The U. S. Attorney’s office forum in October was not away to build bridges and trust.  The scanderlous report by Fox News TV 5 in DC related to DC Police Department Chief Peter Newsham is just the tip of the iceberg.  Law-Enforcement has the highest percentage of any professional group in America when it comes to domestic violence/abuse.  The U. S. Attorney’s forum didn’t make many friends, in fact they alienated many.

The protest by the young ladies during the forum should have been a wake up call for DOJ.  You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution!

The forum was similar to the one hosted by The Links held in Alexandria, Virginia hosted by radio personality Joe Madison—again it was the blind leading the blind. DOJ’s problem is much like the Links and mass media, they don’t know and too insecure to ask those that do!

DOJ’s thinking is a slavery mentality, their welcome letter they said, “When a use of force is a necessary measure.” A use of force should never be a part of the equation. But we are so far down the road with this type of thinking more children and unarmed black men will die by a bullet at the hands of law-enforcement.

I suggest to the DOJ staff, GOOGLE Terrence Cunningham the Chief of Police in Wellsingly, Mass. and the President of the Chief of Police Association. Or checkout the son of former Army General Wesley Clark, Sr. and his apology to the native American Indian. His apology was similar to Chief Cunningham’s apology to people of color.

Those of you living in Prince Georges County you are “The Neighbor Next Door” Politico Magazine was talking about in a published story in 2014. Wake up!
The late and former NY City Police Chief Patrick Murphy was “The Godfather” of Police Community Relations.

He was hired by DC Mayor Walter Washington in 1967 to head the Police and Fire Departments. He tried his best to lead law-enforcement down the right road when came to police and the community, but he was blocked by the KKK/FOP at every turn. He met with the Roving Leaders (Youth Gang Task Force) of the DC Rec Department once a month–I was there!

The story of NYPD detective Frank Serpico was not based on fiction!

In closing, please explain to me how can this country fight the real enemy, ISIS, China, Russia, and unknown terrorist living among us when we make war with people of color who are U.S. citizens?

The recent exposure of Peter Newsham aired by Fox News TV 5 in DC was a result of information shared by former DC cops who where in attendance at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

I shared the information with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and City Councilwoman Mary Cheh in early November, who to my knowledge never acted on the information. More than likely, the leak to Fox News came out of one of those offices. The real information came from cops who want to see change in police behavior and the corrupt cops like Newsham kicked to the curb and politicians who go along to get along voted out of office (see KIT forum below).

This is for the men of color and especially for the kids who die. And black kids will certainly die. The old and the rich will live on awhile, as always. Eating blood and gold, while letting little kids die.

Kids will die in the swamps of Mississippi organizing share croppers. Little black girls and boys will die in the streets of Chicago while jumping rope in front of their homes. Kids will die in Compton for wearing the wrong colors to school. Kids will die in Potomac Gardens and Barry Farms in DC. And little kids will die in Forestville and District Heights, Maryland— just for being black.

Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians (the real Native Americans) and all people of color will die who don’t believe in lies, bribes and contentment and a lousy peace, or the sleazy courts, with sleazy judges and bride taking cops and the blood loving generals who make war and not peace.
There are the money loving pimping preachers in the pulpit and politicians, who all will raise their hands against the kids who will die, beating them with laws, clubs, bayonets and bullets, to frighten the people who won’t go along to get along.

Of course, the wise and the learned who pen editorials in the paper and the ladies and gents with Dr. in front of their names, pretending they live in the richest black county with the highest foreclosure rate in America. They will sell out to the lottery, casinos and become fake minority owners of NFL, NBA, MLB teams all of this while little kids die. They will make surveys and write books and will live on weaving words to smother the kids that die.

For the kids who die are like iron in the blood of the people—and the old and rich don’t want the people to taste the iron of the kids who die.
They don’t want the people to get wise to their own power to believe in the Harold Bells, or even get together and listen to the kids who die maybe there will be no monument to them except in our hearts.

Maybe their bodies will be lost in a swamp or prison grave or the Potter’s Field or a jail cell where they are hung by their necks and their deaths are ruled murder, but later changed to suicide? But kids will continue to die.

The day will come and you can be sure yourselves it is coming—maybe not on our watch, but the marching feet of the masses will rise for the kids who died with a living monument of love, joy and laughter. And black hands and white hands are joined together with a song that reaches the sky.
A song of triumphant will be dedicated to the kids who died.

Happy New Year,

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