Ali & Mayor0002
Mayor Walter Washington, the night Muhammad Ali made him the smartest man in DC

Mayor Washington and me pay tribute my high school coach Dave Brown.

The Louisville International Airport to be renamed for The Greatest!
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the name change reflects the city’s pride in a local son who has “left a legacy of athleticism, of humanitarianism that has literally inspired billions of people.”

Who remembers the tribute to The Greatest by the Washington DC Chamber of Commerce and the first black Mayor of Washington, DC, Walter Washington? The tribute was held at the Sheraton-Park Hotel on Connecticut Ave. NW. I remember the tribute, but I don’t remember the date! Ali was named “The Athlete of the Century” by the DC Chamber of Commerce. Jimmy Denson was the President at the time. I remember him calling me one evening to tell me about the upcoming event and asked if I would pick Ali up at the airport for the dinner. I have no clue to why I was ‘The Chosen One.’ There were rumors that the champ had requested that I pick him up because he needed to talk with me on an urgent matter. I am still trying to figure out that ugent matter!

When I arrived at National Airport on the morning of the tribute I had no trouble finding him, he was surrouned by his fans at the baggage carousel. Passengers were ignoring their luggage as it went around and around. I spotted his future wife Varonica ‘the other woman’ at the time sitting nearby. I went over and introduced myself and she pleaded with me to get the champ so that they could get to hotel–she was exhausted. I had to stand up on a chair and yell for him to get his attention and he yelled back at me “Whoa your horses Harold Bell” and I did! He loved this kind of attention. An hour or so later he gathered himself and we headed for the hotel.

Our adventured was just beginning. He and Varonica got separate rooms and this allowed me to spend some quality time with him to reflect on the Game Called Life. We talked about a range of topics that included the politics of racism, children, and the need to respect our own people, especially our parents and black women. He reminded me, “Our struggles are nothing compared to what our parents went through.” He compared himself to the first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson. He said, ‘Now there was a man of courage.’

The night of the dinner is one I will never forget. There was standing room only in the hall when Mayor Washington got up to present the champ with this huge plaque honoring him as The Athlete of the Century. Ali stopped the Mayor before he could get started and said, ‘Mr. Mayor do you know Harold Bell?’ The Mayor hesitated and the champ hollered out ‘Harold Bell stand up.’ My wife Hattie muttered under her breath ‘What the hell is going on?’ I stood up and Mayor Washington started to look out into the the audience and the champ pointed me out—you could hear a mouse piss on cotton for real. Ali repeated the question, ‘Mr. Mayor do you know my friend Harold Bell?’ The Mayor responded ‘Yes, who does not know Harold Bell!’ Ali reminded the Mayor that I was his friend and if anything happen to me he would be looking him up. The next words were, ‘Do you understand Mr. Mayor?’ The Mayor’s response, ‘I surely do champ’ and Ali followed with, ‘You are not as dumb as you look.’ Those words brought house down! Only Muhammad Ali could get away with something like that even the Mayor had a good laugh. The next day I was the talk of the town. That was my priceless,unforgettable and my greatest moment with The Greatest. Thanks for the memories champ. RIP my friend you deserve it.
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Mayor Walter Washington hanging out in “The Hood.”


ray jr.
ray and ray jr.
The young child whose picture Sugar Ray Leonard worn on his socks in the 1976 Olympics was then a 37 year old independent young man in 2011. He says, “I am trying to be a better father to my children than my dad was to me.”

By Harold Bell Host & Executive Producer-Inside Sports

In the 1980s Sugar Ray Leonard, Jr., also known as “Little Ray” was the cute little kid appearing in soft drink commercials with his father. It is now 2011 and “Little Ray” is all grown up and speaking out as Ray Leonard, Jr.

In the meantime, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sr., shows up in his hometown of Washington, DC to promote his new book titled, “Sugar Ray Leonard: The Big Fight in and out of the Ring.” Sugar Ray Leonard kicked off the tour in New York City and then moved on to the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn. where all of his charm was on display.
Ray Sr. was first seen earlier in the studio giving dance lessons to one of the ESPN female reporters. During the interview with a different female reporter there was little or no conversation about the book. The interviewer touched briefly on the sexual abuse issue. The 10 minute interview was spend talking about his performance on “Dancing with the Stars” and if the eventual winner of the contest Pittsburg Steelers’ WR Hines Ward could beat him in a street fight! When he made it to DC the media cheerleaders were in rare form. The first stop was the nationally syndicated Tom (aka Fly Jock) Joyner Morning Radio Show.

When I listen to morning talk radio (rarely) I listen to The Tom Joyner Show.
I try not to ever miss the Huggy Bear segments of the show. Huggy can usually start my day with a smile. I have been honored on the show during Black History Month as a “Little Known Black History Fact” and there was a story written on my community exploits. There was talk in the black community that Tom and his crew take the black community as a joke and seldom discuss the issues that are important to them, everything is always a joke! The departure of Tavis Smiley caused many listeners to think of him as a selfish ego tripping personality that took him self too serious. That school of thought has since changed he is all that and more.

