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Ice Cube still fighting the Power
Harold Bell the man who had the great Jim Brown’s back. The legacy of Jim Brown “The Spook That Sat by the Door”

Ice Cube definitely cause some confusion by sitting at a table with Trump’s people, but to me he cleared the confusion up when he made it clear that he was not on anyone’s TEAM. His plan is to fight “The power with power”.

I am still not clear on whether there were any funds promised or exchanged between the Trump administration and Ice Cube!

The interview Ice Cube had with ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE tells his story and his objectives for black America. It is black brothers like NFL Legend Jim Brown who has been ripping off black America and the black athlete for over 50 years. He has been living a lie forever and a day.

Jim has pretended his work with gangs and the incarcerated was about uplifting them when it was all about uplifting himself. He recently took 50 million dollars from the Trump administration. See the link with him in the White House oval office with Kanye West as he kisses Trump’s ass for the 50 million. He tries to hide out sight of the cameras, but Trump lets everybody know its Jim Brown he is talking to and we still gave him a pass.

In 2007 I coordinated a fund raising tribute with Willie Wood’s lawyer, Bob Schmitz to help Willie with his nursing home expenses. The tribute was held on the Georgetown Waterfront. The guest were former players who read like a group of players who just stepped out of the NFL Hall Fame.

The Green Bay Packers in attendance were, QB Bart Starr, RB Paul Hornung, WR Max McGee, DE Willie Davis, Redskins LB Sam Huff and WR Charlie Taylor, Baltimore Colt’s TE John Mackie, SD Chargers WR Lance Alworth and Cleveland Brown RB Jim Brown.

I watched Jim Brown and Schmitz steal chump change from Willie when he could not help himself (dementia). Willie’s family was nowhere to be found. I am talking about less than 60 thousand dollars. When I called Jim out he went into his ganster bag and called me all kinds of MFs and sons of Bs. He has never said, “I didn’t take Willie’s money!” This negro is a fake. He is not the only spook who has been sitting by the door keeping others out. They read like a undercover Who’s Who.

The legendary LB Sam Huff and I share a laugh with Willie during the tribute. Since this photo Sam has come down with dementia.
image - 2020-02-09T152319.768
Jim huddles with Dick Gregory and me during the 2007 tribute to Willie Wood.
Dick and Ernie Fields & and his partner Cockroach were the headliners for the tribute.

I had to squash one beef after another when it came to Jim Brown. First, There was the beef with the judicial court system in California when he was sentenced to six-months in jail in 1999. Then there was NFL RB Calvin Hill and the late NFL star Bubba Smith. The two smiled in his face and stabbed him in his back. They talked do-do behind his back, never looking him in his eyes man to man.

I threaten to expose Calvin to Jim during the tribute, but when I went to get Jim, Calvin had dropped his plate and ran from the building. I guess he had not forgotten the story about how Jim’s golfing partner caught him cheating. Jim took a golf club and beat him bloody.

Calvin Hill and Jim Brown, two brothers running against the wind. One is a coward and the other is a coward and bully.

The most hurtful beef was the one he started with the great, Lenny Moore. Lenny is one of the nicest human beings to ever play in the NFL–No. 24 was an oficer and gentleman. We all know how the Baltimore Colts broke the hearts of their fans when on March 28, 1984 owner Bob Irsay in the still of the night while Baltimore slept, he packed the team’s belongings in trucks and moved them to Indianapolis.

It took 12 years for a NFL team to return to Baltimore. Art Modell owner of the Cleveland Browns got fed up with the city of Cleveland who refuse to fund a new stadium for his team. In 1996 Modell decided to take his football and go play in Baltimore. The baggage or gabbage he brought from Cleveland with him was Jim Brown.

Jim is considered the greatest football player in the history of NFL and I totally agree, but he comes up short as a human being. He followed owner Art Modell and the money to Baltimore. Lenny Moore was still living in Baltimore and he remained a Baltimore Colt running back treasure/legend. The city loved him–to know Lenny was to love him.

image - 2020-10-20T104713.209
No. 24 Lenny Moore-they called him “Spats.” He was one of the most formidable offensive weapons in NFL history. He was the first NFL running back to line up at wide receiver and running back in the sasme game. In front of M & T Bank Stadium there are the statures of QB Johnny Unitas and LB Ray Lewis. The Ravens need to make room for a stature of Lenny Moore.
Santa’s Helpers: Union Station Kids In Trouble, Inc toy party for needy children. Standing: Sam Jones-HB and Lenny Moore. Sitting: Lamont Jordan-Lawrence Wade and Roy Jefferson.

