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Dave Kane is a native Washingtonian and friend who now lives in Arizona.  He recently e-mailed me a story written in the Washington Post related to a Washington-Jocks-Hall-of-Fame and its new inductees (see link below). Dave and I are not scared to discuss racism in America and that is why I trust and value his opinion on many different levels.  We don’t always agree and I find that a healthy state of mind for any enduring friendship.  But we recently agreed there are some white folks who don’t know when they are being racist—meet Charlie Brotman and his partner, snake oil salesman, Andy Ockanhuser.  These two sponsored a joint venture several years ago and called it “The Washington Jocks Hall of Fame” and to cover their asses they wrote in disappearing ink ‘No Blacks Allowed.’ Let me make one thing perfectly clear that white folks don’t have a patent on racism in America, there are some blacks that could give them a 101 Lesson in Racism as it relates to other blacks.  I can see the Race Card clearly on both fronts because I am black.   You would have to have walked in another black man’s shoes to recognized over 400 years of racism and why they find it difficult to “Just Get Over It” as some whites and blacks have have exclaimed in frustration.  If you read Page One in the Washington Post on Sunday April 19, 2015 you would understand, why some of us both black and white cannot ‘Just Get Over It.’


After I read the story I could not understand the reasons why the hall had been established, but my buddy Dave
hinted he knew exactly why.

“I am pretty sure it’s all White guys and some Jewish guys, not sure why. They are more like reunions for older White guys. I only heard of it recently.”

This was my response to his diplomatic assessment:

Not sure why?

You can bet if Charlie Brotman and Andy Ockanhuser are the organizers, the Race Card is on the table and it is being played in spades with the joker wild.  In 2015 are the DC Jocks Hall Fame telling us there were no outstanding black athletes playing football, baseball or basketball in the 50s?  Three of the greatest all-around athletes, black or white were Gary Mays, Willie Wood and Maury Wills bar none.  Each one played in the 50s! By the way Washington Post sports columnist Dan Stienberg is dangerous with a pen and pencil in his hand.  This group of bigots would never have passed the smell test with the legendary Washington Post sports columnist Shirley Povich (author of No Cheering in the Press Box).  This book should be made required reading for all sports columnist especially those at the Washington Post.

Let’s keep it real, the KKK and their siblings are alive and well.  They are on the rise again, they are no longer wearing robes and hoods.  They are now wearing cop uniforms and hiding behind a Code of Silence and wearing three piece suits and establishing their own hall of fame.  The cops are killing black men across America (see Sunday’s Page 1 story in the Washington Post) and getting away with it.  In 2007 Mike Tyson’s last fight here in DC at the Verizon Center I asked Charlie Brotman’s partner with Brotman’s & Associates how they could take black money but hire only whites?  His partner whose name escapes me said, “Harold we have hired black people before, but she quit.”

To really understand why the likes of Brotman can get away with this kind of economic racism you have to look no further then, Don King, Butch Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard,  Rock Newman, Bernard Hopkins, and the list goes on and on (a story for another time).

In the meantime, Charlie and Andy have decided to help turn back the clock to the 30s, 40s & 50s by creating their own “Whites Only” hall of fame.

If this is “The Race Card”, two can play it.  And anyone who supports these two idiots and their plantation mentality, evidently, have problems of their own.

Dave Harris is seen in photo with hall of fame inductee Dan Droze.  Dave was an All-Met in football and track.  He caught the winning touchdown pass from Droze in the first integrated High School All-Star Game against undefeated St. Johns.  Dave played both offense and defense in the game.







Harris & Droze together again.


The 2oo4 50th Anniversary of Droze to Harris for the winning TD was the First integrated HS All-Star Game in the Nation’s Capital (1954).  The DC Jocks Hall of Fame honoring Droze and others set race relations back 50 years.

In all due respect Droze was not even the best passer on the DC Public HS All-Star team–it was QB Willie Wood of Armstrong HS.  Willie was selected the MVP as the outstanding defensive player.  Gary Mays without a doubt was the best all-around athlete in DC in the 50s.  You can see “The One Arm Bandit” in photo below as he drives around two Spingarn HS defenders that include the great Elgin Baylor (No. 23).  Spingarn lost the game as Gary shutdown the high scoring Baylor who was averaging close to 50 points a game.  Gary was also a catcher on the Armstrong HS baseball team and a stolen base against him was next to impossible.  He was also a power hitter.  In a MLB tryout held at old Griffin Stadium in 1953 he was chosen MVP after allowing no stolen bases and hitting a home run out of the stadium with the one arm.  Maury Wills aka Sonny played every sport at Cardozo HS and was an All-Star in all of them.  He turned the stolen base into an offensive weapon and was a record breaker in the art of the stolen base.  He led MLB in steals on several occasions.  He also led the LA Dodgers to a World Series and he is still in search of the MLB Hall of Fame.  Dan Droze and the other hall of fame inductees were not in the same class as Dave, Willie, Gary and Maury–where is the beef?

