Hi Ray,

You and Thomas Hearns were two great warriors.  Hearns is and was the better human being and probably the better boxer. 

“The Hit Man” never forgot who he was and where he came from.  I know because I had the opportunity to see you both up close and personal during the glory years.

Muhammad Ali is definitely The Greatest, after his retirement, the “welterweights and middleweights”, kept boxing alive.  During the late 70s and 80s, you and Tommy were the frontrunners–you being the cash cow. There were some decision you lost, but won!  

Ray, remember the bogus story you, Janks Morton, and Mike Trainor planned in the LA Times with sports columnist, the late Earl Guskey?   

You claimed I was a part of your entourage and you left me home with the rest of the soreheads.  You claimed I was mad because I had asked you for a job and you said “No!” This is just one of the BIG LIES that you told regarding me. 

For example, another BIG LIE, I asked you to donate to my non-profit organization Kids In Trouble (a pastor in the DMV recently made the same claim-another lie).  I have never asked you for a ticket or a dollar!  Why would you make something like that up?

You seem to have forgotten when Mike Trainor was talking down to your parents during a training session like they had just gotten off the boat, I reminded him that was a no-no. You never uttered a word.

I told you when I found out that Trainor was seeing your checks before you, I said, “When this charade is over, he will have more money than you.” There was not that much difference in Trainor and Don King. King robbed you loudly and Trainor robbed you quietly.

Inside Sports Boxing Roundtable with Ray, Don King, Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes, Dave Jacobs, Sr. and Dave Jr.

Sugar Ray Leonard, Jr. wrote a blog, titled, “Harold Bell I am Not My Father!” I asked him to confront you about those lies that were written in the LA Times, but he never got back to me.  You can run but you cannot hide.

Ray, do you remember after you won your first title against Alfredo Benitez, I was the first media personality you called on your arrival home?

You called me while I was on the air (Inside Sports) with comedian Chris Thomas as my co-host. You said, “Harold Bell I am the Welterweight Champion today because you were there when no one else was!” Why is it that this is THE BIG LIE you want to hide?

Ray the only thing you have in common with Muhammad Ali as it relates to me, is when THE GREATEST knocked out Big George in Zaire, Africa, I was the first media personality he called to interview him on his arrival back in the U. S.  It was not Ed Bradley (60 Minutes), Bryant Gumble (NBC), or Howard Cosell (ABC), it was Harold Bell (Inside Sports). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C5f66WDvT0ow9d3HkdUwzRHKvx-5Xrfw/view 

Ray, remember, a LIE will change one-thousand times–the TRUTH never changes. I hope Santa Claus brings you the TRUTH for the holidays. Merry Christmas my friend.

photo by Fred Sheppard



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