I made sure I e-mailed Tom my blog on Sugar Ray Leonard and the lies Ray has been living throughout his boxing career. He continues to live those same lies today in and out of the ring. This was the opportunity to prove whether Harold Bell was a liar or was Sugar Ray Leonard perpetrating a fraud! Tom starts the interview by asking “Ray why did you put in the book the part about the sexual molestation by one of your boxing trainers? I could have lived with just knowing of your success as a boxer!” The response was pure B. S. Ray claimed he didn’t fight the sexual advances off because one of the perpetrators was giving him money and the other held his Olympic future (penis) in his hands. His response proved he was involved in homosexual acts before the 1976 Olympics. Tom never pressed the issue of who the perpetrators were!
A good reporter or interviewer would have to know or should have known there were more than two trainers/ boxing coaches involved in Sugar Ray Leonard’searly career. Ray’s cop-out by not naming the perpetrators left his other coaches/trainers with question marks as it relates to their sexual preference!
There are those who were in the inner-circle who remember one of Ray’s trainer/coach Jank’s Morton picking him up late at night and they would go for long rides not to return until the wee hours of the morning? The two trainers/coaches Pappy Gault (House of Champions) and Jim Merritt (Hillcrest Boxing Club) are both dead.
Tom Joyner asked Ray to respond to Atlanta Pastor Eddie Long’s homosexual charade, he paused and said “No comment.” I thought he was going to apologize for asking the question. Tom sheepishly replied, ‘okay’ and moved on to the next non-enlightening question, ‘How is little Ray?’
Ray: “little Ray is 37 years old and has given me 4 grandchildren. He is a sharp and smart young man and doing real well.”
Tom: What about Juanita?
Ray: Tom this book has given me the opportunity to make amends and apologize to her because I was not a good husband or a good father (talking about an understatement he wasn’t even a good brother!)
Tom: What is happening with your boxing promotions?
Ray: It is on the back burner for the time being but I am going to get back into it and I am thinking about bringing you in!
Tom: I am ready lets do it, Ray Leonard’s new book it is in the stores!
Sad commentary, but that is par for black news in the black community.
It is either one or two things, you are either getting it a week late or when you get it LIVE it is filtered. Sounds all too familiar!
Next stop is Fox 5 Morning News and they open up the Ray Leonard segment with him dancing with the female reporter who just happens to be doing the interview.
Ray puts his foot in his mouth several times, once he claims he didn’t have a girlfriend until he was 20 years old but the fact remains that Little Ray was born when he was 17! What was Juanita lunch meat? It gets worst at W-U-S-A TV 9 where the interviewer is sports anchor Bret Haber who is so infatuated with Ray I thought he was going to lean over and kiss him. He is definitely no Warner Wolf or Glenn Brenner! The weatherman Topper Shutt was heard on set saying, “I wanted to ask Ray to sit in for me but I was scared he might be too good.”
The only thing missing from the set was anchorman Derrick McGenty wearing a short skirt and waving pom-poms.
Ray was last seen at a book store on Connecticut Ave NW it was here the Usual Suspects showed up to pay homage and kiss his ring. Boxing/trainer Janks Morton was the first in line followed by his two brothers, Kenny and Roger and long time friend Claude Boger. Missing in action were Team Leonard members, Dave Jacobs, Irving Millard and Julius “Juice” Gathling.
ray and harold
Inside Sports Co-host Ray is seen here on W-U-S-T Radio talking with several middle school students before the show as Janks looks on.
ray-hb-janks I am asking Ray why he fired trainer Dave Jacobs and I asked him to re-hire him and he did. Janks was not a happy camper.

On Wednesday June 8, 2011 Ray Leonard Jr. read my blog account of his mother Juanita and he allegedly pulling a gun on his father and this was his response:
“I have never pulled a gun on my father. I am a great father and husband to my wife and I have not followed the same path. Please do not slander my name by saying something that is far from the truth.

Ray Jr.
image (14)

My follow-up response / Wednesday June 8, 2011

Dear Ray Jr.,

Today your father is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and according to Mike Trainer he has earned over 100 million dollars but that does not count what Trainer took to the bank for himself without Ray’s knowledge. Ray is now a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame. My question to you and your father—where is the beef? Ray Jr., I am hoping that when you decide to write the book to clear your name, suggested title “Sugar Ray Leonard, Jr. I am not my father.” It is either that or change your name. Peace of mind is not for sale!
In closing, I thank you for wanting to set the record straight. I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors and may God continue to bless you and your family.

As Always,
Harold Bell

Ray Jr.’s Response / Wednesday June 8, 2011
Thanks My Brother,

I can not go back and change the transgressions of my father, but I can stop the cycle and not put this burden on my kids. My father is still a deeply troubled man, and the scars from what I went through as a kid, and still deal with as a grown man will stay with me forever. We all have a responsibility to be good people and produce better people. My entire family is a mess, and I moved way out to where I live to get away from it all. I was going in that same destructive path for some time, with the women, drinking, and since of entitlement, I woke up and decided to stop the cycle anyway possible.
I have been married for almost 9 years and have been with my wife for 13 years. I have 4 wonderful children, 2 girls and 2 boys. My oldest will be headed to UCLA or Stanford in a year and I couldn’t be happier. I am actually in the process of meeting with a writer to write my own book, because I am the only one not under contract to never be able to write anything negative about SRL. Even though I have enough things to say that would shock many people, I will not be airing my family’s dirty laundry in the book. I will speak the truth on the things that have already been said and hopefully give a road map to others that end up following in the path of their destructive parents. I am far from a perfect man, but I can look my self in the mirror and face my family everyday with no regrets. I appreciate your contribution to sports journalism and hope you continue to speak the truth on what you feel is right.

I have attached a picture of me and my family, which is the reason I strive to be a better man every day.

God bless.
Ray Leonard Jr.

I had heard years ago that Sugar Ray Leonard Sr. had made each family member sign agreements not to ever write anything negative about him with the threat of cutting off the dollars! I commend Ray Jr. for having the courage and strength to write this response to me. It proves that a good apple can fall far away from a bad tree!

sugar ray earl gustkey
This was a newspaper story that was planted in the L. A. Times by Mike Trainor and Janks Morton. It was penned by sports columnist Earl Guskey in 1989. The story claimed that Ray had fired me from among his ass-kissing entourage because I was unhappy that he would not make a donation to my non-profit organization Kids In Trouble, Inc. and he would not give me a job! This was BS, KIT was the same organization he benefited from when he was in trouble. Media fraud and cheerleaders like Guskey, Buzz Bissinger, Tony Kornheiser, James Brown, Mike Wilbon have all helped Ray perpetrate this fraud on his fans. Ray Jr. knows better.

Note Worthy:
There is an annual contest at Duke University for the most
appropriate definition of a contemporary term.
This year’s term was: “Political Correctness”
The winner wrote:
“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.” Sounds like the winner knew Sugar Ray Leonard, Sr.



Charlie Mayo No. 26 Winston-Salem State University

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas Day was a 5 minute ride or walk for me. I woke up on Christmas day at the age of 80 with my wife Hattie of 50 years lying by my side. December 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of our first Kids In Trouble toy party for needy children and it was my younger brother’s birthday.

My plans were to have dinner at my life time friend Clayton Robert’s home with him and his wife Gloria at 3 pm. They live only a 5 minute drive from where we now lived in Suitland, Md. My Plan for the day, No. 1 was to visit my long time friend Roland ‘Tiny’ Grimes in a nursing home on Nannie Helen Bouroughs’ NE DC a 5 minute drive from where the Mayos once lived. The Grimes, the Roberts and Bells all grew up in this old NE neighborhood and it was a 5 minute walk from our Burville Elementary school where we all attended. Next stop my cousin Margie Billingsley home, she lives in Upper Marlboro, but grew up in NE Eastland Gardens and a 5 minute drive from the nursing home.

