was billed as “The Capitol Explosion” the explosion. We all should be worrying about the explosion of senseless drive by shootings and unsolved black on black murders in our streets. The murders have reached epidemic proportions. The claim and cry by politicians, athletes and ministers of making “Children First” has become a running joke in my city.

For example, a group of young men who were trying to do “The right thing” by going to school and excelling academically are being pushed aside and to the “Back of the bus.” They are singing sensations, all brothers known as Nu Era . Their ages range from thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen. They all attend Dunbar High School in D. C. I met the young men and their father Mr. Osaris Marsh in February of 2005. They performed at a Black History event honoring my wife Hattie and me.

I was impressed with their outstanding attributes and their sense of “Family first.” When the Mike Tyson fight was announced I went to my former college teammate and roommate, Dr. McKnight. I suggested that the young men DC natives Nu Era sing the National Anthem for the fight. Shortly after listening to their CD and watching them on DVD Dr. McKnight agreed this was “The Right Thing” to do. He immediately called Promoter Marty Wynn. In that telephone conversation with Mr. Marsh and me listening via speakerphone Dr. McKnight made it clear in no uncertain terms he wanted Nu Era to perform the National Anthem. Marty Wynn’s response, “Doc, Rock and I owe you that much for helping us put this fight together, done deal.”

Enter two weeks later, singing and recording artist Gerald Lavert, suddenly he becomes the frontrunner to sing the National Anthem, what ever happen to Nu Era and making “Children First?” On the eve of the fight I met the late Gerald Lavert traveling with some DC homeboys and I stopped him and introduced myself. I explained the problem and he agreed that was not the right thing to do. He said, “I Got it!” He refused to sing the National Anthem. Gerald was a young man with integrity and he will be dearly missed.

My question to Rock Newman, “How can you call yourself a role model and sell out our children?” Dr. McKnight confessed to me that Rock had sabortaged the young men’s appearance. Newman’s kind of “Plantation Mentality” is a cancer in this city. Our children’s second class citizenship must end. Rock Newman is definitely not the sign of progress or a sign that we have any chance to “OVERCOME!” Movie producer Spike Lee has been nominated again for his latest movie “Black Klans Man” hopefully he will win his first Oscar for “Best Director.”

His sequel could be how a black man appears in black face pretending to be white and give Rock Newman the undercover role. Spike won’t need to hire another actor because Rock could play both roles! Dam, I had forgotten black comedian Godfrey Cambridge played in a similar role in 1970. The plot, a white insurance sales man, Jeff Gerber gets the surprise of his life when he wakes up and discovers that his skin now resembles a black man’s. Let the fun began. Being black in America has not been funny!

image (24)
Armstrong Williams is another who speaks with fork tongue when it comes to our children.


Super Bowl XIII Black Santa Claus and his merry men

CBS/NFL studio host James Brown was on the front page of the sports section in the Washington Post on Tuesday he was advertised as the Black Santa? I found the title totally disrespectful. I found nothing in the story mentioning anything about Christmas! He is on the verge of hosting his 9th Super Bowl which is a hell of an accomplishment for a local boy that made good in sports media.

The story made me look back and say “Why not me?” I went back to my archives to do some research and quickly discovered why it was not me. I didn’t play the game.

In 1974 the Washington Star Sports columnist the late J. D. Beathea wrote a column titled, “Harold Bell.” In the first paragraph he writes, ‘Harold Bell is the only black guy living in America who grew up in a ghetto in real poverty, but still never learned to ‘Play the Game’, that great American past time. Everyone plays the game to some degree that is what success is all about. Playing the Game, being alternately malleable assertive with the right people at the right time, Bell never learned. If he had, given his drive and single mindfulness, he would have been dangerous.”

J. D. got it right to some extent, I knew how to play the game but I refuse to play it because if it was not going to help my people I was not playing. Too many of my ancestors died trying to make me a free black man in America. They were hung by their necks, homes set on fire, their children were sold to racist white slave owners and their wives were raped and killed just for the fun of it. I have never been into success at any cost for example, by way of stepping on others to get to the next level, lying and cheating, using alcohol and drugs to go along to get along, despite me beating those odds I am still flawed!

In 2019 We are surrounded by that same plantation mentality. It will be on display at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Sunday with James Brown in the broadcast booth pretending he is down with the struggle of the black community.

He is “The Chosen One” don’t expect him to write a commentary asking the question, why are there no black American NFL owners and only 2 black coaches, and why are the players being treated like slaves by the owners?

January 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the NY Jets beating the Baltimore Colts in the biggest upset ever in professional football. Why is there is no mention of why the great DB and co-captain Johnny Sample with his outstanding play in that game is a good case that he should have been named the MVP. And why despite his one of a kind NFL contributions why is he not in the NFL Hall of Fame? His pro football resume matches that of his teammate and co-captain Joe Namath or any other DB in the hall. Johnny Sample, Roy Jefferson, Jim Brown, Sonny Hill, Willie Wood and JB Brown (NFL Roundtable)

James Brown is well aware of Johnny’s pro football history. I know for a fact he is a personal and old friend of Johnny’s daughter, Evelyn. In 1995 when Mike Tyson was defending his title against Buster Mathis in Philadelphia I found her visiting him in his hotel room. There was nothing suspicious or alarming about her visit he was expecting me. I know for a fact she is leading a campaign to get her father inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame but she has hit a brick wall—where is James Brown and the Philly connection, Sonny Hill (basketball legend and talk show host) and Stephen A. Smith (ESPN) they should be leading the charge.

