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My wife Hattie and I had a doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Peter Swaby for close to two decades, starting in Bowie, Md in the early 2000s and ending the relationship in Suitland, Md in 2021. The relationship ended when he forgot to make his patients ‘First!’

There are three professional relationships one needs to thrive and survive in Black America, one is a good doctor you can trust, a lawyer you can trust and a honest auto mechanic you can trust! The operative word is–Trust. If you have all three, it is like hitting the lottery in the Game Called Life.

Once upon a time I had all three in Washington, DC, my doctor was Ben Jones (Urologist), Luke Moore lawyer/judge, and a brother named Joe Smith who lived in Ft. Washington, Md. We were friends and beyond, we had each other’s back and we trusted each other.

Ben Jones died of a heart attack playing golf, Luke died of a heart attack while shoveling snow for a next door neighbor in Atlanta and Joe just disappeared!

I received a statement from Dr. Swaby’s office making a claim that I owned $347.74 for two outpatient office visits. One was for 03/22/21 fee: $173.00, the second claim was for 04-28/21 Fee: $173.00. I immediately brough the billing error to his attention via email–he never responded! Another bill was mailed to me with the same identical claims.

In my October 3rd response, I wrote,

Hi Dr. Swaby, This email is in reference to “Bogus Bills” out of your office addressed to me: Claim filed: Medicare DC 3729-20  03/22/21 99213 OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT, EST $173.00 3729-21 04/28/21 99213 OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT, EST $173.00 I addressed this bogus billing out your office several months ago without a response.  Your claim I was no longer covered by Medicare was also a bogus claim.  You never lose your Medicare coverage despite supplementary insurance. Common sense would have told you I would not change health insurance and leave my wife in the same one we had for the past two decades? You like many other doctors are in bed with “BIG PHARMA” and it has become one scam after another, all in the name of a dollar bill.  Their reps walk in and out of your office like they own the place. There are so many reps in and out of your office they need a traffic cop.   I received a report from a staff member at the Bowie Senior Center during the pandemic you left a patient in her 90s in one of your rooms for over an hour while you met with BIG PHARMA reps.  I don’t appreciate the disrespect you have shown me and other seniors as it relates to this bogus billing.  If you want respect you have to give it. If you don’t respond I will deal with you like I deal with other frauds in our community via “Social Media Spotlight!”   


Dr. Swaby’s response in letters dated to me November 4, 2021;

In these two “Dismissal Letters”, he told bold face lies. The first one read, “This was a billing issue that could have been resolved.” He never reached out to resolve the issue. The second lie read, VERBAL abuse to medical staff, on that same page appeared, Other, verbal abuse shown in email date 11/3/21? My wife Hattie is the type of person who sees the good in everyone she meets. She has met some character friends/associates of mine in our 53 years of marriage, some I would not trust as far as I could throw them, but she was impressed and they loved her. But when she saw what Dr. Swaby had put in writing about me–she would not have believed it if he had not put it in writing. She would have given me a hard time if he had not put those lies in writing. She adored the man. Swaby threw his two Hispanic receptionist/assistants under the bus. The two ladies Beatrice and Bertha are two of the nicest ladies you would ever want to meet. I have never had a cross word with neither one. Beatrice’s son is in the military and she she is very proud. I had come to know him through our conversations in the waiting room. I autographed one of my Inside Sports photo books (free) to mail him and on another occasion I autographed a photo of me and Muhammad Ali. Bertha is the youngest and she is a jewel of a lady. Hattie and I have had many discussions with her about her family. She would talk about her driving alone to North Carolina during the holidays to visit mother/grandmother who lived alone. In the decades we have visited Dr. Swaby’s office, I have yet to see a Black American employee. He was familiar with my non-profit Kids In Trouble, several of his patients recognized me and told him of my great work with inner-city youth and at-risk children. I remember on one visit I asked him for a donation for Kids In Trouble for a family I was trying to reach out to during the Christmas holidays. He said, “I help back home!” He didn’t consider America his home. I never asked him for a donation again!