Margie has been bed-ridden for well over a decade, but she has been an inspiration to me, a complaint is never heard still I had not visited her home as much as I would have liked. Next stop, I would travel 5 minutes from her house to Veteran’s Cemetery to lay a birthday wreath on my brother’s grave, Sgt. Earl K. Bell (aka Bull) and then we would head on over to Clayton and Gloria’s for the 3 pm dinner (arriving on CP time around 4 pm), but as many of you know today’s best laid plans can change at the blink of an eye and it has nothing to do with how old you are. We still must remember that Christmas day is God’s Day. I received a wake-up call the week before Christmas, that my first cousin Margie’s 77 year old caretaker was discovered dead in her home which they shared.

So instead of going to visit Margie in Upper Marlboro she would be having dinner at her sister Charlita’s home in Eastland Gardens—God had already mapped out my Christmas Day without my permission—which proved I was not in charge! It would turn out to be a blessing in disguise, My 99 year old cousin Elaine from Columbia, Md. was in the house in Eastland Gardens. I had been promising to visit her for the past 10 years. Her first words to me were, “I bet you don’t know who I am” she won the bet! After several hugs and picture taking I started my next journey with a 5 minute ride to the nursing home on Nannie Helen Bourough’s Avenue to see Roland Grimes.

I was standing in the hallway waiting to visit Grimes while an attendant was changing his bed. I received a call from my old friend Doc Burke telling me that Charlie had made his transition on Christmas morning. I shared the bad news with Grimes and we finally made our way to Clayton and Gloria’s home around 6 pm (CPT). There was a Merry Christmas and welcome by his ex-wife Dolly (Parkside), Clayton and Gloria greeted us with open arms and a Merry Christmas shoutout.

We then sat down to eat and 5 minutes later I eased down the steps to watch NBA basketball. The next thing I knew 5 minutes later one of Clayton’s grandchildren’ came down to tell me my wife wanted to see me upstairs immediately (NBA OT). I was not a happy camper.

I went upstairs to see her holding this beautiful 4 month old little baby boy in her arms and he would not stop smiling which we found amazing. The father stood up and said “If you like him I have another one I want you to meet”. He went to the back bedroom and 5 minutes later he came back with an identical twin boy and he would not stop smiling either.

My brother Earl was born on Christmas Day, Charlie died on Christmas Day and we were in the company of the old and young in our family circle on Christmas Day. My 99 year old cousin Elaine and 4 month old twin boys, Clayton IIII and Cory. The Mayos, the Roberts, the Grimes, the Billingsleys and the Bells are all connected. All the glory goes to God for not allowing us not to forget who we were and where we came from.

Top photo: the twins Clayton IIII and Cory
Cousin Elaine 99 years young with cousins Hattie and Harold

Charlie Mayo No. 35 my high school, (Spingarn), college (Winston-Salem State U) and minor league football teammate (Virginia Sailors).
This was truly “The Greatest 5 Minutes of Christmas I have ever known–RIP my friend and my brother”.

The Home Going Services:
Friday, January 4, 2019
Holy Family Parish
2200 Callaway Street
Hillcrest Hgts, MD 20748
10 a.m. – 11:00 Viewing
11:00 a.m. Funeral
Lincoln Cemetery
4308 Suitland Road
Suitland, MD
Repast following interment:
Allen Drury Room


Santa’s Helper Jim Vance—RIP my friend

“What a Wonderful Life” is one of my favorite holiday movies starring the great actor Jimmy Stewart. It played a role in assisting me in keeping hope alive for one the most admired DC TV anchors ever. The giving spirit is what Christmas is all about and life is the best gift ever.

When my wife Hattie and I gave our first ever Christmas toy party for needy children in 1968, we had no clue that we would be carrying on the tradition for 45 straight years without grants or loans. 2018 marks several milestones that we share, May 21st I celebrated my 80th birthday after my middle school Principal William B. Stinson predicted to my mother I would not live to get out of high school. May 21st 1971 my friend and homeboy Marvin Gaye released his classic “Whats Going On?” It is more revelant in 2018 than ever. November 30th marked our 50th wedding anniversary and December marks our 50th anniversary of our first ever Kids In Trouble toy party for needy children. You would not believe some of the folks who helped us through this 50 year journey, they became known as Santa’s Helpers!

I hope you remember DC Superior Court Judge Luke Moore and several of his colleagues that followed his lead, There were the Washington Redskins led by Roy Jefferson, Harold McLinton, Larry Brown and Ted Vactor. The Santa Helpers would include; radio and television personalities, movie stars, entertainers from the world of music and the real stars, everyday people from all walks of life. They had names like, Zack, Dog Turner, Black Danny, Bob Wayne, Norman, Phila. Jake, Slippery Jackson, Cornell, Shep, Frog, Nook, and Herman Thomas. They were all entrepreneurs and businessmen on the streets and byways of DC. Their company stores and offices were open 24/7 from far NE to far NW. They never had sales or Black Fridays. Their Masters Degrees and Phds were earned as a result of Common Sense–Street Sense–Book Sense (well read).

Johnny Sample (NFL), producer Rodney Brown and Santa’s Helper, Phila. Jake

Their best characteristic, you could carry their WORD to the bank. They had my back come hell or high water. One summer I was on air at W-U-S-T radio broadcasting my Inside Sports talk show, and I received a threatening phone call from am irate listner. He didn’t like that I had called “The Mayor for life” Marion Barry out for being a no-show at a community meeting. The next thing I know my producer Salim Edwards is pointing behind me that a cop and another gentleman were standing in the studio hallway. I immediately took a commercial break to see what was going on. The cop I didn’t recognize but the brother with him was an old friend from my NE Parkside housing project, his name was “Frog.” The cop explains that my friend was walking down the New Hampshire NW street corridor in 90 degree heat with an overcoat on which looked suspicious and he stopped him for routine questioning. He discovered my friend was carrying an unloaded shotgun under his coat.

