It is that time of year again when suddenly folks are in the giving mode of their lives (November and December).  The poor and down trodden have been ignored from January through October, but now they are in the spotlight thanks to a turkey and a guy called Santa Claus (sometimes he is one of the same).  Your television screens will be overrun with promos by multi-million dollar corporations like grocery chains, banks, the Army, Navy, Marines, clothing stores, radio and television stations asking you to meet them on a designated street corner or at the bank.  Your cash or toy donation will help them to make some kid and his family happy with a turkey dinner and a toy—thanks for giving?  Even some churches will get into the act of pretending that they care.  There will be turkey dinners, toys for tots and exchange your gun program for a gift card to save some child’s life—the brother turning in his one gun in all probability has two and a shotgun in his car.  If Santa shows up in the ghetto, he will be disguised as a cop, preacher or politician.  Check the DMV and see what police department the Department of Justice has launched yet another discrimination investigation and see how many white churches have gun exchange programs–the NRA has already served notice white folks are not giving up their guns, buyer beware!
The “First” black DC chief of police Burtell Jefferson is a Kids In Trouble Santa’s Helper.

The troubled NFL and NBA will showcase some of their biggest stars at food kitchens serving hot turkey dinners, and hosting toy parties for needy children with “Officer Friendly” along for the ride!  The problem, they are much like Cinderella.  They will disappear at midnight (the new year) and its back to business as usual, they will go into hibernation in their gated communities until the following November.
Sugar Ray Leonard once a kid in trouble was the first pro boxer to earn over 100 millions dollars.  

In the meantime, Santa Claus ain’t coming to the ghetto and neither are  the “Sacred Cows” like Sugar Ray Leonard, Doug Williams, John Thompson, Randy Kenney, James Brown, Michael Wilbon or Stephen A. Smith and little children will continue to die.

This is for the men and women of color and especially for the kids who will die.  And black kids will surely continue to die.  The old and the rich will live on awhile, as always eating blood and gold while letting little kids die.

Kids will die in the swamps of Mississippi organizing share croppers.  Little black girls and boys will die in the streets of Chicago while jumping rope and shooting baskets in front of their homes.  Kids will die in Compton for wearing the wrong colors to school.  Kids will die in Potomac Gardens, Simple City and Barry Farms in the Nation’s Capitol.  And little kids will die in Forestville, and District Heights, Maryland—just because they are black.

People of color will die who don’t believe in lies, bribes, contentment and cops who want to make war in our community instead of peace—kids will die.  Let us not forget the sleazy courts and their sleazy judges and the blood loving politicians who also make war and not peace.  There are the money loving pimping preachers in the pulpit who pretend they are making peace.  And all they are making is money with the powers to-be who are responsible for kids who die.  They will raise their hands against the kids who will die, beating them with the Bible, written and unwritten laws, clubs, bayonets, and bullets are use to frighten the people to go along to get along—while little kids are dying!

The wise and the learned who pen editorials in the paper and write best-selling books according to the NY Times and Oprah Winfrey—know best!  And then there are those with Dr. in front of their name pretending they live in the richest black county in America despite having the highest foreclosure rate in the country and a school system in chaos.  All of this while little kids die.

For the kids who die are like iron in the blood of the people—and the old and rich don’t want the people to taste the blood of the kids who die.

They don’t want the people to get wise to their own power and to believe in the Harold Bells, Andrew Johnsons, Maggie Lintons, Shannon Sharps, Herb Edwards and the Jemele Hills of the world.  Former NFL football great and now a television color analyst Randy Moss recently said, “A lie does not care who tells it”!  The TRUTH, kids are dying.

https://www.gofundme.com/the-day-ali-made-media-history / Thanks to friend and foe for the support and inspiration you have given me.  I never could have made it without you.

Noteworthy: In a Bleacher Report blog Kevin Durant sounds off, (a must read) “There Ain’t No Loyalty in the NBA”.  He says, ‘Just because you hold up a trophy does not make you a champion’.  The same can be said for black media personalities, just because you are black does not make you an expert on the black experience.

For example; I don’t want you to get Roland Martin, Tavis Smiley and Denise Rolark mixed in with major media outlets even though they do serve a purpose.

Major media is, the NY Times, USA Today, Washington Post, L. A. Times, CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox News routinely present a distorted picture of black families–portraying them as dependent and dysfuntional while white families are more likely to be depicted as sources of of social stability, according to a report recently released by Color of Change. They are a racial justice organization an advocate of diverse family arrangements.
Their researchers reviewed more than 800 local and national news stories published and aired between January 2015 and December 2016. Black families portrayed 59% of the poor portrayed in the media, the analysis said, but we account for just 27% of Americans living in poverty. White families make up 17%of the poor depicted in the news media, but make up 66% of the American poor, according to the analysis.
Black people are also three times more likely than whites to be portrayed as dependent on welfare and represent 37% of criminals shown in the news, but constitute 26% of those arrested on criminal charges.
There are dire consequences for black people when these outlandish archtypes rule the day: There is abusive treatment by by police, less attention from doctors, harsher sentences from the courts. This is why “Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to the Ghetto.”

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