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Dear Harold,
I was listening to your program this past Saturday, when you were talking about the name “Redskins” being offensive and that most of the players were not men enough to stand up and publicly object to the use of the name.
I started to call you and disagree with you, but I decided against that because I would not have had enough time to explain why I disagreed. So I am writing to tell you why. Harold, I am tired of my people (Black Americans) taking up the cause for everybody else, We have far too many problems, then have to worry what other ethnic groups of people are called. If the roles were reversed, would they care what we were called?
I didn’t see any Indians marching with Dr. King, and others for our civil rights and it is also true that the Indians named our ex-slaves the “Buffalo Soldiers,” because they said the slaves were black like the Buffalo and had woolly hair like the Buffalo.
We Black Americans are the least respected ethnic group in America. Other ethnic groups come to this country and look down on us, and think they are better than us. They will call us niggers faster than any redneck white southern cracker will, even before they learn to speak English-they learn to say, “Nigger!”
Harold, I feel that with this massive wave of immigrants that has hit this country with people coming here in groves, from every part of the world. We blacks who were born in this country and help build it need to come closer together and form a strong union, even if it means excluding other ethnic groups and taking care of our very own.
Most of these immigrants have newly arrived in this country and DC. I will guarantee you these people will become more demanding as they become more familiar and adjusted to our way of life. Just as the Hispanic community in Mt. Pleasant became upset and dissatisfied with the way they were being treated by the police. Their dissatisfaction resorted to violence and rioting last year.
We will begin to see the various ethnic groups become more outspoken and aggressive. So, Harold, I am saying all of this to say to you, that we do not have to rally behind any other ethnic group for their civil rights, if it is an important concern to them, they will succeed in making the change for themselves.
It is like Calvin Rolark often says, “No one will save us, but us,” and I am not particularly a Rolark fan (he is part of the problem), but he was dead right about that.
Harold, I drove a taxi-part time in this city for 10 years, the foreign cab drivers have just about taken over the industry. I was forced out, I no longer drive a taxi and whether you know it or not, these many, many new immigrants flooding this country, will have a tremendous impact on jobs, the economy, and the traditional American way of life, that we once knew.
I am sure that in your job in radio, you do not feel the effects of this massive foreign influx! Also, many white people do not feel the effects yet, but when they do you will see an end to this out-of-control immigration.
Harold, it is also strange to me that most talk show personalities, Cathy Hughes, Bernie McCain, Ernest White, and others will not touch this most relevant and emotional issue with a ten-foot pole. Why does talk show host avoid dealing with this serious immigration problem?
I think the immigration problem has had a negative impact on Black lives in America, as integration. If you closely observe these new foreigners who have come to America, you will see that they ban together, and employ and do business mainly with their people (a white tradition).
Those that come here from Africa may look like us, but they want nothing to do with us. They will only try to deal with us when it is beneficial to them. Otherwise, they consider themselves, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Somalian or other. Some are here from Jamaica, Cuba, and the Caribbean. They are thankful to be considered anything, but a Black American!
So why in the hell do we bend over backwards to accept and identify with them? I think we need to be concerned first and foremost with Black people who are born in America and let those groups take care of themselves.
Harold, I guess that some of those Redskin players feel as I do. I would not stick my neck out for any other group of people, but my own (Black Americans) and say to hell with everybody else!
Harold, soon we will be complaining about racism from these other groups, as we do now from whites.

Jim Hughes (February 2, 1992)

Dear Harold,
The last time I wrote asking why you were always castigating and degrading Coach John Thompson, you got mad. I still like and enjoy your program and I continue to listen. That is why I am taking the time to write again.
First, I want to thank you for your commentary on the life and times of the great Bubba Ellis. He was truly a great athlete and a good man. He should have played professional football, but because of his era and skin color, his full athletic potential was never known by many outside of this metropolitan area. I knew him personally and your commentary was fantastic.
Now comes the criticism, Harold I always thought I could depend on you to call a spade a spade. There is a certain radio station owner in this town who is hypocritical, vindictive, manipulative, and self-aggrandizing, and you use to warn your listeners about her. Now it seems that you have become aware of her power in the community and you have been letting her off the hook.
You are no longer critical of her, and your views of the Supreme Court nominee are the same as hers. You both say because Clarence Thomas is black we must accept him.
Harold, have you forgotten how you close your show every Saturday saying, “Remember every black face you see is not your brother and every white face you see is not your enemy?”
Your position, therefore on Clarence Thomas is hypocritical. I continue to lose faith in my fellow man, more and more everyday.
No one is willing to stand up and go against the grain, it becomes easier to go along to get along with the majority after a while, rather than face defeat along.

Jim Hughes (July 16, 1991)
P. S. Harold, what can listeners do to get your show hours extended? You should be on at least two hours instead of one.