Smith comes out of the same bag as James and Michael Wilbon, if they are moving their lips they are lying. When our college Coach Clarence Bighouse Gaines of Winston-Salem State was having a difficult time winning games at the end of his career Stephen A. Smith called for the Chancellor to fire him. He has the nerve to be on the Winston-Salem State website talking about how much he loved Bighouse!

I remember leading a similar campaign to get native Washingtonian and Green Bay Packer great Willie Wood inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame. It was the late 80s after he was blackballed. I didn’t have a CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, CNN, ESPN, TNT, HBO platform to promo and market him. I had Inside Sports and W-U-S-T Radio and the legendary sports columnist of the Washington Times, the late Dick Heller to help me pull it off. Willie was inducted in 1989. No thanks to James Brown or Mike Wilbon (ESPN). Neither one ever invited him on their show or wrote a column supporting him.


In 2007 I co-hosted a salute and tribute to assist Willie in paying his nursing home bills. His lawyer and former college teammate Bob Schmitz was my co-host. The tribute was held at a restaurant on the Waterfront in Georgetown. Willie’s Green Bay Packer teammates and former players were out in force led by (QB) Bart Starr, (RB) Paul Hornung, (WR) Boyd Dowler, (DE) Willie Davis, Baltimore Colt (TE) John Mackey, Redskin’s Charley Taylor (WR) and (LB) Sam Huff and Cleveland Brown (RB) Jim Brown. It was a great evening for Willie. James Brown was not in attendance but he did visit Willie in the nursing home and said he wrote a check.

The great legendary NFL LB Sam Huff pays tribute to the great Willie Wood. Sam and Willie are both suffering from dementia since this photo.

NFL Hall of Fame RB Paul Hornung says hello to his friend and teammate

The monies allegely raised ($57,000) came up missing thanks to Bob Schmitz. He assigned his family to collect the donations that came through the door. I asked Jim Brown to contact Schmitz about the missing money on a conference call with Willie’s sister, Gladys. Three days passed and I had no update of the status on the call or missing monies. First, I called Gladys and was told to my surprise that Jim had asked her to hang up the telephone and he would handle it! I immediately called Jim for an explanation, I asked, “what was going on and why did you ask Willie’s sister to hang up the phone?” His response, what the F was I doing questioning him and ya-da ya-da ya-da. It finally dawned on me that he had cut a deal with Bob Schmitz, that was as low as you could go. In all probability there was a deal–10 years later that money has disappeared without a trace. I asked James Brown and Mike Wilbon to look into the missing dollars but they looked the other way.
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sometimes they are one of the same.” Willie’s friend Bob Schmitz!

In a twist last year I spotted Jim Brown on the James Brown television talk show, why would I find this strange? I remember a sports media forum being held on the campus of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC)in the late 70s. I was not invited to participate for whatever reason but I decided to be a part of the audience and to tape the program for my radio show. I sat right down front while members of the forum were introduced. There was Martin Wyatt (WRC-TV 4), Glenn Harris (WHUR Radio), George Solomon (Washington Post), Greg Mosso (WHUR Radio), James Brown (WTEM Radio) and several others whose names escape me.

The kicker was when James stepped to the microphone to introduce himself. He made it clear he was not the James Brown the singer who led cops on a high speed chase in Georgia and was jailed for drugs and “I am not the Jim Brown (the NFL poster boy for domestic violence) who throws his girl friends over balconies.” Everybody broke out laughing on the panel, but I didn’t think it was funny.

After the program was over I pulled James to the side and tried to explain to him you don’t belittle other black men for the sake of a laugh. I mailed the tape to Jim Brown and he called me later wondering what he had ever done to James Brown–the bottom-line birds of a feather flock together!

On Sunday February 17th the brothers will be running, jumping up and down, and giving high 5s to each other at the NBA All-Star Game down the road in Charlotte, NC. This will be a similar plantation, 32 teams, one black owner and 3 black coaches and 75% of the labor force is black? Here you will find another Washingtonian pretending he is also down with the struggle in the black community, Dave Aldridge. He will be representing another plantation and Fake News organization a subscription blog called “The Athletic.” It is beyond me why someone would pay $5 for information you can Google 24 hours a day without charge!

James and Dave have never really been down with the struggle so they are happy in their skins they come from similar backgrounds. James grew up in NE DC and was a decent playground basketball player on his neighborhood playground. There was little or no contact in the inner-city as it relates to places like Barry Farms, Langston Terrace, Simple City, Potomac Gardens, Parkside projects and Kelley Miller, Watts, Rosedale, Parkview, and Banneker playgrounds. When it came to inner-City orientation there was none except when his schools made visits to the downtown NW DC museums and monuments traveling via Georgia Avenue and the 14th Street NW corridor that was as close as they got to the inner-city.

I remember it was in Philadelphia December 1995 Mike Tyson was defending his title against Buster Mathis. The fight was billed as “A Presumption of Innocence” in reference to his alleged rape of Desiree Washington a beauty contestant in the Miss American pageant, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I question Don in the hotel lobby as why he chose James to be on the DK Productions Boxing Broadcasting team over me. His response, “Harold baby, I can control James but I cannot control you my brother!” Well at least he was honest!

I found a link from an interview with Geraldo Rivera the interview centered around Don King. A friend viewed the video and asked me how could I go on national television and support Don King when I undestood his mode of operation? As J. D. Beathea mention at the top of this blog relating to “Playing the Game.” I was trying to play the game with this brother because I was in Cleveland when Muhammad Ali gave him his big break. It was Don King who said to me, “Stick close to me baby we are going places”, but he forgot after he arrived that I was suppose to go with him. I gambled and lost and I moved on! Against All Odds: Geraldo, Bert Sugar and Jack Newfield.