According to the cop my friend told him he was on the way to the radio station to meet me and we were heading south on a hunting trip after the show. The cop looked at me and I looked at my friend and I took the side of my friend. I could see that the cop was not believing either one of us but since the shotgun was unloaded no law had been broken. He gave me the gun and said, “Good hunting to you guys!” After the show my friend and I had a long talk about the shotgun. He said, “I was listening to the show when I heard some guy threaten to kick your ass, and I said not on my watch!” The ammunition for the shotgun was hidden in his underwear.

There was the one Christmas as I was preparing for one of my toy parties when another one of Santa’s Helpers Bob Wayne lengten the life span of one of DC’s most popular media anchors. Bob gave me a check the anchor had written for a drug transaction and it had nothing to do with ‘Insuffient Funds’. The check surprised me because in his profession it was all a cash and carry business.

The businessman was an admirer of the TV anchor and the work we were doing together in the community. This was an unheard of gesture on the mean streets of DC. When I presented the anchor with the check I encouraged him to get some help. He thanked me by not speaking to me for 20 years. I remember when I help save an austistic little girl who was pushed or had accidentally fallen on the subway tracks at the Potomac Avenue subway station in SE DC in 2007. TV-4 anchors Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler covered the story, as Doreen raved about the heroic act, Jim pretended he had never heard of me. My wife was puzzled by Jim’s actions and she asked, “What was that all about.” My response, ‘I tried to save his life!’


He did take my advice and enrolled in a drug rehabilitation clinic. Despite the cold shoulder given me for two-decades this was one of the best Christmas presents ever, 20 more years of his life. Even in death the gift of giving continues. Achhbishop Caroll High School's former alumnus WUSA-TV President and GM Richard Dyer donated 5 million dollars to a new Jim Vance Media Program. The program will benefit incoming freshmen.

What makes this gift the more remarkable is that it was not from Jim's NBC-WRC TV-4 family, the donor was a television rival–which proves you never know who is watching. His wife Kathy knows the story better than me. I cannot wait to see my favorite Christmas story "Its a Wonderful Life" because it is thanks to Santa's Helpers and men like Richard Dyer. Merry Christmas to all. Great Christmas & Black America History gift

As a child and young man growing up in LeDroit Park specifically U & V Sts NW. you have always been someone I looked up to, a mentor, and always concerned about me staying out of troubleThank you for your guidance as I became an All American Basketball Player, a good student, and productive citizen as you know. The way you dressed and your swag got my attention because you know I wasn't going to listen to no bama😎Glad you're still in the game. Much love, always man! "Money"

The James Monroe Show (Atlanta)

Harold, You were born to be a spokesman and an advocate of progress. Your past radio show, demonstrated that you were active in civic affairs and sports even today! We could not begin to name all of your accomplishments! Congratulations Carl White

"You are one of the greatest that ever did it Mr. Bell and you will go down in History as such!"
Peace and love Al-Malik Farrakan

Harold, You were born to be a spokesman and an advocate of progress. Your past radio show, demonstrated that you were active in civic affairs and sports even today! We could not begin to name all of your accomplishments! Congratulations Carl White


image (12)
Major League Baseball Trailblazer Jackie Robinson
TV 4 Anchor Jim Vance left a trail in media for others to follow

It is often said, “Time brings about a change” but change this time was for all the wrong reasons. George Washington University located in the Georgetown section of DC decided to phase out the Jackie Robinson project that had been housed in the university for over two decades. Jackie broke the color barrier in Major Baseball on April 15, 1947. On that day in baseball history Jackie took a major step in the direction of Civil Rights. His courage and crusade for a equal oportunity for everyone forever altered the social landscape of the country. Jackie is one of my heroes along with the great athlete/actor Paul Roberson. They will always be defined by their courage. I was not aware that George Washington University house a Jackie Robinson exhibit.

Jackie was a talented and versatile athlete, he also ran track, played football and basketball. NBA icon Red Auerbach said, “He was a better football player than a baseball player. When it comes to naming the greatest all-around athletes of all-time, two names always surface, Jim Brown and Jackie Robinson.” The Board of Directors are taking steps to assure that Jackie Robinson’s name will never surface again on the campus of George Washington University.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to visit the exhibit before it disappears without a trace.

In the meantime, across town in NE Washington, DC on the campus of Archbishop John Carroll High School, philanthropist Richard Dyer a former John Carroll student and President/General Manager of W-U-S-A TV 9 made an endowment of 5 million dollars to the Jim Vance Media Program. The program will be a highly competitive for incoming freshmen interested in making television journalism a career. The scholarship will include full-tuition scholarship support for 20 students annually. In the spring of 2019 the school will break ground for major renovation to include recording studios, editing booths, suites and master control rooms. Richard Dyer and men like him is one of the reasons I close my Inside Sports talk show with “Every black face I see is not my brother and every white I see is not my enemy!” What makes this story unique is that Jim Vance (WRC-TV 4) and Richard Dyer (W-U-S-A TV 9) worked for two different competitive news media outlets competing for their share of the DC market. This gesture tells you a lot about the man Richard Dyer.

Jim hailed from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Education was always big with him, he taught school before pursuing a career in media. He joined the WRC-TV 4 news team shortly after the 1968 riots. He became a fixture in the DC community when he became a part of my non-profit Kids In Trouble team in 1969. Along with Judge Luke C. Moore and his colleagues of the DC Superior Court and members of the Washington Redskins, Roy Jefferson, Harold McLinton, Larry Brown and Ted Vactor we became a inseparable and one of a kind team in the DC community.

W-H-U-R- Radio icon Melvin Lindsey and Jim Vance co-host my annual toys for tots drive.

Jim and I wait for our mentees at the Roy Jefferson (NFL) Learning Center in NW DC.

The Jackie Robinson Museum is scheduled to open in 2019 and it will be located in lower Manhattan. Rachel Robinson will be 98 years old in 2019 this was her project and this museum will be her dream come true.

MI-Marvin Gaye2019-Single-v6
The year 2019 will also mark the United States Post Office displaying a commemorative stamp with the photo of my friend and homeboy, the great Marvin Gaye.

And last but not least November 2019 will be the 45th anniversary of “The Rumble in the Jungle.” This fight has been called the greatest in the history of boxing, the undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the World, George Foreman vs The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. Ali’s stunning 8th round ko of Big George was heard around the world. November 23, 2019 will mark the historical 44th anniversary of my television debut as the first black to host and produce his own television special in prime time on NBC affiliate WRC-TV 4. My special guest was Muhammad Ali. I have to thank my friends and partners in high places for making my dream a reality—Muhammad Ali and Jim Vance. Jim sold the show to the NBC WRC-TV 4 producers making history.




