When I read and see folks like Sheriff David Clark (Minnesota), the cop in Brooklyn and Peggy Hubbard taking a stand against the Black Lives Matter movement it saddens me. This is another case of black men and women who have no clue about their own history! Clark, Hubbard, the Brooklyn cop and others like them claim “Black Lives Don’t Matter”. I can only pray for them.

These are the kind of black folks that Russ Limbaugh, CNN, Fox News and the GOP prey on to spread the ignorance to our children who have no clue as it relates to Black History. And these idiots become their teachers in this important Game Called Life.

There is no one to tell them that their ancestors were Kings and Queens and not hoodlums and thugs like the ones that they see us portrayed as on the internet, in the nation’s newspapers and on national television.

I have been on both sides of the fence. 2015 marked 50 years I have been working in the war zones of DC, Maryland and Virginia with youth gangs and at-risk children (Kids In Trouble, Inc.). My two brothers were cops (U. S. Marshall and DC). My mentor was DC Superior Court Judge, Luke Moore. He was the first modern day U. S. Marshall in-charge appointed by the President of the United States of America. My dear and close friend Andrew Johnson was a top DC Homicide detective in the 60s and retired as supervisor with the DEA (we were teammates in high school and in the community). Former Detroit FBI Director Wayne Davis and I worked together in the streets of DC during the 1968 riots. This brother knew Black Lives Mattered before today’s organization, he tried to save DC Mayor Marion Barry, if he had listened “The Bitch would have never set him up”!

I have seen the GOOD, BAD and UGLY up close and personal. During the riots I worked side by side with DC cops and military personnel with only a DC police badge and God to protect me.

Deputy Chief Timon O’Byrant was only one of two black administrators in the DCPD in the 60s. He swore me in roll-call in what is now known as the 3rd District HQ. He thought that since I was a high profile personality in the community I might be able to save some child’s life. I was not a happy camper with a police badge, but could not say “No”. I knew he cared about the community and he had proved to me “That Black Lives Matter”.

My two brothers were good cops, but the cowards and bullies they worked with did not want “Good Cops” in their work place. They had to face the “Them against us mentality”. My brothers had to fight for their careers because of ‘The Thin Blue Line and the Code of Silence’. There were also a bunch of cowards from DC in the line of command who lacked balls to take a stand and went along to get along.

The CODE and LINE was established by members of the KKK who infiltrated the departments in the early years to protect and cover up the brutality committed by white policemen against black people across America.

The FOP is the modern day affiliate of the KKK. My question to all black men and women who oppose Black Lives Matter, when was the last time you heard a President of any FOP chapter admit in the murder of a black man and say ‘That was a bad shooting’? Never in the history of the department!
I am a native Washingtonian (4th Generation) now living in adjoining Prince Georges County, Maryland for the past 40 years. When it comes to police brutality PG County is one the most brutal police departments in the country ranking closely with LA and NY City. They were under FBI watch for decades.
I have yet to see a member of the PG County Police Department pull over and give a white person a ticket. The proof is in the pudding, on any given morning you can attend the Upper Marlboro Courthouse and take a seat in traffic court and there you will find 10 black faces to every one white face. I have yet to encounter a cop in DC or PG County make a group of whites sit on the ground in handcuffs and I am not one just sitting around watching the news.

A law-enforcement Alert; you were not DRAFTED into this job—you volunteered–the exact same message I passed on to my late brothers. I lost my younger brother Earl two years ago as a result of The Thin Blue Line and Code of Silence.
I will bet you a dollar to a donut that 90% of today’s active cops have no clue to who Patrick Murphy was or Frank Serpico (I worked with Mr. Murphy in DC). Evidently, Sheriff Clark, Ms. Hubbard and the Brooklyn cop are not aware in 1968 the Kerner Report was established by President Lyndon Johnson to investigate unrest in America among blacks and whites—their findings, “We are headed for two Americas, one black and one white, separate and unequal”! This was almost 50 years ago we were given “A heads-up”.

My brothers and sisters who don’t think Black Lives Matter, you need to do your HOME WORK, because it is best to be thought a fool then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt! Furthermore, members of our police departments are ranked No. 1 when it comes to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN AMERICA! Silence is sometimes golden–Wake Up Everybody.

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