Old friend and Cleveland Brown legend TE Ozzie Newsome made the trip to Baltimore. He was the first black General Manager (ret) in league history.

I met Ozzie his rookie year in 1978 in RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. The Browns were playing the Washington Redskins. During an interview after the game he gave me his home number making him one my favorite pro athletes. Try to get a player or GM’s home number or cell number today-it ain’t happening. Ozzie and I reconnected in Baltimore.

Jim Brown’s storied history with the Cleveland Browns has brought him back to the area. He now double dips in Cleveland and Baltimore with his hand-out. This is one insecure brother. In Balltimore his insecurity started with him spreading rumors that Lenny was bad-mouthing him to the Ravens players, but nothing was further from the truth. These accusations were based on the thought of him losing the Raven’s locker room to the great Lenny Moore.

Lenny was hurt by Jim spreading those rumors because he thought he was his friend. I was asked to intervene by Lenny and I did. I called Jim and I told him there was no truth or proof to the rumors that Lenny was talking bad about him to the Raven players. He called Lenny and apologized–case closed. He was chased out of Cleveland by former coach and Cleveland Brown Vice-President Mike Holgren for solicting money from the players. He claimed it was for his Amer-I-Can program.

His next beef was with former Syracuse legendary athlete Avatus Stone who hailed from Washington, DC. I knew the legend of Avatus from hearing folks talk about him on the playgrounds, in school gyms, pool halls and barber shops across the city.

He is one of the greatest all-around athletes to come out of the DC Public School system. He played football, basketball and baseball for Armstrong High School. He played his college football at the University of Syracuse where he was a triple threat, running, throwing and kicking the football.

He played the game hard on and off the field. He was a lady’s man and could be seen driving around campus in a red cadillac and a blond riding shotgun.

image - 2020-02-19T061234.528
image - 2020-02-19T061218.817
Before Jim Brown there was a great all-around athlete at Syracuse by the name of Avatus Stone.

Avatus was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals in the 1953 NFL draft, but this was an era they were not giving black quarterbacks an opportunity to play the position. Avatus decided to play professionally in Canada with the Ottawa Rough Riders from 1953 to 1956. His best year was playing tailback with the Montreal Alouettes in 1957. He won the Jeff Russell Memorial Trophy as the best player in the East.  He finished his pro football career in 1958 with the Baltimore Colts of the NFL playing one game. It is rumored he drove off in a red cadillac and a blond riding shotgun. 

During the 50s Darryl Hill was just a youngster living in a community called Mayfair Manions in NE DC. I lived in Parkside a housing project on the other side of the street–Hayes street divided the two communities. Darryl’s family own a trucking company, Hill’s Transfer-he was a ‘Privilege Black Kid’ through no fault of his own.

In the evenings and weekends we played pick-up football on a field behind the DGS Food store off of Kenilworth Aenue. There was no rivary between the two communities, in fact on Thursday nights there were folks in Mayfair who would allow several of us to gather outside of their windows and we watched Antonino Rocca, Golden Superman, and Gorgeous George among others as long as we stayed quiet. This was long before the WWE.

Darryl would try to join the pick-up game but he was a little soft. The brothers from Parkside could be bullies when they chose. We would ruff him up and send him home crying to his mother. His mother would send him back to play the following day. She would hang around for a minute and then head back to her apartment. Darryl would not be far behind her.

He went missing for about a week, but the next time he showed up he was fully armed. The brother hanging out with him was 6’3 and at least 230 pounds. He looked like he was walking on air–it was Avatus Stone.

Everyone just froze where we stood. He carried a football under his arm and lined up everyone to run out for passes. We were thrilled that the great Avatus Stone was in the hood throwing us passes and showing us how to run pass patterns. Darryl was in like Flynn never having his mom for a chaperone again. Thanks to his mom, he was the first black player to play on the Gonzaga High School football team. For the next several years it would be one first after another.

