Meet three of the problems in DC, Muriel Bowser recently elected to a third term as the worst Mayor in DC history. She moved ahead of Sharon Pratt Dixon and Vincent Gray. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, she should back up to the payroll window when it is time to receive her check. Mary Cheh is the City Council person representing Ward 3 in the Nation’s Capitol. The city council is overrun by jokers and clowns and she is one of the best at doing nothing. All three are figure heads for the “GENTRIFICATION CREW” now running DC. Common denominator, crime has skyrocketed in the Nation’s Capitol since each has been in office and DC Public School children have never been on their radar screens for improvement.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans is the latest to follow the pattern of Democratic leadership laid out by mayors like Eric Adams of New York, Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C.: lingering economic problems from rigid COVID policies, homelessness and rampant crime.

The voters in the Nation’s Capitol just voted Muriel Bowser back into office for what looks might be her third term (the vote is still out for the Republican and Independent candidates for the office).

Bowser ties “The Mayor for Life”, Marion Barry’s three terms for what ever that is worth. DC is not only the worst run city in America–it is run by the worst Mayor in the history of the city. Bowser has sold out black, brown and the downtrodden residents of the city. The gentrication residents are saying privately, “We don’t need a white Mayor, we got Bowser.”

Every year she has held the office of Mayor crime in Washington, DC has skyrocketed (murder, car thieft and juveniles terrorizing communities). Her latest effort to reduce crime sounded like something out of the twi-light zone. She has come up with a group called, “The Nightlife Task Force.” They are led by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety & Justice and the Metropolitan Police Department. According to Bowser, they will be supported by other District agencies, and public safety Go Teams comprised of non-law enforcement partners such as VIOLENT INTERRUPTERS, and ROVING LEADERS (scare of their own shadows).

Unless Furman Marshall and Theophus Brooks can come out of retirement and Calvin Woodland can be resurrected from the grave, Mayor Bowser is whistling in the wind. Her leadership was suspect from the very beginning. DC being voted as the worst run city in America proved she was in over her head. Her father was a nickle and dime politician in NW DC proving that an apple does not fall too far from the tree.

The real problem, the voters don’t seem to have a clue as it relates to the history of the nickle and dime politicians they allow to represent them year after year.

It all came to a head for me when I tried to forewarn her after a special report seen on Fox TV 5 News and that it true her Assistant Chief, Peter Newsome was not fit to be Chief of Police in the Nation’s Capitol.

The expose seen on Fox News identified Newsome as a domestic violence perpetrator as it related to his wife and girlfriends. He was also an alcoholic. He was found by other DC officers lying on the street face down drunk with his gun in his holster.

A hero cop, Inspector Nathan Simms had given me evidence that Newsome and colleagues were removing papers from the evidence room without permission. Inspector Simms tried to warn them he would not tolerate this type of behavior on his watch. The evidence being removed from the evidence room would have helped the courts convict Newsome and other members of the department of brutality during demostrations at the World Bank.

In April 2000 protest demostrations were held in front of the World Bank in Washington, DC and Peter Newsome and a band of his merry men (police officers) brutally strong-armed the demostrators and hauled them off to jail.

The demostrators sued the police department and the District of Columbia for damages and won. I put written evidence in the hands of Bowser, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Councilwoman Mary Cheh during a birthday party for Virginia Ali at Ben’s Chili Bowl on H street, in NE. They never responded.

I was determined to see this through, I signed up to object to Newsome’s confirmation at a City Council confirmation hearing in the District Building. Councilman Charles Allen was chairing the hearing. I knew it was a sham when I noticed, Mary Cheh, Arnita Bonds,, Phil Mendelson, Vincent Gray, and Trayvon White were no-shows. With Newsome sitting on my right I told Allen that I was sure they had already decided to name Newsome the chief–of course he denied it.

The bottom-line, Bowser, Norton, Cheh and the Congressional Black Caucus looked the other way and gave Newsome a FREE pass to allow crime to explode on his watch. After his short run of three years and some change, he saw the handwriting on the wall. Allen and the city council came to their senses and said, “No Mas.” Too little, too late. Newsome had slipped out the back door and signed on to be Chief in the Frederick, Virginia police department–Bowser was clueless. Newsome’s profile fits new Virginia Governor Glenn Youngum’s profile. Bowser’s enept leadership surpasses that of Sharon Pratt Kelley and Vincent Gray as Mayors of DC.

“Stop and Frisk” is the most discredit police practice in America. It exclusively targets black and brown people and it has led to racially biased harassment and violent intimidation.

“Stop and Frisk” in SE/NE in 2018 targeted black and brown people overwhejmingly (70%). Black Lives Matter had to sue Bowser and police chief Newsome for data on “Stop and Frisk.” When the cat was let out of the bag there stood Mayor Bowser as the architect of the racially biased tactic.

When Bowser led negotiations with the DC Public School’s Substitute Teachers relating to how much a substitute teacher should be paid–she low-balled them. The substitues had to threaten her with a one day walk-out during the week. She finally saw things their way and surrendered $20 an hour and $25 an hour for long term substitutes–they are now (still underpaid) the highest paid substitutes in the DMV.