James Brown’s Ladder to Success:
*Xerox (9-5)
*Inside Sports Celebrity Fashion Show
*Jim Vance convince NBC brass to audition me for weekend sportscaster slot (I failed)
*James Brown hears thru the grapevine and follows me (fails)
*He goes behind the back Bullets color analyst Chuck Taylor and convince Wes Unseld to put in a good word to owner Abe Pollin to replace Chuck
*WTEM radio
*Don King Boxing
*HBO Real Sports
*Fox/NFL studio host
*CBS/NFL studio host
*Met with Sam Jones, Butch McAdams, Gil Hoffman, Christy Winter Scott, Andrew Dyer. I asked him to co-host Earl Lloyd Day and tribute during NBA All-Star Weekend 2000 in DC. Campaign to get Earl inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. He agrees and later asked me if I had checked with owner Abe Pollin. My response was, “No Abe Pollin was not my father, I checked with Red Auerbach!” James was a no show. Earl Lloyd Day and tribute was a success. Earl was inducted into NBA Hall of Fame in 2003.

*He claims Petey Greene as his mentor until I called him out.

“Harold has always been a voice for people who didn’t have a voice. He has
always called it as he saw it. He has been an inspiration and motivation
for me and a lot of other black broadcasters.” James Brown (NFL/CBS Sports)
Sam Jones (NBA), James Brown (CBS), HBell and Earl Lloyd (NBA)

*Claims he is a minority owner of the MLB Nationals until I called him out. He admits on George Michael’s Sports Machine “I am not a part of the decision making for the Washington Nationals!”

In this interview Don King talks about racism and Free Labor as being the biggest business in America and how it is all about control. /

If James Brown thinks that story in the Tuesday edition of the Washington Post was a compliment to him calling him a “Black Santa” he has a bigger problem than I first thought, evidently he does not like himself. I coordinated and hosted 45 straight years of Kids In Trouble Christmas toy parties for needy children and I don’t remember him playing Santa Claus or even donating a toy–Black Santa?



image (18)
Jack Johnson begs Tommy Burns to get up!

Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston, 1965 World Heavyweight Title

Muhammad Ali in action after first round knockout of Sonny Liston at St. Dominic’s Arena, Lewiston, ME May 25, 1965.

In a striking photo Muhammad Ali yells to Liston to get up!

In February Charlotte, NC the banking capitol of the world and “The Front Runner” in REDLINING in Black America will host the NBA All-Star Game and the CIAA Basketball Tournament. Several miles down the road in Atlanta, Georgia (home of Black Hollywood) the NFL will host the 53rd Super Bowl. The common denominator–the black athlete aka “The 40 Million Dollar Slave” will entertain the 1% and other black wannabes who think they have arrived in America!

This Black History Month blog will take a look at the emergence and downfall of the Black Athlete in America. Joe Gans of Baltimore, Maryland was the first black champion. He won the world Lightweight title in 1902. In December 1908 Jack Johnson knocked Tommy Burns out to become the first black Heavyweight Champion of the World. In February 1964 Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston refuse to answer the bell and Muhammad Ali became the Heavyweight Champion of the World and the tiled propelled him into “The Greatest.” A man named Sugar Ray Robinson is still called “The Greatest” pound for pound fighter in the history of boxing. He fought in the lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. In 2002 Ring Magazine ranked him number one on the list of the 80 best fighters in the last 80 years.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday was January 15th and Muhammad Ali’s Birthday was January 17th and February has been designated as Black History Month. The No. 1 theme song in Black America in 2019 is still “We Shall Overcome” sixty years after the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King. There is overwhelming evidence and proof we have not overcome–not even close!

If you think we have overcome evidently you didn’t read the USNEWS REPORT in April 2018, it read, “Before signing the Fair Housing Act into law in 1968, President Lyndon Baines Johnson called it among the proudest moments of his presidency. Because he thought Negro families will no longer have to suffer the humiliation of being turned away because of their race and then the reality set in: Uneven enforcement, deep seated culture bias, and the bill’s own flaws allowed bigoted mortage bankers (Charlotte, NC) and unscrupulous landlords to preserve and profit from the status quo. Now a half century after the Fair Housing Act became a civil-rights landmark, multiple studies show housing in America is as nearly as segregated as it was was when LBJ enacted the law designed to eliminate it. Studies show Black Americans still lags behind whites in homeownership, and equal pay. A black man in America in 2019 makes half the salary of a white man. Home ownership and equal pay are the key assets in building middle-class wealth.

Black wannabes are still living in a fantasy world. For example, blacks in Prince Georges County, Maryland have proudly called themselves “The Richest Black County in America” while having the highest foreclosure rate and its police department ranking in the top five as one of the most brutal and racist in America. The 2014 issue of Politico Magazine describes Prince Georges County as “The Ferguson Next Door!” The County shares DC’s eastern and southern boulders. The magazine considers the county a ticking time bomb because of its history relating to racism.

When you finish reading this blog please explain to me what does the black athlete and blacks in media have to celebrate as it relates to these great men?

These men spent their lives standing up for something and not falling for just anything. These black athletes and blacks in media should hang their heads and confess they have dropped the ball and should walk backwards to pick up their checks on pay day.

Last year a CNN media personality wrote a blog titled “What MLK Might Say To Donald Trump? My question and response would be “What MLK Might Say To Black America, especially, the black athlete?” See link below for ‘The Chosen One’ LeBron James as he puts his foot in his mouth and then has to apologize:
He is one of the 40 Million Dollar Slaves who does not have a clue.

