Law Enforcement Way: Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin is caught on video with his knee on the neck of George Floyd. He makes himself judge and jury.

The Minneapolis black Police Chief Medaria Arradondo immediately fired all four officers involved in the death of George Floyd after seeing the above video.  The video clearly shows Chauvin with his knee on the neck of George Floyd while he groans and pleads to the officer saying “I cannot breath”. Sound familiar, Eric Garner a black man died at the hands of four white New York City cops for selling loose cigarettes in 2014, he echoed the very same words ‘I cannot breath’. The brutal murder of George Floyd by four cops was also seen on video.  With no arrest the question seem to be, “Who are you going to believe the video or your lying eyes”?   Derek Chauvin was finally arrested on Friday and charged with 3rd degree murder.

The white Mayor, Jacob Frey was more on point, he stepped up front and center a day after this horrific crime at a press conference and said “George Floyd was murdered by the four officers”.  He added, “I believe what I saw and what I saw is wrong on every level, being black in America should not be a death sentence”

George Floyd worked as a security guard at restaurant/club according to Chief Arradondo Mr. Floyd died after a “Medical incident in a police interaction”.  It has since been discovered the Chauvin and Floyd worked security together at the same restaurant.  The two men were not strangers. Floyd’s girl friend was white.

Black Detroit Police Chief James Craig said, The “Officer who killed George Floyd should be arrested for murder”.

Democratic Chairman, Tom Perez, said, “We will not heal as a nation through silence — but through justice, through progress, through activism and action.  George Floyd is the name we’re chanting today.  Yesterday it was Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.  Before that it was Botham Jean, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Laquan McDonald.  We will keep saying their names. We will keep honoring their lives. And we will keep seeking justice for their families — and the families of those whose tragedies weren’t captured on video — by fighting to end police brutality and the institutional racism that pervades every aspect of our society.  So long as Black men and women cannot breathe, we cannot rest.”

The Legends of Inside Sports Uncut Face Book Live.
Date: Saturday May 30, 2020 Time: 9 pmTopic: When is murder-MURDER?


ANDREW JOHNSON– is a 34 year veteran of law Enforcement. He Started out as a DC foot patrolman in the Cardozo/Shaw community in 1965.  In 1967 hejoined the Homicide squad as a lead detective.  In 1975 he joined the DEA and retired as a Supervisor.
REAMER SHEDRICK– is a native Washingtonian, and a graduate of Eastern Senior High School, class of ’66. He Served two years in the Army from 1966-1968. Reamer joined the MPDC in 1970. He served in many capacities i.e; First District Patrol Officer,  Narcotics Investigator, Stolen Auto Squad Investigator, Fugitive Detective G2,  Intelligence Division Detective, Mayor Security Detail (Mayor Marion Berry).  Retired from MPDC 1n 1999.
Re-joined MPDC in 2000 in the Senior Officers Program, assigned as a Background Investigator in Recruiting Division until 2011.  In 2012, he worked at the National Court in the Security Force until 2014.

RICHARD ROSE, is the president of the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP.  He is an Atlanta businessman and long-time civil rights activist.  He is a practicing certified public accountant and a native of Memphis, TN, it was there he started his civil rights activism.  He is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where he lettered in track and was initiated into Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.  He has served as president of the Atlanta Branch of the  NAACP since 2015, the latest in his record of service to his community.

Central park woman calls cops on black man while walking in the park black

Detroit Bank teller calls cops on a black man while banking black.

President Trump: “Threatens to let the dogs out”?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvmdLzVSf38&feature=em-share_video_user POLICE FORUM / white cops no-shows

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkafk63frbg&feature=youtu.be HERE COMES THE JUDGE LUKE C. MOORE

The Kids In Trouble, Inc DMV Police Community Relations Forum.  Co-host Jim Brown (NFL) and Congressman Tom Davis (R-Vir)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geFgPqTesnk/ Elijah Cummings “Are we better than this”?



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