Photos: see below four the best black all-around athletes in DC in the 50s.

Willie Wood                      Gary Mays                     Maury Wills      Dan Droze (inductee)     Joe Mona (inductee No. 86)       Dave Harris



















I want to congratulate my former teammates Dan Droze and Joe Mona on their induction into the Charlie Brotman and Any Ockanhuser Hall of Fame for whites only!

Mona was an outstanding high school athlete (St. John’s) and wide receiver at Maryland University.  Droze’s feats as a high school running back are legendary.  Mona and Droze were my teammates with the Washington Redskin’s farm team, the Virginia Sailors before they were cut.

The Washington Post writer Dan Steinberg keeps coming up short when he tries to write about sports history here in the Nation’s Capital—he continues to prove he does not have a clue.

For example; In the 50s playing at Eastern High School were several great athletes that I faced on the field of play.  One was Bernie Chavis who played football, basketball and baseball and the other was Jimmy ‘Blondie’ Jones, who played Football, basketball and ran track for the Ramblers.  They not only played the games, they excelled at them.  Bernie went on to play college basketball at Villanova and ‘Blondie’ took it to the next level with the NFL Chicago Bears as a wide receiver. There were many other outstanding black athletes in the 50s but I went head to head with Bernie and Blondie.

Charlie Brotman also claims he was behind the boxing success of Sugar Ray Leonard, another lie–I was there with Ray before the million dollar pay days and when the boxing hall of fame was just a dream.  Keeping it real in DC sports (The Original Inside Sports).





Ray and Harold in Inside Sports radio studios



  1. Walt Mahan

    I was at Anacostia 1955-1957 and played against Willie Wood who was an outstanding QB when we played in 1955 and 1956. I played baseball, football and JV basketball. He played for Armstrong who never beat us. Schools were not integrated until 1955, so , Of all the players mentioned, I only know of Harris and Wood from that era.

    Players like Elgin Baylor and Maury Wills predated integration and were only known by newspaper write-ups. Its not about racism, but because these deserving players did not compete against those in the HOF (particularly before 1955).

    By the way, I (as part of the Bunker Hill American Legion baseball team that came in 2nd in the nation) am being honored in April of 2016.

    • hkbell82

      Mr. Mahan,

      Someone once said, “Its best to be thought a fool then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” Mr. Mahan, you must have developed an early case of dementia. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

      First, in 1956 Spingarn HS kicked Anacostia’s ass on their own field, Noochie Green (All-Met first team) ran around them, over them and through them. Our defense led by LB Elmer Fly smothered you guys and made the Zu Zu Stewart single wing into a ZU ZU ZERO WING. Armstrong beat you guys that same year also, because we met Armstrong for the East title at Cardozo HS, which meant Anacostia was nowhere to be found. We beat Willie Wood and Armstrong 13-7 to earn the right to meet Cardozo in the DC Public HS Championship game. We tied Cardozo 0-0, but Cardozo was awarded the game because of penetration. Meaning they crossed our 50 yard line more times then we crossed theirs. On a weekend Friday night game at Griffin Stadium, Cardozo met Gonzaga in the City Championship game. The game ended 6-6 tie.

      In 1957 We beat Anacostia again. This time you had two black guys on your roster, Butch Grisby DB and a big country boy by the name of Dave Watkins WR.

      In 1958 we shutout Anacostia 19-0, Spingarn’s defense allowed only 6 points the whole year, but Anacostia backed into the East title when we allowed Eastern to beat us 7-6 (the only points scored on us) and we closed the season by letting a rag-tag Phelps team tie us 0-0. This allowed Anacostia to back into the East title. Anacostia’s only lost was to us, the Phelps 0-0 tie us cost us the title by a half-game. I was a sub on the 56 team but starred on the 57 and 58 teams as a WR and DB and started on the baseball and basketball teams (CHECK THE RECORDS) what’s in your wallet? You say you are being honored next month? Are they going to allow you out of the nursing home to be pick up your trophy? Mr. Mahan, you sound like a wanna-be, I think you dialed the wrong number.

      You know absolutely nothing about Elgin Baylor or Maury Wills—only what you read!

      White and black kids met on the playgrounds all over DC before integration and I am positive you were not one of the white boys who venture out. How can you talk about racism unless you were one of the racist—have you ever been black? You would never know how it feels to be black and discriminated against, unless you walked in black shoes. You need to get a life and have a beer on me with Charlie and Andy–you sound exactly like their kind!