I would also like to introduce you to Dale Hansen a white television sports reporter as he explains “White Priviledge” in America. Maybe this will explain to some ‘Why we cannot get over it!’  

The late great boxing Historian Bert Sugar explains “White Collar Crime!”

This link will tell you what to say when you son says, “I want to play in the NFL / /

This link will introduce you to The Real Lebron James “The Chosen One” as he tries to explain racism in the NFL compared to racism in the NBA and how Jewish money runs America. The next thing he says out his mouth, “I am the G. O. A. T. Someone once said, “Its best to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt–meet LeBron James. He had to eat his words and apologize to those ‘Old NFL white men’ and the Jewish community. NBA Players are still laughing at him for saying out loud he thought he was ‘The G. O. A. T.’

This link will show how “White Priviledge and White Crime” works in White America. The Washington Post and its owners Katerine and her son Donald Graham kidnapped my show tag “Inside Sports” in 1978 and had the nerve to write about the theft in a blog. Would you believe after the fact Donald writes me a check for a donation to Kids In Trouble and ask for anonimity! Don Graham 10002
Its okay to take and steal in White America and than write bankruptcy laws, and rely on White Priviledge and White Collar Crime to bypass their wrong doing.

I remember riding down Connecticut Avenue in NW DC one afternoon when a brother in a UPS truck ask me to pull over. He pulled in behind me and introduced himself as a fan of my Inside Sports talk show. He told me his wife worked for Pro Serve and sports agents Donald Dell and David Falk. The agents according to his wife were mis-handling Adrian Dantley’s money using it to invest in projects that Adrian knew absolutely nothing about. He asked only that I leave his wife’s name out of it. I immediately contacted Adrian’s mother Virginia. I discovered he was out of the country with his new bride. Virginia refuse to believe that Falk was investing Adrian’s money without his knowledge. Her reason, Falk had just named Adrian the Godfather of his daughter.

Long story short, his new wife Dimitri an attorney demanded an audit. The audit clearly showed that Falk had mis-managed close to 2 million dollars of Adrian’s money. A 15 million dollar lawsuit followed and an out of court settlement was made with the stipulation that Adrian could not discuss the settlement with anyone. This is another loop-hole of “White Collar Crime.” The crook is allowed to steal for another day.

Adrian after his playing career was over became an assistant coach for the Denver Nuggets. In a game between the Wizards and Nuggets at the Verizon Center I encountered him in the Nuggett’s lockeroom and I asked, “why was Falk still hanging out in NBA lockerrooms after his court case against him?” He said, ‘It was not all on David, his partner Donald Dell was just as guilty!’ Adrian has never been the sharpest knife in the draw, but his response still surprised me. I am still waiting for him to say, “Thank you” for alerting him that Pro Serve and David Falk was carrying him to the bank–the wrong bank. Falk also represented Michael Jordan, John Lucas, John Thompson, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Morning and a host of other black Million Dollar Slaves. I bet you he carried each and everyone of them to the bank with the exception of Big John Thompson, he went to the same bank with Falk, he was ‘The Bag Man.’

Media’s War on Black men continues / see attachment Inside Sports & The Sunday Long Read)

NFL / no black owners / 32 teams / 2 black head coaches / 70% players are black / Rooney Rule is a joke.

NBA / one black owner / 30 teams / 3 black head coaches / 75% players are black

Red Auerbach
Red Auerbach kicked the door open for Earl Lloyd and Michael Jordan

Earl Lloyd ‘The First to Play’

“To Catch a Theft” two years ago I uncovered a scam being run on several NBA players relating to pioneer Earl Lloyd and the Documentary/Movie “The First to Play,” NBA players Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio), Carmelo Anthony (NY Knicks), Chris Paul (LA Clippers) and several other players were scammed out of X amount of dollars. I contacted Coach Greg Popovich and Commissioner Adam Silver as it related to the scam. The NBA quietly shut down the documentary/movie. I have to give credit to TNT’s Dave Aldridge for contacting the scammer and having him make good on several bounced checks to a researcher in Alexandria, Virginia. The Commmissioner followed up with a note thanking me for my concerns.

image (17)

MLB / no black owners / 30 teams / two black Managers / Black American baseball players are less then 9% of the league’s players in 2019.  Jackie Robinson must be turning over in his grave!

image (12)

NHL / no black owners / 31 teams / no head coaches / you can count the black players on one hand without the thumb. The Commissioner Gary Bettman was the NBA league legal counsel IN 1978. I was in a meeting representing Nike with him and former player and VP of player personel, Rod Thorn. Nike NBA Promotions and Marketing Director, John Phillips had invited me to attend. The reason for the meeting, we were there to find out why the leaugue was restricting the players their freedom from playing in summer community organized charity games. The meeting got rather heated when Bettman yelled out, “You cannot do that because we own the players,” that plantation mentality has propelled him into the Commissioner of the NHL.

In 2019 a black man in America makes half the salary of a white man! 

In 2019 the No. 1 theme song in Black America is still “We Shall Overcome??”
A true "Trail Blazer" Paul Roberson

I often wonder how is it that a brother like me out of a DC NE housing project and the product of a single parent home can make a difference in hundreds of young people's lives against all odds. I tell you how, my mother and grandmother were my inspiration and heroes–not black athletes. They help raise 4 knuckle head boys despite my mother spending 30 years in and out of a mental hospital. I have been invited to the White House by the President (Richard Nixon) and I have sat on the Mountain Top with The Greatest (Muhammad Ali), I changed the way we talk sports in America and didn't let it change me. I campaigned successfully to get two pro athletes inducted into their hall of fames without a CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, CNN, ESPN, TNT or HBO platform–I did it my way withouy lying, cheating and stepping on others to get ahead.