The school Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee followed his boss’s lead when he brought outsiders into the DC school system as mentors. He recently gave a grant to a dishonest organization, INNER-CITY INTERNATIONAL and its CEO Dwyane Bryant. Bryant is a Chicago native with no integrity. He is being brought into DC to lead our children down the road of no-return? I know him from an up-close and personal experience–he is the blind leading the blind. This organization adds on to the problems we already have. I am trying to figure out why would Mr. Byrant be leaving his hometown of Chicago to bring this program to DC to help young people survive the mayhem in our city, while Chicago is overrun with unsolved homicides of their own children?

Dwyane Bryant and his “Girl Friday” Beate Ewing. The last thing our children need is more frauds claiming, “Children First.”

As of July 1st DC is on the way to setting another record for murders in the city. On July 1, a 17-year old young man, Daniel Simms was shot and killed leading the city into the holiday weekend ahead of last year’s record for the month of July. In 1988 DC was known as “The Murder Capitol of America.” Simms became the 13th murder victim in DC under the age of 18 years-old. He was found dead on Yuma Street in SE DC. On that same day in Montgomery County, Maryland our neighbor next door three 16 year-old young men who are DC residents were arrested. They shot at police in a high speed chase, and were arrested when their car crashed. Loot from a home burgarly was also found in the car. They will be charged as adults.

We have just moved past the half-way mark for 2022! If Bowser thinks a group of brothers calling themselves, the VIOLENT INTERRUPTERS, and ROVING LEADERS are going to solve the ills of today’s youth and the ills of this city, she is in for a rude awaking and we all are in for a long hot summer. The VIOLENT INTERRUPTERS, I think I have heard that song before, it was rumored these problem solvers came out of Philadelphia? When I heard the rumor I asked, “Why would the Mayor bring strangers from another town with similar problems to try to sovlved our problems (sounds like Dywane Byrant and Beate Ewing)?
I am a 4th generation Washingtonian and I have spent 55+ years working in the war zones (streets, schools, playgrounds and courtrooms) of the DMV. I started in DC, as a neighborhood worker for United Planning Organization in 1965, moved on to the DC Recreation Department’s Roving Leader Program in 1967. My home territory was the U street corridor/Cardozo Shaw as a Neighborhood Worker for UPO. The legendary Stanley Anderson, Director of the Roving Leader Program gave me the same assignment.

My wife Hattie was a DC Public School teacher (Cardozo HS) when we found our non-profit organization, Kids In Trouble, Inc in 1968. Pioneering U. S. Marshall in Charge, Luke C. Moore and I walked arm in arm down the U street corridor with NFL Hall of Fame player Willie Wood (Roving Leader) during the 1968 riots. We were trying to save lives.

Congressman Tom Davis (R-Vir) and NFL Legend Jim Brown co-host Police Community Relations forum at Bible Way Church in NW DC

I met DC native Dr. George Logan-El in 1970 in Alexandria, Virginia. I joined him, Alexandria Recreation Department youth workers, Lawrence Brown and Michael Johnson in their work in the Alexandria school system with a group of young men calling themselves “The Untouchables.”

Antonia Logan-El front and center / Dr. George Logan-El-Clarence Edwards-HBell-Judge Alex Williams and Boxing Historian, Bert Sugar
Antonia Logan-El (Forrestville High School All-American) now as big as the piano he once sat on.
Senator Trotter pays tribute to pro boxers, Jamal Hinton and Eugene Speed for their reach-back efforts in the DMV at the Grand Hyatt in DC.

My mentor was the late Senator Decatur Trotter. He made it possible for me to become the first independent minority vendor for the Maryland Lottery (sponsors of Inside Sports). His earlier work with institutionalized at-risk children enhanced our non-profit organization, Kids In Trouble, Inc.

I have not forgotten when Michael Brown was murdered in Fergerson, St. Louis by a rogue cop, Politico Magazine published an artice titled, “Prince Georges County, the Fergerson Next Door.” The PG county police department has been in the Top 10 as one of the most brutal in the country for decades.

The “Freeloaders and Politicians” in Prince Georges County are “The Usual Suspects.” Being a politician in the county means you never have to say you are sorry for not looking for a REAL job to help people.

You drive through Prince Georges County you can barely see the highway for the political posters. These Negroes have a nerve to look down there noses at those of us who live in sudidizied housing and use food stamps to eat? Some of the worst politicians are LIFERS in the political arena.

The most notorius politicians in PG County similar to DC’s Bowser, Norton and Cheh. Meet, Anthony Brown, Donna Edwards and Glenn Ivey.



Anthony Brown was nothing but a “Spook Who Sat by the Door” when he was Lt. Governor, did absolutely nothing as a Senator and now he was to play musical chairs with the lives of black folks in the county–he wants to be Attorney General!

