As we head for the polls on Tuesday April 26th the poor and down trodden, especially, those of us in Black America we should be aware of “The Free Loaders” among us who want our vote. The GOP 1% is pissed-off about front-runner Donald Trump one of their very own. He is exactly what they have been wishing for, but the problem, they have no control. It is hilarious watching them scramble from pillar to post trying to come up with a workable solution to stop “The Donald.”

The Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has her detractors but nothing is as scary as Donald Trump as President of the United States, but even that is debatable according to supporters of Bernie Sanders.

In the black community nothing is as scary as Donna Edwards, Glenn Ivey and Anthony Brown three of the biggest do-nothings politicians in Prince Georges County, Maryland. All are running for public office. The best way to describe them is “Political Free Loaders” who don’t want to work for anyone!

I have admired and respected former United States Attorney General Eric Holder for his stand-up attitude during the President Barack Obama administration. His stand-up attitude against White House bully and former Obama Chief of staff, Raul Emanuel was one of a kind. Emanuel is now the Mayor and leader of “Black Lives Don’t Matter” undercover campaign in Chicago, Illinois. It’s here young black men’s blood is flowing in the streets like nowhere else in this country as Emanuel and his gangster cops hide videos proving ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ to him.

Holder’s support of Ivey is understandable because Ivey once worked as an Assistant U. S. Attorney for the Justice Department in 1990-1994, Holder was then U. S. Attorney General. Its one of those things where “I scratched your back and now I need for you to scratch mine”. This vote of confidence/endorsement was unwarranted, Glenn Ivey is a loser in every sense of the Word.

Ivey was twice elected as State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County, Maryland (2002-2006). He served from December 2002 to January 2011. In 2003 there was a shooting at Suitland High School(known as the Black Board Jungle of PG County). The shooting was thought to be gang relate, total chaos erupted in the school among, teachers, students and parents. It was the blind leading the blind.

The County Executive Jack Johnson (now an ex-con), the Police Chief Melvin High and the State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey sat on their hands waiting for things to return to “Business as Usual” while little children died.

In the meantime, I wrote a column in the OPINION section of the Washington Post calling leadership in the county out for their “Do Nothing Attitudes”. Glenn Ivey’s name was mentioned in the column as not having a clue. One month later I was attending a church community prayer breakfast on Central Avenue in the county and Ivey was on the panel. Evidently, someone told him I was in the audience and he sent one his aides to get me, I had never met the man before.

There was a brief discussion about me citing him in my column, I explained my position. We agreed to meet in his office to discuss solutions at a later date.

A month would pass before he could clear his calendar for me to meet with him and his staff. Joining me in that meeting would be members of the Board of Directors of Kids In Trouble, Inc., Andrew Johnson (former DC Cop/DEA), Rev. John Edwards, Sidney Davis (ex-offender and youth advocate), Rev. Salim Edwards (youth minister), Furman Marshall (youth advocate and martial arts grand master), the late Calvin Woodland (youth advocate and founder of the Woodland Raiders).

The meeting lasted for two hours with Ivey staying for the first hour and handing the baton over to his staff to figure out what we brought to the table and how we could work together to make things better for our children. When the meeting finally convened, his staff agreed we would meet again after they reviewed the minutes of the meeting with their boss. Those were what we call “Famous Last Words” we never heard from Glenn Ivey or his staff again.

I later discovered half of his staff were “Double Dipping” working other jobs while working full time for the State’s Attorney’s Office. Ivey didn’t have a clue.

My next encounter with his office would be in 2007 when I was attacked on a Friday evening by a delusional white man with a club in the parking lot of my residence in Bowie, Maryland. After I fought him off I discovered he was a new neighbor who lived in my building and on my same floor but I never knew or met him.

Growing up in the streets of DC and in a NE housing project, I learned street law, when you defend yourself one on one and the best man won you moved on to live another day. It was brought to my attention by several Bowie residents that this was Prince Georges County and not DC. And I had just finished doing battle with a white man and the white man looked like he got the worst of it. I was advised to call the police and report the incident to protect my ass.

I waited in the community room of the complex with several residents waiting for the arrival of the police when my attacker appeared in the lobby waving the club in the air. We sit there stunned and in amazement as blood dripped from his face before he disappeared on the elevator.