The late WHUR sports talk show host Ron Sutton shares a laugh with me at an integrated Bullets’ press table in Landover, Md.

It was during Thanksgiving 2018 I took the opportunity to step back and think about how blessed I have been to live to be 80 years as a free black man in America. Still there is the possibility I could leave my home today and be shot dead while driving or walking black (DWB) by a cop because of the color of my skin.
Sports have been a major part of my life starting in elementary, middle school, high school, college, minor league football and sports media as a pioneering radio sports talk show host in my hometown of Washington, DC. Those experiences have taught me that pro sports and media press tables are still the last plantations.

I remember in the early 70s my white colleague Frank Pastor and I were attending a NBA Washington Bullets’ game at the Capital Centre in Landover, Md. Frank was a regular guest on my monthly Inside Sports media roundtabe show. It was half-time and we were standing at the top of the arena waiting for a break in the action so that we could return to our seats at the press table. I noticed there was a dividing line that separated black media from white media. Blacks were seated on the right and whites were seated on the left of the half court line. I brought it to Frank’s attention. We decided to switch seats and intergrated the press table for the first time. The rest of the league followed quietly.

I don’t compare our accomplishment to that of Claudett Colvin who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama. She was arrested on March 2, 1955. This was nine months prior to Rosa Parks famous arrest for the same offense. The press tables in pro sports arenas have changed very little. They are now dressed up in camouflaged credentials. There are so-called “Major Media” they are folks who work for the Washington Post, USA Today, NY Times, LA Times, etc. They are on their last legs thanks to the internet. These are the media outlets who foot the bill for their reporters to travel with the home team out of town. They are called “Beat Reporters!” On too many occasions they are the last to know when it comes to identifying who are the alcoholics, drug abusers, gamblers, domestic violence abusers, gun toters, party annimals, etc. Most “Beat Reporters” think they are smarter than the guy sitting in the bleachers above them. They don’t understand they were chosen because they are considered “Safe.” They will go along to get along. They are often compared to “The House Negro” during during slavery.

I have been a free lance writer and free man for the Afro-American, New York Amsterdam, Washington Times, Washington Post newspapers and blogged for the now nationally televised Bleacher Report. I was one of its most widely read writers. I moved on because I was not considered “Safe” and I exposed their Sacred Cows!

In 2009 when Wizards’ superstar guard Gilbert Arenas and his teammates were playing a high stakes card game called “Booray” similar to poker on the planes, buses and in hotel rooms, the “Beat Reporters” were the last to know. They had no idea (or went along to get along) money was flowing like they were playing Monopoly and some players were in over their heads. The showdown would be between two street dudes in what would resemble a Wild-Wild West shoot out in the Wizards’ lockerroom. Gilbert Arenas who had a salary in the neighborhood of 16 million (Penthouse & Mansion) and Javaris Crittenton who had a salary in the neighborhood of 1 million (Section 8 housing). Guess which one was in over his head? Gilbert would later say, “It had nothing to do with the money–it was the trash talking (egos)that made them bring guns into the lockerroom.” Arenas was a NBA superstar and he was out of the league in two-years. Crittenton a role player is now in jail for shooting and killing a 24 year old woman. His release date is 2036.

Now many are wondering whether John Wall and Bradley Beal are headed for a similar fate. Newcomer Dwight Howard is in the news (social media)for all the wrong reasons. “The Beat Reporters” are as quiet as mice as his video and instgram links have gone viral on social media. Don’t look for any breaking news on ESPN, CBS, Comcast or The until they receive their “Marching Orders” from their publishers, editors and Washington Wizards.

The Beat Reporters and Editor in-chiefs are now playing the role of “The Three Little Monkeys” they hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and therefore they write no evil. Michael Wilbon and Stephen A. Smith(ESPN) and Dave Aldridge (TNT/The were all on the scene of the Gilbert Arenas’ potential shootout and wild west show in 2009, but looked the other way.

First, these guys lack common sense and street sense, they think that book sense is the means to all ends. Book sense will not allow you to be a peace maker similar to former player Caron Butler when it comes to calming down the likes of Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton who were locked and loaded. You cannot run to a book and see how to bring peace to this kind of chaos. I have been there and done that, but I was armed with STREET SENSE, COMMON SENSE and I was blessed by the best.

Plus, I was a decent athlete that played to win the game. It all started in middle school, high school, college and minor league football. My work in the inner-city working with youth gangs and at-risk children is legendary. I molded many of them into super stars in the game called life. Aldridge, Wilbon and Stephen A have never known the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory on or off the field. Kevin Durant described them at what they do best, “Fanboys!”

In 2016 without a national platform (NBC, CBS, ABC or Fox News) I was armed only with a social media platform I uncovered a scam involving several NBA players. The players were Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, Carmelo Anthony of the NY Knicks, and Chris Paul of the LA Clippers they were being duped into investing their money in a scam documentary/movie titled, “The First to Do It” based on the life story of my friend and NBA pioneer Earl Lloyd. I alerted Coach Greg Popovich and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver bringing the scam to their attention. I received a response from Commissioner Silver (see below).


The documentary/movie disappeared shortly after the NBA All-Star Game in February 2017. It makes you wonder where were Aldridge, Wilbon, Brown and the likes of Stephen A. Smith? Aldridge and Wilbon (former ‘Media Hit Men’ Mike Wise and Dave McKenna) all were aware of the scam but ignored my warnings.

On Monday November 27, 2018 I spotted Wilbon in the corner of Capitol One Arena whispering to someone and Dave Aldridge was in the press room sitting in his cubicle office in his new role as Editor in Chief of a subscription blog called the It appears he is in bed with the Wizards and there is a possibility you can find his by-line on their website! Wilbon has been called by his Washington Post colleague John Feinstein the biggest “Ass kisser in pro sports” and Aldridge thinks all pro sports personalities are “Sacred Cows?” How can you trust what they write or say when there is no objectivity? I have known both up close and personal since their days at the Washington Post.

Dave Aldridge is the new editor in chief of The a subscription blog with a potential for “Fake News”—buyer beware!