This poster says it all about Donna Edwards. During her tenue, her office was located five minutes from where I lived in Suitland. I never could find her in her office–whether by appointment or walk-in. When the shooting occurred at Suitland high school it was in walking distance of her office, she and Glenn Ivey have the same M. O. “No Show!” I was stunned when the Washington Post hired her as a political analyst and she appearing television as a political analyst until they discovered she was dumber than dumb–have you seen the add by the Washington Post relating to her candidacy for the Maryland Senate–WOW?

This is the story I wrote about the shooting at Suitland High School in 2004. Glenn Ivey and Donna Edwards were nowhere to be found.

Two weeks later I was attending a prayer breakfast at a church on Central Avenue when I was approached by a young lady saying, “Mr. Ivey would like to see you.” He wanted to know why would I write about him in the Washington Post without contacting him first? My response was, “Did I write something that was not true?” He asked if I had any solutions, and I said, ‘Yes, when would you like to meet?’

A meeting was arranged in his office with him and his staff. I brought with me members of my non-profit organization, Kids In Trouble, Inc. team. They included, Rev. John Edwards, former DC police officer and DEA Supervisor, Andrew Johnson (ret), Lawrence Brown (Untouchables), Dr. George Logan-El (Phd) and Sidney Davis of Cities in Schools, all together it was about eight of us. We met with Ivey’s staff for about two hours. Ivey excused himself for another meeting after 30 minutes. He never followed up. It looked like the meeting was just a photo opt for him.

I would later discovered that members of his staff were double dipping with other jobs. One of the young ladies was working with boxing great Laila Ali on her media team for an upcoming fight card in Prince Georges County.

I was living in Bowie when I had my next encounter with Glenn Ivey. I was attacked by a white neighbor living in a senior residence on Mitchellville Road in Bowie. I only knew the man in passing. One summer evening I was headed out for a walk to Bowie Town Center Mall when he jumped me.

When the fight ended his blood was all over me, as I walked back to my apartment several neighbors became concerned when they saw me with a blood covered white tee shirt, not knowing the blood was not mine.

Someone called the police as I waited in the lobby. The cops explained their hands were tied because it was now he say, she say. They advised me to go to the Upper Marlboro Courthouse if I wanted to press charges. First, I was advised to go to Annarundle Hospital to be examined. The next morning I went to the Upper Marlboro Courthouse and was I in for a surprise. A little Bird told me that Glenn Ivey was trying to have me charged with assault (it was a little white bird).

I should not have been surprised, if he crawls like a snake, smells like a snake, talks like a snake–he is a snake–meet Glenn Ivey. Evidently, someone told the judge who I was and he dismissed charges against both of us. I later discovered the man who assualted me was bi-polar and had not taken his medicine.

Glenn Ivey’s wife who is a member the City Council has been spreading the word that the Iveys are next Kennedy Family of Prince Georges County!!!

Keep a close eye on Juanita Miller the controversial President of the Prince Georges School Board. She is not going quietly! https://www.fox5dc.com/news/state-may-remove-prince-georges-county-school-board-chair

You know Ivey is desperate for votes when has to turn to the worst County Executive in the history of Prince Georges County, Rushine Baker for an endorsement. Baker had throwed his hat into the ring for Governor, but had it throwed back at him for lack of support and money to run.

Remember, Sidney Davis who accompanied me to the meeting with Glenn Ivey? He lost his job with Cities and Schools, signed on with the Alliance of Concerned Black Men (sponsor Bob Woodson, the biggest pimp in the non-profit world). Concerned Black Men kicked him to the curve. His next job was with Metro driving the bus. I have no clue how he managed to lose that job.

The next thing I heard through the grapevine, he was working for an ex-con, Calvin Hawkins, President of the Prince Georges County City Council?

He claimed Calvin did him wrong after he help get him elected to the council. Remember, Harold Bell never stopped taking his phone calls or looking for away to help him even though I was limited. I have learned the hard way, there is little honesty and integrity among black men.

When I came up with the Zoom “Speak the Truth” podcast last year I offered Sidney a seat at the table. He brought his partner along ex-con Charles Hopkins (good people). Sidney wanted to use the podcast to discuss Re-Entry for returning citizens–no problem.

After a year of finding out he was not the sharpiest knife in the draw, he slipped out the back door with Charles to reconnect with a man with no integrty, Glenn Ivey? Now this was a surprise because he knew Ivey had no integrity, but birds of a feather flock together.

If you listen to Ivey’s television campaign ad you will see and hear what a big liar he really is. In a photo opt with President Obama he seize the moment to talk about his crime fighting background (non-existent). I press him to name one crime fighting task he led in Prince Georges County?

He was never there to support the community or minority police officers to combat racism and brutality on the Prince Georges Police Department. He was not there for the Suitland High School students, and on his watch he was nowhere to be found when a young black man was found hung in his cell in the Upper Marlboro jail in 2007–a case that is still unsolved!

Is it any wonder that DC is the worst run city in America and Prince George County is their Next Door Neighbor? With the likes of Bowser, Norton and Cheh in DC and Ivey, Brown and Edwards in Prince Georges County, the path to the ballot box in November does not look good for our children.


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