Darryl Hill would later become the first black athlete to play a football game with the University of Maryland making him the first African-American to play in the ACC (The Atlantic Coast Conference) composed of formerly segregated white institutions. Darryl set two school records that still stand today, total yards receiving and total passes caught in single game. Darryl would become a true pioneer and trailblazer. He owes it all to his mom who refuse to give up on him and the brothers from Parkside on the othe side of the street who taught him how to take licking and keep on ticking.

image - 2020-10-20T195757.984
Darryl during his playing days at the University of Maryland
image - 2020-10-20T195231.563
Darryl & his mom Mrs. Hill: “Thanks mom for not giving up on me”

Jim Brown has always been a insecure athlete, it all first surfaced when he followed Avatus to Syracuse. The coaches and players talked about Avatus like he was a God. They claimed he could do things on the field that they had never seen anyone else do. Jim was warned not to follow in his footsteps when it came to dating white girls–they were still off limits.

Jim Brown would use every opportunity to bad mouth Avatus to anyone who would listen. He would tell folks how Avatus’ bad behavior limited his boundaries on the campus. He carried these stories of Avatus all the way to the NFL.

My wife Hattie and Avatus’ former wife Carrie would become great friends while teaching at McKinley Tech High School in DC. We would often double date and hang out on his boat. Avatus was now a promient businessman who traveled all over the country making deals. He had an outgoing personality and we became great friends. When he found out that me and Jim were friends, he called me one day out of the blue and invited to have lunch with him.

The lunch was one that I will never forget. First, Avatus ask me how long had I been knowing Jim? My response, “Since my college days at Winston-Salem State. We have worked together on several community projects since the 1970s and he was a regular guest on Inside Sports.” He sat silent for a minute and said, “I have never met Jim Brown, but I would like to can you make that happen.” I said, ” You got it.”

Congressman Lou Stokes, Jim and I on The Hill for a photo opt. In December 1974 Congressman Stokes read my name into the Congressional Record on the House Floor for my work with inner-city youth.

The next 30 minutes Avatus would spent talking about how Jim had bad mouthed him around the country relating to the time he had spent as a student/athlete at Syracuse. My problem he said, “I don’t know the guy except from what I have seen him do on television on Sundays. He was one hell of a football player ”

Coincidently, I was planning a fund raiser tribute to Jim the next month at Holgate’s Restaurant on the SW waterfront. I am now thinking what in the hell have I have gotten myself into. I had already invited Congressman Lou Stokes (D-Ohio) as a surprise guest. Lou and Jim were great friends back in the day when he played for the Cleveland Browns, but now I have to try to bring these two former great athletes together. They both still look like they could suit up for a game on Sunday. I have to bring them to a meeting for the first time without a ‘Peace Pipe’! There was no Nobel Peace Prize hanging in the balance for me.

I met Jim in 1960 my freshman year at a Winston-Salem State University athletic banquet. We connected again in the late 60s when he found the Negro Industrial and Economic Union to help black businessmen to get a foothold in the financial world. The organization had a office in NE DC.

His history when it comes to violence against women is atrocious. They don’t get much lower than Jim Brown. Even though he was the NFL poster boy for domestic violence against women, the Cleveland Browns in 2016 still honored him with a stature in his likeness outside of the stadium!

Jim Brown likes to tell people how he put Syracuse University on the map–another lie. It was Wilmeth Sidat-Singh and Avatus Stone who put the school on the map. Jim just happen to come along during a time when the media was finally opening the doors of recognition for the black athlete. The trailblazers like Jesse Owens, Paul Roberson, Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson were not only heard but were seen.

In 1999 I led a campaign to get Jim Brown out of jail on his last domestic violence charge with his present wife Monique. She called me after he was sentenced to six-months in jail for domestic violence against her. He served three-months of the six-month sentence.


“Harold Bell has been a crusader for black people all his life. He also has friends in the white community in sports. He has always been outstanding. Always an individual speaking his mind and giving you a platform to express your views. When I was incarcerated he did everything he could to attack those who had incarcerated me unfairly. He is one of my friends and we have done many things together over the years. Harold is truly a man that believes in his culture and his people. He will always will be that way because there is no one who can change him–that is my partner!”

His friend Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California) even called him out as a pimp and a hustler in the black community during a forum at the Congressional Black Caucus Weekend several years ago.

CBS sportscaster James Brown reminded everyone during a sports media panel at the University of the District of Columbia he said, “I am not the Jim Brown that throws women over balconies.”

Olympic track and field star Jackie Joyner Kersey called him out on national television with a forum on the Black Athlete. The panel included former President Bill Clinton (the first Black President), GT coach the late John Thompson.