I remember Wilbon being a regular on Inside Sports and often turning to me for advice as it related to the DC sports landscape and his editor George Solomon. In 2000 he called me for advice in regards to racism in pro sports relating to a column he was writing on Buffalo Bill DE and NFL Hall of Fame player Bruce Smith. Smith had been traded to the Redskins. Wilbon wanted to know what I thought of Smith’s complaints about racism that he encountered in Buffalo. He was looking forward to coming home to DC (home by way of Norfolk, Virginia) to escape racism. My response, “trying to out run racism in America is like trying to out run the sun.” Wilbon would use my quote in his column. Nothing has change my thought pattern and Wilbon has not proven Feinstein to be a liar!

Wilbon joins the late legendary DC athlete Gary Mays known as the one-armed bandit and me during Black History Month in DC.

James Brown (CBS), Sam Jones (NBA) and NBA pioneer Earl Lloyd join me in a Black History moment on Bolling AFB.

I had a discussion with Scott Hall who is in charge of Community and Press Relations for the Wizards. The discussion was relating to a Wizards visit to a youth center here in the DMV. The purpose of the visit was to take a new Wizards’ player Dwight Howard to talk with incarcerated youth. I questioned his selection of media who were going to cover the outing. First, the selection process was bogus and the two media “Beat Reporters” he chose like him didn’t have a clue as it relates to incarcerated youth or the facilities that house them. Neither one had any history working in the the war zones of the inner-city or having spend any time working in the criminal justice system with judges, cops, parole boards, the juvenile court system, etc. My life’s work has been working with youth gangs and at-risk children, but still he wanted to leave me out of the process–their motives are personal, racist at the same time it looks like they were trying to hide something. I have a history with the NBA they would rather forget when it comes to racial bias. All I am saying is, “Not on my watch!”

Former NFL Chicago Bear WR and kick returner DC native Cecil Turner and I host a pass catching clinic with Lorton inmates.

Native Washingtonian Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Atlanta) and I have spend time at the DC Youth Center talking to young people about the consequences of their bad behavior.

I could not blame the Wizards’ player for being led to the youth center. He certainly had no clue since he had just arrived in town. The bottom-line; the victims as always would be our children. The last thing they need is a visit from a group of experts who don’t have a clue of how they got to the youth center. The visit was later cancelled after the star player Dwight Howard was mysteriously hurt and will be out of action until at least February 2019!

This gave me an opportunity to talk with my INSIDERS working in the youth center facility. They saw it as nothing more then a photo opt for the Wizards’ organization and the Wizards had set the ground rules for who would attend. The group had no history with any of the youth centers in the DMV. I also saw them using the visit as a opportunity to put their own progaganda spin on the organization’s caring spirit for troubled youth in the DMV. Aldridge, Comcast and the Washington Post would spread “The Fake News!”

I found Kids In Trouble in 1968 and the first ever half-house for juvenile deliquents on Bolling AFB in 1970. My work with youth gangs and at-risk children in DC is legendary. The problem, I am not a “House Negro.”

Trying to keep peace in “The Hood.” Officer Friendly Charles Robinson and I talk with a couple of inner-city youth Ricky Dargan and Kirby Burkes in NW DC.

Aldridge is a DC native who knows absolutely nothing about the inner-city, he attended DeMatha HS and American University, those two institutions are as far away from the inner-city as you can get. James Brown falls into that same catergory. Wilbon is from Chicago.

Inside The NFL and Bryant Gumble’s “Real Sports” sounds like Inside Sports to me. James Brown is and was a contributor on both shows–coincident?

I have no problem with these pro athletes and so-called major media personalities (House Negroes) giving away toys or feeding the hungry but they cross the line when they try to play games with the feelings and minds of our children. My advice to Aldridge, Brown and Wilbon “stay in your lane.”

Brothers like Aldridge, Wilbon and Brown are so safe that when it comes to taking a stand on an adverse condition in the black community, they could jump up and down on a egg and never crack it!

The PR guys in the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL are overwhelmingly white. Their agenda is to hire black young men and women on their staff and give them a title and assign them players to lead around and spy on them and report back. These brothers have never known the agony of defeat and have never been in a winner’s circle. They are basically, cheerleaders without the pom-poms and short skirts. The PR guys in charge will use these brothers to cover up their racist offenses and will say, “I can’t be racist look at all the blacks on my staff!”

I will wait until all of these charades play out (Wall, Beal, Howard, Kevin Durant, Draymond Greene, Eric Reid, Kareem Hunt and the Doug Williams and LB Reuben Foster charade). I will then write and tell my “Inside” story. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Dave Aldridge, Comcast and the Washington Post to give you the Inside scoop on the Wizards. Stay tune!

This team lacks the veteran leadership that former Boston Celtic Paul Pierce brought to the organization in 2015.

Now back to my blessings, it does not help that the envy, jealousy and player hating found among blacks is often the result of a plantation mentality that brought us to America over 400 years ago. We cannot seem to shake that mentality, especially in media and pro sports arenas around America.

NBA Super Star Kevin Durant recently echoed my thoughts on “Today’s In House Negro” in pro sports media pressrooms. He said according to an interview on Bleacher Report, “So much hype comes from being around LeBron from other people. He has so many fanboys in the media. Even the beat writers just fawn over him. I’m like, we’re playing basketball here, and it’s not even about basketball at certain points. So I get why anyone wouldn’t want to be in that environment because it’s toxic. Especially, when the attention is bullshit attention, fluff. It’s not LeBron’s fault at all; it’s just the fact you have so many groupies in the media that love to hang on his every word.” I could not have said it better myself!

There will never be a “Even Playing Field” in America. For example, there is no economic relief in sight as the practice of Redlining continues at our banks. In 2018 as we fight for equal pay for women a black man in America is still paid half the salary of a white man, and when there are gains like affirmative action they throw us a curve and make a white woman a minority! Since affirmative action the people suing for discrimination as it relates to academic admissions process are white women. White women are the biggest winners which means the white man wins “The Power Ball.” He goes to sleep and wakes up with his ace in the hole. The Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court is living proof she stands by her man.

In the meantime; the truth is being assualted, surpressed, and challeged by folks who would not recognize it if it was sleeping in the bed with them.