The PG County Police arrived shortly after and questioned me on what had happen. I explained to them I thought that the attack was unprovoked because I didn’t know my attacker. They left me to find the other man. When they returned to the community room they brought the club that was used in the scuffle with them. I was told by the officers if I wanted to bring charges I would have to go down to the Upper Marlboro Courthouse and fill out the paper work. On Monday morning I filed charges against my neighbor as he did against me. I had been forewarned and beat him to courthouse.

In his statement justifying the attack, he said “I heard voices coming from under Mr. Bell’s door talking about me.” The attorney going over the statement with me said, “This man is not operating with a full deck. He has a big problem.” The man’s wife later confessed to residents he was bipolar and had not been taking his medicine. Despite the evidence Glenn Ivey tried to throw me under the bus. But a white judge who saw how the cased was being processed threw the case out against me. Eric Holder’s ringing endorsement of Ivey has fallen on deaf ears.

In 2003 a man who had a history of domestic abuse was allowed to walk out of State Attorney Glenn Ivey’s courtroom a free man. He had promised to stay away from his wife. Twenty-four hours later his wife was dead and he had committed suicide. All in a day’s work for Glenn Ivey (see link below).

Donna Edwards comes from the same cloth as Ivey, her constituency says almost to a man and woman, “The office of Donna Edwards is one of the worst run in the county. There was hardly anyone ever found in her Constituency Service Office on Silver Hill Road in Suitland. Her office staff located on Capitol Hill was just as incompetent. For years I tried to get her to address the nursing home issue (death traps for senior citizens) in Prince Georges County leading up to my brother’s death in August 2014. There was a recent column in the Washington Post touting Donna Edwards say, “If she is elected to the Senate we all would have a seat!” Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am familiar with the name Chris Van Hollen her political opponent, but I am not well versed in his political background but there is no way in hell, he can be worst then Donna Edwards as a politician.

Anthony Brown is a disaster, he is from the cloth of former Governor Martin O’Malley who paraded around the country pretending to be a Presidential candidate. O’Malley the state of Maryland in complete chaos. Nursing homes are some of the worst in the country, racism ran rampant in the Baltimore Police Department and he allowed the Baltimore City jail to be taken over and run by the inmates right under his nose. He could not even run the state of Maryland, but he wanted to be President?

Anthony Brown was no more then O’Malley’s caddy though out his term in office. He was left naked when he tried to run for Governor against Larry Hogan. He had nothing to run on except that he was black and that was a question mark?

Remember When that young/criminal was hung in his Upper Marlboro jail cell after he was responsible for the hit and run death of a Prince Georges County Police Officer in 2007? That horrific act was carried out by the KKK of the PG County Police Department, it happen on “The Watch” of Edwards, Ivey and Brown.

I warned the late Mayor for Life, Marion Berry “The Bitch Was Going To Sit Him Up” and I warned Jack Johnson that law-enforcement was on to him, but like most politicians who think they know it all–they didn’t listen and both went to jail.

In a recent column in the Washington Post Jack Johnson wants his conviction set aside because of police corruption (see link below), another case of “The kettle calling the pot black.”

2015 marked 50 years of my working in the streets, playgrounds, schools and courthouses here in the DMV. I was a pioneering awarding winning sports talk radio radio personality for over 3 decades. I have been named Washingtonian of The Year by Washingtonian Magazine, honored at the White House by the President, cited in the Congressional Record on 4 different occasions for my work with at-risk children and youth gangs here in the DMV. I have seen the GOOD, BAD and UGLY when it comes to politics in America and Prince Georges County, but it does not get any worst then Edwards, Ivey and Brown. When it comes to these 3 politicians you can delete, the word GOOD!

“The world is not a dangerous place because of all the evil that is done—it is a dangerous place because of the people who say and do nothing.” Meet Donna Edwards, Glenn Ivey and Anthony Brown.


    • hkbell82

      Hi Marcella,

      When do we say, “Enough is enough”? Look around Baltimore is a great example of the genocide taking place in our community. The Mayor and prosecutor should be candidates to have their pictures placed on the back of U. S. currency—they are Heroes in Black America. Their stand-up efforts during the riots saved black lives!

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