      • Walt Mahan

        Sorry to inform you but your dates are wrong. I played with Dave Watkins and Max Disharoon who won high school championship in 1956, In fact, I was the one who set Watkin’s shoulder when he routinely dislocated it in games. By the way, Dave was our best player and made all-Met. I also knew Butch Grigsby who seldom played, but was a good basketball player.

        In 1956 we played Cardozo for the championship in Griffith Stadium and then lost to St John’s later on for DC championship. I gradated in 1957. Let’s keep it civil. Prior to getting to know Dave Watkins, I was somewhat racist. Washington was a southern town with prejudice. But he turned me around. He was so brave to take the abuse inflicted on him and the shoulder pain, and then go out and play better than anyone. My respect for him is exceeded by no other.

      • hkbell82

        Dear Mr. Mahan, I would like to use this space to apologize, you were absolutely right on the dates. I would like to make the correction and say 1955 was the year Spingarn HS kicked Anacostia’s ass on their own field, Noochie Green (All-Met RB) ran around them, over them and through them. Our defense was led by LB Elmer Fly, we smothered you guys and made the Zu Zu Stewart single wing into a ZU ZU ZERO WING. Armstrong and Willie Wood beat you guys that same year also. We met Armstrong for the East title at Cardozo HS, which meant Anacostia was nowhere to be found. We beat Willie Wood and Armstrong 13-7 to earn the right to meet Cardozo in the DC Public HS Championship game. We tied Cardozo 0-0, but Cardozo was awarded the game because of penetration. Meaning they crossed our 50 yard line more times then we crossed theirs. On a weekend Friday night game at Griffin Stadium, Cardozo met Gonzaga in the City Championship game. The game ended 6-6 tie all this took place in 1955. Evidently, you were not a member of the team in 1955!

        What position did you hold down in 56 and 57? Was popping shoulders-in a position like “Designated Hitter?”

        You guys beat us in 1957 because the record shows you shutout Cardozo 14-0 for the Inter-high championship. The next year, you had graduated and we beat Anacostia 19-0. Our defense allowed only 6 points the whole year, but your team backed into the East title when we allowed Eastern to beat us 7-6 (the only points scored on us all season) and as I previously mention we closed the season by letting a rag-tag Phelps team tie us 0-0. The tied game cost us the title by a half-game.

        Congratulations on your upcoming honor, are Charlie and Andy making the presentations?

        You also mention, you were once SOMEWHAT racist until you met Dave Watkins? I was also, once SOMEWHAT black, which is easier to ID, SOMEWHAT racist or SOMEWHAT black? WOW, good luck with that one!



        CITY TITLE
        CARDOZO 0
        SPINGARN 0
        GONZAGA 6
        CARDOZO 6
        Dutch E Branch
        Sheehan E Dutch
        Johnson E Wells
        Farrell E Johnson
        Kilgore T Hansbury
        LaMoure T Kilgore
        Dubose T Payne
        Schoeb T Dubose
        Harris G Robertson
        D. Eppard G Harris
        Gibbs G Johnson
        Chase G Gibbs
        Frazier C Chase
        Loh C Frazier
        Stephens B Wills
        Barnes B Stephens
        Harris B Greene
        Nicholson B Harris
        Nero B Henderson
        J. Eppard B Nero
        Little B Dupre
        Cleary B Little




        CITY TITLE
        ANACOSTIA 14
        CARDOZO 0
        ST. JOHN’S 18
        ANACOSTIA 12
        King E Dutch
        Camacho E King
        Watkins E Marshall
        McPherson E Watkins
        Craig T H. Johnson
        Carter T Craig
        Long T G. Johnson
        Scheewe T Long
        Allwine G Simpkins
        Reynolds G Allwine
        V. Disharoon G Hawkins
        Eskew G V. Disharoon
        Bacas C Jackson
        Turner C Bacas
        Meyers B Stephens
        Piazza B Meyers
        Hite B Daniels
        Noonan B Hite
        Droze B Pinkney
        Heister B Droze
        M. Disharoon B Little
        Marini B M. Disharoon




        CITY TITLE
        ANACOSTIA 12
        WILSON 0
        ST. JOHN’S 21
        ANACOSTIA 6
        Watkins E McWilliams
        Mona E Watkins
        Massey E Markham
        Ryan E Massey
        Craig T B. Greene
        Chapin T Craig
        Cunningham T Pollock
        Maratta T Cunningham
        Allwine G

        Dubofsky G Allwine
        Edwards G

        Bach G Edwards
        Bacas C

        Fletcher C Bacas
        Hite B Luce
        Piazza B Hite
        Droze B Drummond
        Combs B Droze
        Stewart B Hayer
        Heister B Stewart
        Burke B Badoud
        Ciatti B Burke

  2. Walt Mahan

    I noticed you listed the starting lineups and my name was noticeably missing. Yes, because I started on defense every play of every game. You see, our illustrious coach, Zu Stewart, did not like me, or me him. In my junior year as darkness approached (the day before a game against Blair), he kept running a trap play where our all-high tackle kept getting beat by me. Zu ran it seven times and I stopped it six times. The seventh time my left knee went and I had my first of three operations including a knee replacement.