As we take a look at the status of the black athlete he is still on the bench and on his knees for all the wrong reasons as it relates to the Civil Rights movement. In the meantime, I want to remember my friend boxing historian, Bert Sugar. He is one of the reasons why I continue to say, "Every back face I see is not my brother and every white face I see is not my enemy."/

You can purchase my new book Volume 2 "My Walk Though American Sports History with Champs & Chumps"


Ali & Mayor0002
Mayor Walter Washington, the night Muhammad Ali made him the smartest man in DC

Mayor Washington and me pay tribute to my high school coach Dave Brown.

The Louisville International Airport to be renamed for The Greatest!
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the name change reflects the city’s pride in a local son who has “left a legacy of athleticism, of humanitarianism that has literally inspired billions of people.”

Who remembers the tribute to The Greatest by the Washington DC Chamber of Commerce and the first black Mayor of Washington, DC, Walter Washington? The tribute was held at the Sheraton-Park Hotel on Connecticut Ave. NW. I remember the tribute, but I don’t remember the date! Ali was named “The Athlete of the Century” by the DC Chamber of Commerce. Jimmy Denson was the President at the time. I remember him calling me one evening to tell me about the upcoming event and asked if I would pick Ali up at the airport for the dinner. I have no clue to why I was ‘The Chosen One.’ There were rumors that the champ had requested that I pick him up because he needed to talk with me on an urgent matter. I am still trying to figure out that ugent matter!

When I arrived at National Airport on the morning of the tribute I had no trouble finding him, he was surrouned by his fans at the baggage carousel. Passengers were ignoring their luggage as it went around and around. I spotted his future wife Varonica ‘the other woman’ at the time sitting nearby. I went over and introduced myself and she pleaded with me to get the champ so that they could get to hotel–she was exhausted. I had to stand up on a chair and yell for him to get his attention and he yelled back at me “Whoa your horses Harold Bell” and I did! He loved this kind of attention. An hour or so later he gathered himself and we headed for the hotel.

Our adventured was just beginning. He and Varonica got separate rooms and this allowed me to spend some quality time with him to reflect on the Game Called Life. We talked about a range of topics that included the politics of racism, children, and the need to respect our own people, especially our parents and black women. He reminded me, “Our struggles are nothing compared to what our parents went through.” He compared himself to the first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson. He said, ‘Now there was a man of courage.’

The night of the dinner is one I will never forget. There was standing room only in the hall when Mayor Washington got up to present the champ with this huge plaque honoring him as The Athlete of the Century. Ali stopped the Mayor before he could get started and said, ‘Mr. Mayor do you know Harold Bell?’ The Mayor hesitated and the champ hollered out ‘Harold Bell stand up.’ My wife Hattie muttered under her breath ‘What the hell is going on?’ I stood up and Mayor Washington started to look out into the the audience and the champ pointed me out—you could hear a mouse piss on cotton for real. Ali repeated the question, ‘Mr. Mayor do you know my friend Harold Bell?’ The Mayor responded ‘Yes, who does not know Harold Bell!’ Ali reminded the Mayor that I was his friend and if anything happen to me he would be looking him up. The next words were, ‘Do you understand Mr. Mayor?’ The Mayor’s response, ‘I surely do champ’ and Ali followed with, ‘You are not as dumb as you look.’ Those words brought house down! Only Muhammad Ali could get away with something like that even the Mayor had a good laugh. The next day I was the talk of the town. That was my priceless,unforgettable and my greatest moment with The Greatest. Thanks for the memories champ. RIP my friend you deserve it.
image (16)
Mayor Walter Washington hanging out in “The Hood.”


ray jr.
ray and ray jr.
The young child whose picture Sugar Ray Leonard worn on his socks in the 1976 Olympics was then a 37 year old independent young man in 2011. He says, “I am trying to be a better father to my children than my dad was to me.”

By Harold Bell Host & Executive Producer-Inside Sports

In the 1980s Sugar Ray Leonard, Jr., also known as “Little Ray” was the cute little kid appearing in soft drink commercials with his father. It is now 2011 and “Little Ray” is all grown up and speaking out as Ray Leonard, Jr.

In the meantime, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sr., shows up in his hometown of Washington, DC to promote his new book titled, “Sugar Ray Leonard: The Big Fight in and out of the Ring.” Sugar Ray Leonard kicked off the tour in New York City and then moved on to the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn. where all of his charm was on display.
Ray Sr. was first seen earlier in the studio giving dance lessons to one of the ESPN female reporters. During the interview with a different female reporter there was little or no conversation about the book. The interviewer touched briefly on the sexual abuse issue. The 10 minute interview was spend talking about his performance on “Dancing with the Stars” and if the eventual winner of the contest Pittsburg Steelers’ WR Hines Ward could beat him in a street fight! When he made it to DC the media cheerleaders were in rare form. The first stop was the nationally syndicated Tom (aka Fly Jock) Joyner Morning Radio Show.

When I listen to morning talk radio (rarely) I listen to The Tom Joyner Show.
I try not to ever miss the Huggy Bear segments of the show. Huggy can usually start my day with a smile. I have been honored on the show during Black History Month as a “Little Known Black History Fact” and there was a story written on my community exploits. There was talk in the black community that Tom and his crew take the black community as a joke and seldom discuss the issues that are important to them, everything is always a joke! The departure of Tavis Smiley caused many listeners to think of him as a selfish ego tripping personality that took him self too serious. That school of thought has since changed he is all that and more.

