HBell and the great Harlem Globetrotters, curly neal and jackie jackson (1978)



    • hkbell82

      Jerry, Jackie was and is a class act he is one of my heroes. The last time I saw him (over 10 years) was in Charlotte at the CIAA Tournament in some hotel lobby. He came up to me with this big smile on his face saying, “I bet you don’t know who I am?” I said “Nigger are you crazy you are a living legend!” We both laughed and hugged. He and the late ‘Czar’ Eddie Simmonds are two of my favorite people. They always kept it real. Thanks for this reminder.

  1. Sean Mullins

    Hey Harold , this is Stan Mullins, Freddie ( Curly Neal )and I were in High School together at Dudley HS , in Greensboro ,North Carolina , we both were super athletes at Dudley and are inducted into the Hall of fame there !!

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