Hello Harold,
I checked out your program on Saturday (January 20, 1990) when you were discussing Marion Barry, and I agreed wholeheartedly with everything you said about the Mayor and the cheerleaders around him.
I have written you before, and I get a kick out of your candid statements, there are not many like you around on the radio today, black or white. You don’t give a dam who you offend.
I like that policy in calling a spade a spade; others pretend to do that, such as Cathy Hughes, but she is as phony as a three-dollar bill. She will go any way the wind blows if it benefits her, and her radio stations. She sold black folks out with the Washington Post when she made a deal with Cathy Graham to sell out Congressman Walter Fauntroy and others who were boycotting the paper. Suddenly, the Grahams started to show up as her guest and sponsors were heard every five minutes of every day?
I have listened to this woman for years, I have heard her lie, be hypocritical, and make all kinds of ridiculous statements on air, but she has a following of fans you would not believe. Most of her gullible fans are from the deep south, or from areas where people have often been duped or scammed. These folks would not know a scam if it jumped on their backs and hitched a ride.
She uses race as a gimmick to entice people, making them feel like she is so black and she is in love with them. She is merely perpetrating a fraud, as you would say, “Every black face you see is not your brother or sister and every white face you see is not your enemy.”
When black people are oppressed, poor, and without hope, they see her as a Moses, to lead them out of their miseries. Cathy takes complete advantage of these fools. If you don’t believe me, Harold, listen to her program some morning.

James Wilkins (January 1, 1990)
P. S. I think W-U-S-T should extend your on air time to two or three hours. What can we the public do to get that to happen?

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First, we were promised “40 Acres & a Mule”, an Even Playing Field (still they made a white woman a ‘Minority’), lynching is still on the books on Capitol Hill (cops and guns have replaced ropes), our voting rights are being stripped away, Black History (CRT) is being suppressed in our school systems around the country and ‘The Dog Whistle’ is now “Education.” A whistle that will carry over into the 2024 Presidential campaign. Trump is back if he can stay out of jail.
The Black Farmers are dying and being run off their farms by the head of the Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. He is a Presidential appointee by the First Black President, Barack Obama, and reappointed by Obama VP President, Joe Biden who is now the President of the United States?

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Introduced former TV news anchor women Maureen Bunyan, Lark McCathy and DJ Donnie Simpson to black DC at the in-crowd Foxxtrappe Club in downtown DC. The ocassion was my birthday and to support the city of Atlanta in their efforts to help solve “The Atlanta Child Murders!”
Aruba born Maureen Bunyan is seen here at the Foxxtrappe with former All-Pro NFL WR Roy Jefferson and Attorney Derrick Humphries during a KIT Christmas toy party drive for needy children. Maureen and my wife Hattie and I became good friends. She has had dinner at our apartment in Suitland, Md. and took a nap in our bed. She would make millions as a TV anchor and slum landlord. Jim Hughes was right on the money when he said, “The folks from Africa and the Islands will use you as long as it is beneficial to them.” Maureen never donated to Kids In Trouble or brought a toy to a party. DJ Donnie Simpson is from Detroit, not Africa or the Carribean Islands and he still bounced a check for toys for inner-city kids. Cathy and her son Alfred are benefactors of Kids In Trouble. Alfred was the benefactor of KIT basketball camps,with Earl Monroe, Bighouse Gaines and Sonny Hill. Cathy and Alfred wore Nike shoes and warm-ups given to them by me. They never donated a toy or a food basket to Kids In Trouble. The Africans and Islanders have plenty of company when it comes to no reach-back in Black America. The list reads like a Who’s Who of household names; Adrian Dantley, Lamont Jordan, James Brown, Doug Williams, John Thompson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Andrian Branch, Jair Lynch, Cornelius Greene, Tony Paige, Jim Brown, Don King, George Foreman, Tim Baylor, Dave Bing, Michael Wilbon, and the list goes on and on. Those who gave back include, Larry Brown (NFL) donated $5,000.00 received as NFL MVP (1972). It was manditory he donate to a non-profit. Gwen Thompson the former wife of Georgetown basketball coach the late John Thompson, donated $40,000 to Kids In Trouble and $10,000 to Hattie and I. This donation was made primarily, because I led her divorce attorney to the skeletons in her husband’s closet. Big John settled out of court.

Medicare Open Enrollment and Big Pharma with an assist from “Beware there is a Doctor in the House!” And let us not forget the chorus line of celebrities, Joe Namath, Joe Theisman, Jimmy Walker, Danny Glover and former boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World, George Foreman are paid endorsers.


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