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We have a President that does not want to turn over the keys to the White House to the new tenant.  There are a bunch of selfish politicians on Capitol Hill on both sides of the isle who are making plans to go on Christmas vacation while American voters lose their homes, businesses, jobs, and lives because they cannot agree on a stimulus package to save them.  They are in concert with the pandemic.

It is that time of year again when folks are usually in the giving mode of their lives (December).  The poor and down trodden have been ignored from January through November and a guy called Santa Claus is coming to town you think—one place Santa ain’t coming is to the ghetto, especially this year-no one can afford him.  The year 2020 will go down as the deadliest in Black American History (only the journey from Africa by boat was more deadly).  Santa Claus is caught between a rock and a hard place. He cannot perform his duties of making children happy thanks to Donald Trump and the corona-virus.

Still your television screens will be overrun with promos by billion dollar corporations with pro athletes from MLB, NHL, NFL and the NBA telling you how much they are supporting our community and kids—some do and some don’t.  There will be grocery chains, banks, clothing stores and radio and television station personalities asking you to meet them on a designated street corner or at the bank and make a cash or toy donation for the children. This is the 1% asking you to make a donation to them???

They will have you thinking that your cash or toy donation will help to make some family happy with a turkey dinner and toys for tots—thanks for giving?  There will be pastors in some churches who will get into the act of pretending that they care.   You will be asked to exchange your gun for a gift card to save some child’s life—the brother turning in his ONE gun in all probability has two and a shotgun in his car.  The Pimps in the Pulpit will tell the brothers and sisters volunteering to give up their guns and “Don’t worry everything is on the up and up, you don’t have to show ID”!  Guess who is there taking your guns and pictures with a camera over here and a camera over there—the cops? 

In the meantime, our babies’ blood is flowing in our streets.  Last week (Wednesday December 3rd) one year old Carmelo Duncan was shot and killed while riding in a car seat with his father in SE DC.  The FBI is offering a $60,000 reward for the shooter, one week later the killer or killers are still nowhere to be found.  The reward is the highest to ever be posted for the life of a black child murdered by gun in DC.  Don’t expect DC Police Chief Peter Newsham to be in on the manhunt, he has slipped quietly out the backdoor and has taken a new job in Prince William County, Virginia.  His credentials for his new job—on his old DC job homicides spiked every year he was the chief! I testified against his confirmation before the city council in 2017 with documents showing he was not fit for the job. He was confirmed 12-1, the only descending vote was that of at-large City Councilman, Dave Grosso. He was the only council person who asked to view my documents. In July when Grosso called for the chief to be fired, Mayor Bowser called Grosso a “Lame Duck”? Calling Grosso a lame duck what did that have to do with the inept and terrible performance of her chief of police?


Outgoing police Chief Peter Newsham said, “Carmelo is the youngest victim of gun violence in D.C. so far this year.


This is an unfathomable tragedy. He added that, for Carmelo’s family, “the only thing that we can do to help solve your pain is trying to find the person or persons who are responsible.”

According to Newsham, there is forensic evidence that more than one gun was used, but officials can’t yet report on how many different types of rounds hit the vehicle.

Newsham also believes that the vehicle — driven by Carmelo’s father, and with a second child on board, neither of whom were injured — was targeted, not part of a random attack.

“I will reiterate what the mayor said with regards to the folks that are responsible for this: You need to come and turn yourself in,” Newsham said. “Because we are going to make every effort and spend as much time as we need to define the person or persons who are responsible.”

Police are looking for a dark gray SUV with dark-tinted windows that may have been involved in the shooting. Newsham said the area is still being canvassed for possible video footage.https://8e67e1ff0907ae416865ae5a2adfd74c.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

A $60,000 reward — through D.C., the FBI and ATF — is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the suspects in the case.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, anonymous tips can be sent to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text message to 50411.

The NBA-MLB-NHL-and NFL pro athlete reach-back programs were started here in DC in 1968 via Kids In Trouble, Inc. They have since copied the format showcasing some of their biggest stars at food kitchens serving hot turkey dinners, and hosting toy parties for needy children with owners along for the ride! 

The problem, they are much like Cinderella, they will disappear at midnight (the new year) and its back to business as usual, they will go into hibernation in their gated communities or homes in the mountains or at some ski resort until the following December.  Some athletes will ride off into the sunset like the Washington Wizards’ John Wall thinking he did his due diligence because he shown up at a food kitchen or a toy party for tots.  In the meantime, little children will continue to die in our streets.  

The Washington Wizards (Bradley Beal), Washington Nationals (James Brown/minority owner), Washington Capitals (Bill Douglas/Neal Henderson) and the Washington Football team (Doug Williams) have all shown little interest in the murders North of Capitol Hill. Each franchise should be able to raise 10,000 from the players and owners to raise the $40,000 dollars to bring the $60,000 to a total reward of $100,000. There are several players who could make the donation and never miss it. This will show that they are making our children first, turkey dinners and toys for tots are not enough and neither are “Spooks That Sat by the Door”.

In 1979-1981 black boys in Atlanta, Georgia were being abducted off the streets and murdered. In May of 1980 no-one had been arrested and charged. I decided to celebrate my May 21st birthday at the Foxtrapp Club as a fundraiser to raise money to assist in finding the murder of those children. The party goers included pro athletes, law-enforcement, politicians, judges and radio and television personalities. They cough-up $5,000.00 for Kids In Trouble, Inc. to send to the Atlanta police department to assist in its investigation of the murders.

Serial killer Wayne Bertram Williams was finally arrested in 1981 for the murder of two black men. He was sentenced to life in imprisonment. Law-enforcement believes he was responsible for at least 23 of 30 murders between 1979-1981. He was never tried for the other murders (mostly children). I have never forgotten.

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TV-9 anchor Maureen Bunyan, TV 5 anchor Lark McCarthy and radio DJ Donnie Simpson join me during the fund raiser for black children murdered in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979-1981.
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Meet a few of the benefactors of Kids In Trouble, Inc and Inside Sports:

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Doug Williams-Mike Wilbon-Sugar Ray Leonard-Cathy Hughes-Neal Henderson-George Foreman-Alex Williams. Please call 202 727 9099 and make a donation to make the reward reach $100, 000 to get these killers of our children off the streetsMerry Christmas.

We need these thugs off of the streets by any means necessary and it will take a village of every black and white face we see.  Santa Claus ain’t coming to the ghetto–so what about the children?


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