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The late NBA great Red Auerbach said, “Jackie Robinson may be America’s greatest all-around athlete in history!”

Black Minority Owners in pro sports are nothing but window dressing!

On April 15, 2021, MLB celebrated Jackie Robinson Day for 18th since its inception in 2004. Hundreds of players paraded around the playing field wearing his trademark number 42. My question, is baseball integrated? Looking at MLB today it is nobody’s success story, if you take Jackie’s number 42 and let only Black Americans wear it on the field of play on that day honoring Jackie, only then would you have an accurate count of how many Black Americans are on MLB teams.  April 15th has been a cover-up for the lack of Black Americans playing in the league. Today there are Less than 8%.  

MLB is the second richest pro sports’ league in America, but they have the First Lady of MLB, Jackie’s wife Rachel on hold while they try to locate financial support to open the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York City. She has been on hold for close to 10 years. Ms. Rachel Robinson is approaching 100 years old—-MLB has to stop faking. 

When I asked ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” co-host Michael Wilbon about the museum and what the problem was, he said, “Harold I am meeting Commissioner Bud Selig next week and I will pose that question to him?” Talking about famous last words, that was Wilbon five years ago!

The late great Hank Aaron was not a “Happy Camper” with the racism and The Good Old Boys that still run the league.

To make things worst there are still too many Spooks that still sit by the Door in media and baseball front offices. We got brothers pretending they are minority owners and front office executives, for example, in 2005 DC’s own James Brown CBS/NFL studio host is one of them. The Lerner’s gave him the ceremonial title of being a minority owner. His official duty as a minority owner was carrying the opening day lineup card out to the umpire or being the opening door announcer reading the starting line-up over the Public Address system. 

As a so-called minority owner, he made no baseball decisions, He was never in the room for the big trade or the hiring or firing of personnel. It took me a minute, but I kept reminding him he was being used. 

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Sam Jones (NBA)-James Brown (CBS/NFL)-HBell (Inside Sports) and NBA pioneer Earl Lloyd celebrate Black History Month.

He finally went on the late George Michael’s Sports Machine television show and confessed, “I make no baseball decisions”. I have not forgotten how the Lerner brothers disrespected the late great Frank Robinson. Frank was one of the greatest players of all time, but he was also a great manager, when the Lerners became the owners, they made it clear they didn’t want him around. Frank never forgot and he refused to come back for a “Frank Robinson Day” charade tribute! He saw them for what they were, Good Old Boys in a suit and tie. 

The Lerners after several losing seasons hired Dusty Baker, they were desperate to put a winner on the field for as cheap as possible, and Dusty was available. He was the man for the job. He took them to two straight play-offs but was victimized by untimely bad hitting and bad pitching in both play-off years. Everyone who knew anything about the game knew this was a championship team. 

What did the Lerners do–they fired Dusty? First, they didn’t want to pay him what he was worth, so they kicked him to the curve and hired a Hispanic manager Dave Martinez to cover up their racist act—he came cheap also. 

Guess what happens–the exact team Dusty was the manager of won the World Series for Martinez? My question, where was minority owner James Brown when the decision was made to fire Dusty and hire Martinez—he was nowhere to be found. 

It is just not James Brown, it’s Magic Johnson with the World Series-winning LA Dodgers. He is the same smiling face that was hanging out with racist Donald Sterling the LA Clippers owner before he was made to sell the team. Now his smiling face has been hired to hang out in Dodger Stadium pretending he is a minority owner, like James Brown and Derek Jeter he makes no baseball decisions.  

Let us not forget in 2017 Derek Jeter became the so-called CEO and minority owner of the Miami Marlins. He has a 4% stake in the team and NBA hall of fame player Michael Jordan has a half-percent stake for the same team. Jeter and MJ own less than 5% together!

Remember Jeter’s first official act was “Hatchet Man” for the new owners. He had Mike Hill another black executive to fire two black high-profile Marlin executives they were baseball hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Tony Perez, two of the most popular former players in Miami. 

To add insult they were told if they wanted to stay with the team they have to take a $60,000 pay cut to $25,000. It got worse, they were then told if they took the offer they would not be allowed to wear the Marlin uniforms around the clubhouse or on the field. 

One of the owners told Dawson to check back in two years after Jeter had an opportunity to evaluate him, Dawson’s response “I need to evaluate him.” 

Hill had three years left on his contract with the Marlins as GM so he was safe when Jeter arrived. Jeter showed him the door once his contract expired. Hill is now working in the front office of MLB. 

These brothers calling themselves minority owners—the only thing they own is going to the bathroom by themselves.

This is the plantation mentality that controls pro sports. Black NFL owners in 2021–ZERO. A Pakistani man and a Asian woman are NFL owners, would someone please name me one Pakistnani man or Asian woman who has played in the NFL. There is Zero co-ownership or complete black ownership in MLB, the NBA has Michael Jordan as the lone owner in the NBA—the NHL is out of the question the Commission Gary Bettman is a well-known Proud Boy! 

I met Bettman when he was the legal counsel for the NBA in the late 70s. John Phillips and I were the Nike reps for the NBA. Rod Thorn was the VP for player personnel and the Security Director was the late Horace Bowman. We met to clear the air on player participation in All-Star Games during the off-season.

The problem, the owners didn’t want the players to play in a charity game in St. Thomas the Virgil Islands, the home of Mycal Thompson of the LA Lakers. The meeting got a little heated when Bettman claimed that the NBA owns the players, there is no way that Bettman’s plantation mentality has changed as the Commissioner of the NHL.  

Today after games black NHL players in some cities have to have police protection to get to their cars.  

Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams are the latest “Smiling Black Faces for Hire” in the NFL. It is rumored they are now minority owners of the NFL Miami Dolphins? Their NFL credentials as minority owners read rumored dates with LB Lavar Arrington and WR Keyshawn Johnson.

In the NBA former NBA star and future hall of fame player, Dwyane Wade has been offered a minority ownership stake in the hottest team in the NBA, the Utah Jazz. NBA rules state a minority owner must own at least 1% of the team. Baseball owners have different rules Michael Jordan owns only one-half-percent of the Marlins? I would be surprised if Wade would settle for being just a “Black Smiling Face” for the Utah Jazz.

The NBA-NFL-MLB and NHL leave little doubt birds of a feather flock together. Black Minority owners remember if you are going to soar with Eagles you cannot hang out with chickens. Someday we will all be free but it won’t be on Jackie Robinson day!

NOTEWORTHY: All eyes on the Negro League Museum in Kansas City as it relates to receiving monies from MLB to support the facility. No monies from MLB should exchange hands until the Jackie Robinson Museum open its doors.

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