This Thanksgiving I realized how truly blessed I was, when one of my young men whom I touched along my journey in the byways and alley ways of the inner-city said on Face Book, “Harold Bell you are the true example of what God has put on earth to represent his blessings that he instills in a man and woman that lives amonst his people. Congratulations, many thanks for staying the course and continue the journey-stay blessed!!! Those were the words of Rev. Joel Dearing. Which brings to mind I have two other young men in the ministry, Rev. Ricky Williams and Rev. Salim Edwards these two brothers have been truly a blessing in my life. There is also Lonnie Taylor. Lonnie is from the hood, he was the first black hired as a Chief of Staff for a white congressman on Capitol Hill (see body of letter below).

August 1, 1989
Dear Mr. Bell,

It was great seeing you at Secretary Jack Kemp’s address sponsored by the Heritage Foundation.
As I stated then, as a former resident of the 14th and W Street area, I owe you many thanks for the things you did on behalf of the city’s youth. Believe me Hillcrest Children’s Center Saturday Program brings back fond memories. You should take pride in the fact that your example of selfishlessness continues in so many of us today. Thanks for all that you have done and still do.

Lonnie P. Taylor
Chief of Staff
Jack Buechner (D-Missouri)

“Whats Going On?” I was further blessed when it was announced that my homeboy and friend the late great Marvin Gaye’s photo will be on the U. S. Postage stamp in 2019. It does not get any better than that! Despite his demons he was a beautiful and caring human being that never forgot who he was and where he came from.

MI-Marvin Gaye2019-Single-v6
RIP my brother!


A rainbow of children attend the annual Kids In Trouble, Inc Christmas toy party. Children are not born to hate–racism is taught!

The only thing to top the campaign wins of people of color and women on election night was a little two-year old kid giving free hugs as he was leaving a park. He inspired America and truly gave us hope! This month (November) will mark the 50th wedding anniversary of my wife Hattie and me. We also found Kids In Trouble, Inc. 50 years ago (December). It became our battle cry (save the children). We were able to touch thousands of kids and adults successfully without lying, cheating and stealing. My 1974 interview with Muhammad Ali inspired me to continue to make children first.
Ali pictured at the Cleveland Hospital for sick children with the little folks he loved.

The kid that gave free hugs was a referendum on NFL great Jim Brown’s bold statement to me several years ago, when I said, “We have to do better by our kids because they are our future.” His response, ‘Harold kids don’t vote!’ It was a wake up call for me I was finally seeing the real Jim Brown. His appearance in the Oval office with Kanye West last month was not by accident, he was following the money. The visit came after his bank account had grown from two-million to 50 million dollars. He is now own by the politicians and his past efforts of fighting and standing up for the poor and down-trodden took a big hit on his legacy. The Crips, Bloods and other gangs around the country made note of his appearance at the White House. The brothers in prisons he plans to visit were not fooled and they will be reminding him how he sold out!

Congresswoman and his friend Maxine Waters, track and field great Jackie Joiner Kersey and NFL Coach/Administrator for the Cleveland Browns Mike Holmgren were all right about him hustling the black athlete (aka John Thompson). In 2007 I organized a tribute to my homeboy and friend Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame defensive back Willie Wood. The tribute was held on the Water Front in Georgetown. The goal of the tribute was to raise monies to help pay Willie’s nursing home expenses. He was suffering from dementia and had fallen behind on his bills.

Willie’s lawyer Bob Schmitz a former teammate at the University of Southern California was one of the organizers. He assigned his family to collect the funds being donated at the door. Willie’s Green Bay Packer teammates came out big time, they included, QB Bart Star, RB Paul Hornung, WR Boyd Dowler, and DE Willie Davis. They were joined by players from all over the league, LB Sam Huff, RB Calvin Hill and WR Charlie Taylor (Redskins), WR Lance Alworth ( San Diego Chargers), TE John Mackey (Baltimore Colts), RB Jim Brown (Cleveland Browns) and a host of other players.
DSC_0162 The great NFL Hall of Fame LB Sam Huff shows his support for Willie. Sam recently came down with dementia.

The tribute looked like a success. Several days later Willie Wood ask me how much money was raised and where was his money, I told him his lawyer Bob Schmitz and his family had his money. I then tried reaching out to Schmitz for several days without success. My next move was to call Washington Times’ sports columnist Dick Heller a long time friend of Willie’s. He had covered him since his high school days an played an important role in getting him inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1989. Dick reached out to Schmitz and got through. He promised Dick he would be holding a press comference in the next several days and would make a report on the $57,000 raised and where the money was being kept.

We waited one week and no press conference. Dick tried reaching out again but Schmitz had disappeared without a trace. I called my ace in the hole Jim Brown and explained the situation to him and he agreed to call Schmitz. I gave Jim the number with the stipulation that I wanted Willie’s sister Gladys to participate in the call since she was family,(street sense and common sense kicked in), Jim agreed.

I waited two days for a follow-up report from Jim and Gladys but there was no call forthcoming. On the third day I decided to call Gladys for an update. Her response was not music to my ears. She said “I was on the call for two minutes when Jim ask me to excuse myself and he would take it from there!”

My next call was to Jim and his response was definitely not music to my ears. After I asked him what were the results of his conversation with Schmitz and why did he dismiss Gladys from the the call! His reponse, was one of foul language use by some of today’s Rappers. First, I thought I had dialed the wrong number and I had got Snoop Dog by mistake. Jim wanted to know why in the F was I questioning him about this BS. He started to use words like, MF, bitches and whores. His rant caught me completely off guard. He hung up on me and I spend the next couple of days trying to figure out what had just happen. I was thinking I should have left him in jail. My best guess, he had made a deal with Schmitz and was given a cut of the money–it fits his Mode of Operation. The $57,000 is still missing.

Jim Brown’s role with the Cleveland Browns had diminished and his excess to the players cut, and contributions to his non-profit Amer-I-Can were dropped from the Cleveland Brown payroll. All this took place after Holmgren took over as team President. Later in a interview hearn on WSKO radio in Syracuse, NY, Jim said, “I am a very sensitive person. I do like to be respected. I’m very loyal. I like it to be a two-way street.” Loyalty is any thing but a two-way street with him–its Jim Brown’s Way or the Highway! Former teammates and friends who really know him will tell you the same thing, but they will request anonimity because he has been known to go into his “Gangster Mode” if you crossed him.

The late Redskin LB Harold McLinton and boxing great Thomas Hearns making children first.