    By the way I got a D3 football scholarship and played in front of several of those listed in the starting lineup, lettered 3 years (should have been 4 years). Then I played Army football at Fort Knox starting RG with players from Stanford, LSU, Ohio State, etc.

    I should have started both ways at Anacostia, but Zu would not have played me at all except for our assistant coach, Billy Richardson. Don’t think of me as a wannabe.

  3. hkbell82

    Mr. Mahan,

    You might have notice when I make a mistake, I apologize and correct myself. The mistake I made was confusing 1955 with 1956 when the Green Wave were truly Monsters of the Inter-high east. We beat everyone who took the field to face us including Anacostia and Armstrong. Let me remind you again, Anacostia lost to both Armstrong and Spingarn in 1956. For the simple reason the two teams met for the east title with Spingarn Winning 13-7. We won the right to meet Cardozo for the DC Public School title!!!!
    For you to say Anacostia never lost to Spingarn and Armstrong is totally false. I will give Anacostia the victory in 1957 because the school’s appearance in the City Title Game makes your case. But I have no record of how we lost to you in 57 because I had an outstanding year on both defense and offense.
    Dave Watkins was not the best WR in the east that year–I was and I ran neck and neck with Eastern’s WR Bernie Chavis and Jimmy “Blondie” Jones (NFL). All three of us were better then Dave. In fact, I should have been named All-High in 57 but Coach Dave Brown told me, “Hold on son next year is your year!” I didn’t know the coaches were picking the All-High teams—lesson learned.
    In 1958 Bernie Chavis and I were named FIRST TEAM ALL-HIGH in the east (see link below). Watkins was a decent football player, but he was not the All-World player you and the media made him out to be–I know because we were up close and personal. The bottom-line, as a player on the Spingarn teams in 1956 and 1958 Anacostia were losers to the Green Wave.
    In 1957-58 I was “the straw that stirred the drink.” If the game was on the line, I wanted the ball in my hands. I had no problem taking the last shot, having the football thrown to me on the goal line with no time left on the clock or being at bat with the winning run on the bases. By the way, on the basketball team I was always assigned the opponent’s top scorer. The Spingarn defense designed for me was called a “Box-In-One!” I played man to man and the rest of the team played zone. My wanting the ball when the game was on the line did not set to well with some of my teammates and coaches. Many saw my attitude as being selfish and all about me, but I was about winning the game. I probably lost more games then I won, but the losses never deterred me from wanting the ball. My Spingarn Baseball Coach Leo Hill kicked me to the curb for stealing home with our best hitter Donald Malloy at bat against Fairmont Heights. I was out by a mile. The final score was Fairmont Heights 4 Spingarn 3. He collected my uniform on the return to school. That Spingarn 1957 team made it all the way to Griffin Stadium for the DC Public HS Championship game losing 8-7 to Western. I corrupted the 1958 basketball team when I forgot my role as a defender and became really offensive, I started looking for my shot instead of the shooter I was assigned to guard. Coach William Roundtree, reluctantly dismissed me from the team to save the season.
    Enter, football coach Dave Brown, he locked me on the bus at half-time against our rival Phelps. I cussed my QB Don Wills (brother Maury Wills) out for getting the ball to me too late on a pass pattern. They won without me 6-0. Don Wills returned a punt 63 yards for the winning score. I was made to apologize to my teammates to maintain my position on the team. Coach Dave Brown would become my savior in this game called life.

    You said, don’t mistake you for a wannabe? I had no choice, you started out as a name dropper that included, Elgin Baylor, Maury Wills, Willie Wood, Dave Watkins, Max Disharoon. Mr. Mahan, your only claim to fame was, “I popped Dave Watkins shoulder back into place when it popped out!” Come on man!!!!
    My accomplishments as a legendary DC playground athlete, youth advocate, hero and media pioneer is second to no-one you know. I am going to close this out by quoting my old high school coach and savior Dave Brown, he once said to me, “Son it is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn, but first you have to have a horn to toot.” You can also GOOGLE haroldbellinsidesports.com /

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