I made sure I e-mailed Tom my blog on Sugar Ray Leonard and the lies Ray has been living throughout his boxing career. He continues to live those same lies today in and out of the ring. This was the opportunity to prove whether Harold Bell was a liar or was Sugar Ray Leonard perpetrating a fraud! Tom starts the interview by asking “Ray why did you put in the book the part about the sexual molestation by one of your boxing trainers? I could have lived with just knowing of your success as a boxer!” The response was pure B. S. Ray claimed he didn’t fight the sexual advances off because one of the perpetrators was giving him money and the other held his Olympic future (penis) in his hands. His response proved he was involved in homosexual acts before the 1976 Olympics. Tom never pressed the issue of who the perpetrators were!
A good reporter or interviewer would have to know or should have known there were more than two trainers/ boxing coaches involved in Sugar Ray Leonard’searly career. Ray’s cop-out by not naming the perpetrators left his other coaches/trainers with question marks as it relates to their sexual preference!
There are those who were in the inner-circle who remember one of Ray’s trainer/coach Jank’s Morton picking him up late at night and they would go for long rides not to return until the wee hours of the morning? The two trainers/coaches Pappy Gault (House of Champions) and Jim Merritt (Hillcrest Boxing Club) are both dead.
Tom Joyner asked Ray to respond to Atlanta Pastor Eddie Long’s homosexual charade, he paused and said “No comment.” I thought he was going to apologize for asking the question. Tom sheepishly replied, ‘okay’ and moved on to the next non-enlightening question, ‘How is little Ray?’
Ray: “little Ray is 37 years old and has given me 4 grandchildren. He is a sharp and smart young man and doing real well.”
Tom: What about Juanita?
Ray: Tom this book has given me the opportunity to make amends and apologize to her because I was not a good husband or a good father (talking about an understatement he wasn’t even a good brother!)
Tom: What is happening with your boxing promotions?
Ray: It is on the back burner for the time being but I am going to get back into it and I am thinking about bringing you in!
Tom: I am ready lets do it, Ray Leonard’s new book it is in the stores!
Sad commentary, but that is par for black news in the black community.
It is either one or two things, you are either getting it a week late or when you get it LIVE it is filtered. Sounds all too familiar!
Next stop is Fox 5 Morning News and they open up the Ray Leonard segment with him dancing with the female reporter who just happens to be doing the interview.
Ray puts his foot in his mouth several times, once he claims he didn’t have a girlfriend until he was 20 years old but the fact remains that Little Ray was born when he was 17! What was Juanita lunch meat? It gets worst at W-U-S-A TV 9 where the interviewer is sports anchor Bret Haber who is so infatuated with Ray I thought he was going to lean over and kiss him. He is definitely no Warner Wolf or Glenn Brenner! The weatherman Topper Shutt was heard on set saying, “I wanted to ask Ray to sit in for me but I was scared he might be too good.”
The only thing missing from the set was anchorman Derrick McGenty wearing a short skirt and waving pom-poms.
Ray was last seen at a book store on Connecticut Ave NW it was here the Usual Suspects showed up to pay homage and kiss his ring. Boxing/trainer Janks Morton was the first in line followed by his two brothers, Kenny and Roger and long time friend Claude Boger. Missing in action were Team Leonard members, Dave Jacobs, Irving Millard and Julius “Juice” Gathling.
ray and harold
Inside Sports Co-host Ray is seen here on W-U-S-T Radio talking with several middle school students before the show as Janks looks on.
ray-hb-janks I am asking Ray why he fired trainer Dave Jacobs and I asked him to re-hire him and he did. Janks was not a happy camper.

On Wednesday June 8, 2011 Ray Leonard Jr. read my blog account of his mother Juanita and he allegedly pulling a gun on his father and this was his response:
“I have never pulled a gun on my father. I am a great father and husband to my wife and I have not followed the same path. Please do not slander my name by saying something that is far from the truth.

Ray Jr.
image (14)

My follow-up response / Wednesday June 8, 2011

Dear Ray Jr.,

Today your father is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and according to Mike Trainer he has earned over 100 million dollars but that does not count what Trainer took to the bank for himself without Ray’s knowledge. Ray is now a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame. My question to you and your father—where is the beef? Ray Jr., I am hoping that when you decide to write the book to clear your name, suggested title “Sugar Ray Leonard, Jr. I am not my father.” It is either that or change your name. Peace of mind is not for sale!
In closing, I thank you for wanting to set the record straight. I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors and may God continue to bless you and your family.

As Always,
Harold Bell

Ray Jr.’s Response / Wednesday June 8, 2011
Thanks My Brother,

I can not go back and change the transgressions of my father, but I can stop the cycle and not put this burden on my kids. My father is still a deeply troubled man, and the scars from what I went through as a kid, and still deal with as a grown man will stay with me forever. We all have a responsibility to be good people and produce better people. My entire family is a mess, and I moved way out to where I live to get away from it all. I was going in that same destructive path for some time, with the women, drinking, and since of entitlement, I woke up and decided to stop the cycle anyway possible.
I have been married for almost 9 years and have been with my wife for 13 years. I have 4 wonderful children, 2 girls and 2 boys. My oldest will be headed to UCLA or Stanford in a year and I couldn’t be happier. I am actually in the process of meeting with a writer to write my own book, because I am the only one not under contract to never be able to write anything negative about SRL. Even though I have enough things to say that would shock many people, I will not be airing my family’s dirty laundry in the book. I will speak the truth on the things that have already been said and hopefully give a road map to others that end up following in the path of their destructive parents. I am far from a perfect man, but I can look my self in the mirror and face my family everyday with no regrets. I appreciate your contribution to sports journalism and hope you continue to speak the truth on what you feel is right.