In 1996 I returned a $10,000 check to Don King, he claimed in a letter to me he wrote “Promises Made Promises Kept.” He was referring to a partnership deal he had reneged on relating to my Muhammad Ali project. After telling me he owed me because I was the only one in sports media who vocally and in writing had his back when mainstream media was dragging his name through the mud. He was referring to me writing lionizing commentaries in the Afro-American Newspaper, or I was heard on my Inside Sports radio talk show promoting his fight cards. I was seen on national television defending his rights for a second chance in the work place as the first black boxing promoter. He had served time in jail for killing a man over a number bet. In the meantime, I had to chase him around the country trying to get him to keep his word. He finally got pissed off at me and wrote the check. I returned the check to him as he was hosting one his boxing shows at the DC Armory here the nation’s capitol.
The look of surprise on King’s face as I return his $10,000 pimp check. My younger brother Tyrik who he hired as a photographer took this photo.

Don has always had a very vindicted personality, later that evening I went to the media window at the Armory to pick up my press credentials there were none. He had given instructions to Charlie Brotman to deny me credentials. He hired Brotman to promo the fight card and assign seats at the press table. I was not really surprised he had made it difficult for me aquire credentials at most of his boxing shows and he played a game of hide and seek. He hid in a trailer off site making it difficult for the media to comfront him. The problem, I would not laugh at his jokes unless they were really funny and I would not kiss his ring or his jackass for credentials.

Later that evening during the fight at the Armory I went over to say a few words to a guy I respected highly and considered my big brother. He was legendary R & B vocalist, Lloyd Price. Sitting with Lloyd was another musical giant Kenneth Gamble of Gamble & Huff. The legendary duo out of Philadelphia (Philly Sound). Lloyd was surprise to see and gets up and gives me a big hug. He then introduces me to Kenneth and then he heaps on me all this praise about the great things I was doing in the community and sports media, suddenly he goes completely silent and I follow his eyes into the boxing ring. We both see Don giving us this ice-cold stare from the ring. Lloyd returns to his seat and I walk away. The irony of Don King intimidation stare down, it was Lloyd who was responsible for Don meeting and connecting with Muhammad Ali. He was responsible for the crazy hair-do. I was in Cleveland for the exhibition that Ali fought for Children’s Hospital and this is where the introduction took place.

I had breakfast the following morning after the fight with Don and the late DC sports columnist, J. D. Beathea. J. D. was interviewing him for a story for the Washington Star Newspaper. When the interview was concluded, Don looked at me and said, “Harold Bell stick with me baby we are going places!” The last time I looked he went by himself. Lloyd was responsible for it all, but Don being Don kicked him to the curb, like he did Ali me and hundreds of others he could not buy off. It is often said, “You can take a N out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of him”–meet Don King! King and Lloyd have since kissed and made up. I am still on the outside looking in, but my peace of mind is not for sale.

I signed off of Inside Sports every Saturday saying, “Every black face I saw was not my brother and every white face I saw was not my enemy!” Meet Don King again.

I have never forgotten how he use one of my written commentaries in his boxing program for a Mike Tyson vs Pinklon Thomas fight in Philadelphia in 1987 without my permission. I was walking around the hotel and everyone was congratulating me for a nice column. I didn’t have a clue to what they were talking about. I arrived in the media room and there in the program was my commentary I had written in the Afro-American. I was overjoyed and pissed off at the same time. He never got my permission to use my commentary for the program. As fate would have it I would get on the same elevator with him and the first thing out of his mouth, “My man Harold Bell, man I didn’t know you could write like that (BS).” My response was ‘For free!’

I had never forgotten Don’s ‘Right Hand’ Connie Harper telling me in his New York office shortly after he moved from Cleveland. ‘Harold don’t ever take any money from Don unless you earned it!’ I had earned it, but he was in a pimping mode and ignored the expression of discontent on my face.


I was also seen on the Geraldo Rivera national television show. I was pitted against Geraldo who seem to hate Don with a passion, columnist Jack Newfield who had won a Pulitzer Prize for his book and documentary titled “The Life, Lies and Crimes of Don King” and my dear friend the late boxing historian Bert Randolph Sugar. It was three against one. When I saw the panel I said to myself, “Oh shit how did I get myself into this mess!” I was there sitting in for the Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon. He had chicken out at the last minute. He found out that the topic was going to be about Don King. He said, “No way.” He then called me to sit in The Hot Seat for him. I now truly understand why Wilbon’s colleague Washington Post columnist John Feinstein once said, “Michael Wilbon is the biggest ass kisser in sports media.” I cannot vouch for that but I can say. he is one of the biggest liars in sports media and courage is not one of his strong suits.

scan0012 ESPN’S Michael Wilbon a smiling face telling lies

On one of Jim Brown’s visits to DC I was taking him back to his hotel and Mike Tyson’s name came into the conversation. This led to a rant about how King was a treacherous MF and he was robbing Mike blind. He said, ‘I would advise you to put that n—-r in the wind.” One year later Jim and I are having dinner at Face’s Restaurant on Georgia Avenue in DC. The conversation turns to Don King again and he completely switches gears on me. He claims. ‘Don is a good guy he is just misunderstood.’ I almost choked on the sandwich I was eating. I later discovered his real beef with Don was he was blocking Mike from donating to the Amer-I-Can program. All is well that ends well, the two are now the best of friends, Don wrote a three figured check to the Amer-I-Can program. George Foreman has written many checks to the Amer-I-Can program. And according to my friend Prentis Byrd (Kronk Gym), Jim Brown successfully intercepted a letter I had addressed to George reminding him he was to come to DC for a fundraiser for Kids In Trouble. The bottom-line for Jim Brown is a dollar bill–his dollar bill.

The great Congressman from Ohio, Lou Stokes. He was one of the original members of the first Congressional Black Caucus that crew of Ron Dellums, Walter Fauntroy, Bill Clay, and Perrin Mitchell among others. They don’t make them like those brothers any more.

JB AND KIDS IN TROUBLE Jim Brown pretending kids are first.

The kid that gave free hugs and the thousands that walked out of school and went to the polls for the first time are keeping ‘Hope Alive’ for America. The gesture by the little kid took me back to my one on one exclusive 1974 interview with The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. He explained to me why he loved kids of all colors. His explanation will warm you heart. I am in the process of having it put on CD so that I can share it with the World. Lets follow the lead of the little kid and give a hug to someone today and maybe someday we will all be free.

When a hug is much better than a bullet!