The do-do hit the fan when Jim was complaining about the black athlete was not giving enough of their finances back to the black community. Jackie took the floor and ask the question, “Who in the hell are you to be telling the black athlete how much he or she should be giving back to the black community?” You could hear a mouse pee on cotton. I will take Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Ice Cube over Jim Brown on any given Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

I remember a conversation Jim and I had about heroes and by coincident we admired three of the same people, Paul Roberson, Jackie Robinson and Malcolm X. Go figure, these three giants had no domestic violence in their storied history. You would think with his violence against women he would have more in common with Attila the Hun.

image (12)
Jackie Robinson: A real American hero-gone too soon.

God was definitely in my corner when Avatus called several days before the tribute to tell me he would be out of town. One of his business partners had called to tell him he had to have emergency surgery. He would appreciate it if Jim woul go to Chicago for the meeting in his place. It was business before pleasure–saved by the bell!

Avatus and I both were thinking there would be plenty of time to meet Jim since I was on his radar screen. It would never happen, the tribute was in 1998 and Avatus died from cancer two years later in 2000.

image - 2020-10-20T133549.273
Wilmeth Sidat-Singh
was born in Washington, DC and was the first black to attend Syracuse University and break down the barriers for Avatus Stone and Jim Brown.
image - 2020-02-19T045128.866
This young man was another outstanding all-around athlete at Syracuse who was shortchanged because of racism in America. Lt. Wilmeth Sidat-Singh died at the age of 24. He was on a military training mission May 9, 1943, his plane was shot down by “Friendly Fire” and crashed into Lake Huron in Michigan. His body was found one month later, He was one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. I am still trying to figure out how an American can be shot down by Friendly Fire in American skyes?

Wilmeth left DC in his youth when his mother remarried and they settled in Harlem, NY . He played varsity basketball and football at DeWitt High School. Syracuse University and nearby Cornell University were among the first collegiate football teams to include African-American players as starters in the backfield. There was a 1938 news report in the Baltimore Sun on one such game where Sidat-Singh led Syracuse to a victory over Cornell. In that era, when games were played in Southern segregation states, African-American players from Northern schools were banned from the field. Because of his light complexion and name, Sidat-Singh was sometimes assumed to be a “Hindu” (as people from India were often called by Americans during this time). However. shortly before a game against the University of Maryland, Sam Lacy a legendary black sportswriter for the African-American newspaper wrote an article revealing Sidat-Singh’s true racial identity. Wilmeth Sidat-Singh was held out of the game and Syracuse lost 13-0. In a rematch thefollowing year at Syracuse, Sidat-Singh led the Orange to a lopsided victory over Maryland (53-0). It was sweet revenge.

Read Ice Cube’s “Contract With America” response in Rolling Stone Magazine. He makes sense and hits a homerun. Ice Cube makes a very valid point, “No one has more skin in the game when it comes to the building of this country than black Americans whose ancestors were black slaves held captive to provide FREE labor.” White Americans bounced a check that read ‘We owe you 40 acres and a mule’. It has never to been paid. Everyone has received 40 acres and a mule except black folks.

Its spooks like Jim Brown who sit by and behind the door at places like the White House collecting checks who are the REAL enemy in Black America.

Would someone please explain to me how can someone’s networth is less than a million dollars in one year and the folowing year his networth is 50 million dollars after receiving 50 million dollars earmarked for prison reform from the White House for his non-profit organization?

image - 2020-10-20T075112.879
Jim Brown and President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office of the White House-Republican or Democrat or was it just show me the money? When you ask a black man why he chose the Republican Party? The response is always “Its the quickest way to the money!” 50 million still does not buy a black man or woman freedom in America. You are only a 50 million dollar slave because you think like one-it is all about you.
Secretary of State William Rogers, Hattie T and I meet with President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office at the White House. Republican or Democrat–I didn’t have a clue? There were no grants or loans to follow this visit-just a J-O-B!

The latest Spook to sit by the door is media coon Jason Whitlock. This fool thinks because Jim Brown was able to hustle Trup for 50 million he can do the same. You cannot hustle a hustler–ask Don King. Don stole from everyone he met or sign to a contract–he never stole a dime from Donald Trump. A thief knows a thief.

Jason Whitlock one of the biggest coons in sports media meets with Trump!

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