I have attached a picture of me and my family, which is the reason I strive to be a better man every day.

God bless.
Ray Leonard Jr.

I had heard years ago that Sugar Ray Leonard Sr. had made each family member sign agreements not to ever write anything negative about him with the threat of cutting off the dollars! I commend Ray Jr. for having the courage and strength to write this response to me. It proves that a good apple can fall far away from a bad tree!

sugar ray earl gustkey
This was a newspaper story that was planted in the L. A. Times by Mike Trainor and Janks Morton. It was penned by sports columnist Earl Guskey in 1989. The story claimed that Ray had fired me from among his ass-kissing entourage because I was unhappy that he would not make a donation to my non-profit organization Kids In Trouble, Inc. and he would not give me a job! This was BS, KIT was the same organization he benefited from when he was in trouble. Media fraud and cheerleaders like Guskey, Buzz Bissinger, Tony Kornheiser, James Brown, Mike Wilbon have all helped Ray perpetrate this fraud on his fans. Ray Jr. knows better.

Note Worthy:
There is an annual contest at Duke University for the most
appropriate definition of a contemporary term.
This year’s term was: “Political Correctness”
The winner wrote:
“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.” Sounds like the winner knew Sugar Ray Leonard, Sr.



Charlie Mayo No. 26 Winston-Salem State University

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas Day was a 5 minute ride or walk for me. I woke up on Christmas day at the age of 80 with my wife Hattie of 50 years lying by my side. December 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of our first Kids In Trouble toy party for needy children and it was my younger brother’s birthday.

My plans were to have dinner at my life time friend Clayton Robert’s home with him and his wife Gloria at 3 pm. They live only a 5 minute drive from where we now lived in Suitland, Md. My Plan for the day, No. 1 was to visit my long time friend Roland ‘Tiny’ Grimes in a nursing home on Nannie Helen Bouroughs’ NE DC a 5 minute drive from where the Mayos once lived. The Grimes, the Roberts and Bells all grew up in this old NE neighborhood and it was a 5 minute walk from our Burville Elementary school where we all attended. Next stop my cousin Margie Billingsley home, she lives in Upper Marlboro, but grew up in NE Eastland Gardens and a 5 minute drive from the nursing home.

Margie has been bed-ridden for well over a decade, but she has been an inspiration to me, a complaint is never heard still I had not visited her home as much as I would have liked. Next stop, I would travel 5 minutes from her house to Veteran’s Cemetery to lay a birthday wreath on my brother’s grave, Sgt. Earl K. Bell (aka Bull) and then we would head on over to Clayton and Gloria’s for the 3 pm dinner (arriving on CP time around 4 pm), but as many of you know today’s best laid plans can change at the blink of an eye and it has nothing to do with how old you are. We still must remember that Christmas day is God’s Day. I received a wake-up call the week before Christmas, that my first cousin Margie’s 77 year old caretaker was discovered dead in her home which they shared.

So instead of going to visit Margie in Upper Marlboro she would be having dinner at her sister Charlita’s home in Eastland Gardens—God had already mapped out my Christmas Day without my permission—which proved I was not in charge! It would turn out to be a blessing in disguise, My 99 year old cousin Elaine from Columbia, Md. was in the house in Eastland Gardens. I had been promising to visit her for the past 10 years. Her first words to me were, “I bet you don’t know who I am” she won the bet! After several hugs and picture taking I started my next journey with a 5 minute ride to the nursing home on Nannie Helen Bourough’s Avenue to see Roland Grimes.

I was standing in the hallway waiting to visit Grimes while an attendant was changing his bed. I received a call from my old friend Doc Burke telling me that Charlie had made his transition on Christmas morning. I shared the bad news with Grimes and we finally made our way to Clayton and Gloria’s home around 6 pm (CPT). There was a Merry Christmas and welcome by his ex-wife Dolly (Parkside), Clayton and Gloria greeted us with open arms and a Merry Christmas shoutout.

We then sat down to eat and 5 minutes later I eased down the steps to watch NBA basketball. The next thing I knew 5 minutes later one of Clayton’s grandchildren’ came down to tell me my wife wanted to see me upstairs immediately (NBA OT). I was not a happy camper.

I went upstairs to see her holding this beautiful 4 month old little baby boy in her arms and he would not stop smiling which we found amazing. The father stood up and said “If you like him I have another one I want you to meet”. He went to the back bedroom and 5 minutes later he came back with an identical twin boy and he would not stop smiling either.

My brother Earl was born on Christmas Day, Charlie died on Christmas Day and we were in the company of the old and young in our family circle on Christmas Day. My 99 year old cousin Elaine and 4 month old twin boys, Clayton IIII and Cory. The Mayos, the Roberts, the Grimes, the Billingsleys and the Bells are all connected. All the glory goes to God for not allowing us not to forget who we were and where we came from.

Top photo: the twins Clayton IIII and Cory
Cousin Elaine 99 years young with cousins Hattie and Harold

Charlie Mayo No. 35 my high school, (Spingarn), college (Winston-Salem State U) and minor league football teammate (Virginia Sailors).
This was truly “The Greatest 5 Minutes of Christmas I have ever known–RIP my friend and my brother”.

The Home Going Services:
Friday, January 4, 2019
Holy Family Parish
2200 Callaway Street
Hillcrest Hgts, MD 20748
10 a.m. – 11:00 Viewing
11:00 a.m. Funeral
Lincoln Cemetery
4308 Suitland Road
Suitland, MD
Repast following interment:
Allen Drury Room


Santa’s Helper Jim Vance—RIP my friend

“What a Wonderful Life” is one of my favorite holiday movies starring the great actor Jimmy Stewart. It played a role in assisting me in keeping hope alive for one the most admired DC TV anchors ever. The giving spirit is what Christmas is all about and life is the best gift ever.

When my wife Hattie and I gave our first ever Christmas toy party for needy children in 1968, we had no clue that we would be carrying on the tradition for 45 straight years without grants or loans. 2018 marks several milestones that we share, May 21st I celebrated my 80th birthday after my middle school Principal William B. Stinson predicted to my mother I would not live to get out of high school. May 21st 1971 my friend and homeboy Marvin Gaye released his classic “Whats Going On?” It is more revelant in 2018 than ever. November 30th marked our 50th wedding anniversary and December marks our 50th anniversary of our first ever Kids In Trouble toy party for needy children. You would not believe some of the folks who helped us through this 50 year journey, they became known as Santa’s Helpers!

I hope you remember DC Superior Court Judge Luke Moore and several of his colleagues that followed his lead, There were the Washington Redskins led by Roy Jefferson, Harold McLinton, Larry Brown and Ted Vactor. The Santa Helpers would include; radio and television personalities, movie stars, entertainers from the world of music and the real stars, everyday people from all walks of life. They had names like, Zack, Dog Turner, Black Danny, Bob Wayne, Norman, Phila. Jake, Slippery Jackson, Cornell, Shep, Frog, Nook, and Herman Thomas. They were all entrepreneurs and businessmen on the streets and byways of DC. Their company stores and offices were open 24/7 from far NE to far NW. They never had sales or Black Fridays. Their Masters Degrees and Phds were earned as a result of Common Sense–Street Sense–Book Sense (well read).

Johnny Sample (NFL), producer Rodney Brown and Santa’s Helper, Phila. Jake

Their best characteristic, you could carry their WORD to the bank. They had my back come hell or high water. One summer I was on air at W-U-S-T radio broadcasting my Inside Sports talk show, and I received a threatening phone call from am irate listner. He didn’t like that I had called “The Mayor for life” Marion Barry out for being a no-show at a community meeting. The next thing I know my producer Salim Edwards is pointing behind me that a cop and another gentleman were standing in the studio hallway. I immediately took a commercial break to see what was going on. The cop I didn’t recognize but the brother with him was an old friend from my NE Parkside housing project, his name was “Frog.” The cop explains that my friend was walking down the New Hampshire NW street corridor in 90 degree heat with an overcoat on which looked suspicious and he stopped him for routine questioning. He discovered my friend was carrying an unloaded shotgun under his coat.

According to the cop my friend told him he was on the way to the radio station to meet me and we were heading south on a hunting trip after the show. The cop looked at me and I looked at my friend and I took the side of my friend. I could see that the cop was not believing either one of us but since the shotgun was unloaded no law had been broken. He gave me the gun and said, “Good hunting to you guys!” After the show my friend and I had a long talk about the shotgun. He said, “I was listening to the show when I heard some guy threaten to kick your ass, and I said not on my watch!” The ammunition for the shotgun was hidden in his underwear.

There was the one Christmas as I was preparing for one of my toy parties when another one of Santa’s Helpers Bob Wayne lengten the life span of one of DC’s most popular media anchors. Bob gave me a check the anchor had written for a drug transaction and it had nothing to do with ‘Insuffient Funds’. The check surprised me because in his profession it was all a cash and carry business.

The businessman was an admirer of the TV anchor and the work we were doing together in the community. This was an unheard of gesture on the mean streets of DC. When I presented the anchor with the check I encouraged him to get some help. He thanked me by not speaking to me for 20 years. I remember when I help save an austistic little girl who was pushed or had accidentally fallen on the subway tracks at the Potomac Avenue subway station in SE DC in 2007. TV-4 anchors Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler covered the story, as Doreen raved about the heroic act, Jim pretended he had never heard of me. My wife was puzzled by Jim’s actions and she asked, “What was that all about.” My response, ‘I tried to save his life!’


He did take my advice and enrolled in a drug rehabilitation clinic. Despite the cold shoulder given me for two-decades this was one of the best Christmas presents ever, 20 more years of his life. Even in death the gift of giving continues. Achhbishop Caroll High School's former alumnus WUSA-TV President and GM Richard Dyer donated 5 million dollars to a new Jim Vance Media Program. The program will benefit incoming freshmen.

What makes this gift the more remarkable is that it was not from Jim's NBC-WRC TV-4 family, the donor was a television rival–which proves you never know who is watching. His wife Kathy knows the story better than me. I cannot wait to see my favorite Christmas story "Its a Wonderful Life" because it is thanks to Santa's Helpers and men like Richard Dyer. Merry Christmas to all. Great Christmas & Black America History gift

As a child and young man growing up in LeDroit Park specifically U & V Sts NW. you have always been someone I looked up to, a mentor, and always concerned about me staying out of troubleThank you for your guidance as I became an All American Basketball Player, a good student, and productive citizen as you know. The way you dressed and your swag got my attention because you know I wasn't going to listen to no bama😎Glad you're still in the game. Much love, always man! "Money"

The James Monroe Show (Atlanta)

Harold, You were born to be a spokesman and an advocate of progress. Your past radio show, demonstrated that you were active in civic affairs and sports even today! We could not begin to name all of your accomplishments! Congratulations Carl White

"You are one of the greatest that ever did it Mr. Bell and you will go down in History as such!"
Peace and love Al-Malik Farrakan

Harold, You were born to be a spokesman and an advocate of progress. Your past radio show, demonstrated that you were active in civic affairs and sports even today! We could not begin to name all of your accomplishments! Congratulations Carl White